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HUGE Crowd to see Donald Trump in Virginia Beach, VA 10/22/16

Your president Donald Trump

Saturday, October 22, 2016: I don't think Donald Trump is pulling out of Virginia.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Virginia Beach, VA at Regent University 10/21/16

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  1. Lewthegod says


  2. HEADBANGRR says


    1. RYAN says

      I live right near where he gave his speech today in Virginia Beach and only
      wish i knew he was going be here today,
      loved to watch him
      *TRUMP 2016*

  3. Sean Ross says

    all those beautiful deplorables

  4. Mike D says

    America first vote trump drain the swamp justice will prevail

  5. pavXX says

    I can’t help but think we are witnessing the “Rebirth of our Republic”.

    1. Shawn Moran says

      911Kongen just returning to a Constitutional Republic.

    2. yooperlooper says

      LEE VAN CLEEF! The Best of the Bad!!! For a Few Dollars More-one of my
      favs. Love it!

    3. SpankytheTswana says

      These words are true and can be trusted: God is with Trump and Trump WILL
      sit in the White House.

    4. 911Kongen says

      You are witness to the death of the republic

    5. SpankytheTswana says

      +911Kongen Yes, a republic that forgets the Foundations of this Nations.
      Liberal republic that disowns God, the Creator of this great land.

  6. Showman Bob says

    With Trump All Americans Win & The Globalists Lose !!!!…….. Think about
    the future of your children & grandchildren!!!!!
    Vote to Make America Great Again!!!!!!!!

  7. bigrig0625 says

    Does my vote count? A non vote= a vote for Hillary! YUK!!


  8. Faith Walker says

    i think it’s so dumb when ppl refer to Trump supporters using the same
    terms that Crooked Hillary uses to describe us. Sorry, i’m not a deplorable
    and refuse to call myself what she calls us. Glad someone shouted out “We
    the people” when he said “deplorables”.

  9. Lu Hoffma says

    Vote in Red, wear Red on Nov 8th

  10. Steve Thornton says

    Thanks for showing the huge crowd of real Americans who want a change in
    leadership for our country.TRUMP/PENCE 2016

  11. Max Durkheim says

    Virginia for Trump!!! If he wins that and Pennsylvania or Michigan it’s all

    1. Max Durkheim says

      +MrBiggieRock No, the media is fooling you. The crowds are enough truth,
      you are obviously blind.

    2. Shawn Moran says

      Max Durkheim don’t be fooled by the msm paid polls.

    3. Miele Rodriguez says

      politico. lol.

    4. chadissmexyyeah says

      Let us all rally together !!!

  12. BradK says


    1. Michael Strom says

      BradK very true my friend

    2. cristoreyenlinea says

      This is a Movement! Trump for Progress with Peace!

    3. chuck wick says

      The zombie retards will vote hilary because miley cyrus and opera said too.

  13. TheDeadmanRules says

    We the people!

    1. William Garcia says

      corrected: We the deplorables.

  14. Gary M says

    Nationalism ?? vs globalism? your choice

  15. steve5960 says

    Trump is our George Washington

  16. Lisa Moreno says

    The truth is setting everyone Free. God Bless Donald J.Trump.

  17. Trump All The Way 2016 says

    Trump is definitely winning in Kentucky!! Freedom!

  18. joe vienneau says

    Canada Loves Trump

  19. chuck wick says

    Yea but kaine got 30 people.

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