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HUMILIATED: Nicola Sturgeon to consider position as leader of SNP after disaster election

And she once again called for Britain to remain in the EU single market. 

Laying into the Conservatives, she said they had “caused chaos on an industrial scale.” 

She warned of an “unstable administation” under Theresa May and the DUP, saying the Conservatives had put their “interests ahead of the country”. 

Ms Sturgeon earlier today reacted to the crushing defeat saying it was “bitterly disappointing” as her hopes for a second independence referendum look to be crushed. 

The SNP had a disastrous night at the polls, losing 21 seats, including 11 to the Conservatives.

And the pro-Scottish independence party lost two of its major faces, with former First Minister Alex Salmond falling foul in his seat of Gordon, losing to the Conservatives.

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