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SIDEMEN CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/sidemen

My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw
SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/

Songs Used:
1) https://youtu.be/P49mib5KiSM
2) https://youtu.be/oN2Xs-MvxLw
3) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kara-Kul/dp/B0099A0S5Y
4) https://youtu.be/EAp6M8Ln4Ug
5) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Loss/dp/B005OBK6D6
6) https://youtu.be/cOz1wK6MQPM
7) https://youtu.be/nMt7nMUcQRQ

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Vortex TD says

    Why didn’t u put Neymar instead of Ronaldo.Cause Suarez gets a better link
    than Ronaldo.Plus they are both 97 rated so it won’t mess u up

    1. Ismael Pina says

      Vortex TD Ronaldo is better its his draft

    2. The clash Gamer X says

      Vortex TD neymar should be instead of iniesta

    3. Erik Kers says

      The clash Gamer XLinkTijger

    4. NSoloGamer says

      Vortex TD Actually he tried that in another video and it didn’t work?

  2. Nazish Ibrahim says

    Why am I still watching this when FIFA 17 is out?

    1. ZACKYBOY PLAYS says

      JDN could you sub

    2. Ale X says

      Nazish Ibrahim same

    3. Joey Quinn says

      Nazish Ibrahim same

    4. Rateb Alsoliman says

      Nazish Ibrahim ثبب

    5. gaggi sidhu says


  3. David Adiyan says

    feels weird but cane I get at list 30 likes

    1. ELIZAGaming says

      David Adiyan

    2. jaspal dhani says

      Torirea games t

    3. The awesome Dude says

      David Adiyan grammar dude grammar

    4. WHAT EVER TIME says

      nope more

  4. PDAF-9 says

    Guys, I know what that song is at the time of over 5 minutes. It’s My Heart
    Will Go On.

    1. Football & Fun 2 says

      Anthony Jamieson d

    2. EREN koca says


    3. PDAF-9 says


    4. molly and friends LOL WORTH IT says


    5. molly and friends LOL WORTH IT says


  5. Toilet Seat says

    He missed a legend like if you seen

    1. Hurricane Orion says

      Toilet Seat was it nedved

    2. Hurricane Orion says

      Sorry laudrup

    3. MET HD says

      Toilet Seat ronaldo is better

    4. Snipz Shark says

      Toilet Seat WE don’t neee to like but I did see a legend but rather messi

    5. Emhamed Benayad says

      Toilet Seat ذسس432

  6. The gaming boy 2008 says

    At 0:37 look at behzingas face LOL at the height right

    1. kingen0 says

      The gaming boy 2008

    2. TX Gamer TX Gamer says

      The gaming boy 2008 ً

    3. The gaming boy 2008 says

      Salim AL Qattan what

    4. The gaming boy 2008 says

      kingen0 what

  7. Fabiano Filho says

    In the tumb??? How lewa has chemistry with ronaldo?

    1. King Fred says

      Fabiano Filho

    2. Morten Frausing says

      King Fred

  8. MRsusenka _ Lime Collor CZ_Old Bonnie says

    :(((((( 191 …. my record is 184 …..

    1. Sadiqul Hoque says

      MRsusenka _ Lime Collor CZ_Old Bonnie my record is 189

    2. muftah Dhaw says

      MRsusenka _ Lime Collor CZ_Old Bonnie if ur record is 184 then u only have
      the demo fifa 16 fut draft

    3. Jizzer Jizzer says

      MRsusenka _ Lime Collor CZ_Old Bonnie my record is 184

    4. ShadowVortex94 says

      +THE TWO FOXNIGHTS It’s impossible to get a 197 unless you’re extremely
      lucky but no one I repeat no one has a 197 so then if you don’t have one
      tell the truth!

  9. Richard Xu says

    If there was a legend in net, the rating would have been a little higher

    1. Lucas Carvalho says

      Richard Xu you spelled a word wrong

    2. Saravana Vijayan R says

      Richard Xu

    3. Lucas Fitzpatrick says

      Richard Xu ,well not really the manager did it!

  10. carlos azzi says

    What is the song u used Harry when u were celebrating your 191?

    1. LH planes TRG ATR And Q300 says

      carlos azzi warrior of the night

    2. Matthew Liogas says

      Galantis – No Money

    3. carlos azzi says

      Thanks guys 🙂

    4. El crack Troll says

      Matthew Liogas Eeeeeeeeee

  11. CoB _1 says

    Harry you are so close to 9 million subscribers keep it up

    1. Wendi Ensor says

      You’re fucking gay

    2. Wendi Ensor says


    3. Bubblegum Boy says

      +Wendi Ensor ?

    4. Hat Trick Omie says

      Cobb Tv

  12. Nameless says

    4:10 song plsplsplsplsplspslsplspslsplspslsp!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nameless says

      +Pedro Mendes thanks!

    2. Hadi Nasserkj says

      JustinPlayz rgg

    3. Brama Julian says

      Pedro Mendes Thanks a lot

    4. Cillian Keogh says

      JustinPlayz galantis no money

    5. themad bruvzVlogz says

      JustinPlayz vv

  13. CoRz BoRz says

    Did anyone notice when he swapped the cb and got 92 rated then swapped the
    other cb then swapped them back to when he had 92, the rating turned to 93?

    1. hy ku says

      CoRz BoRz you are still not allowed to be in utube u useless twat

    2. CoRz BoRz says

      hy ku why am I not aloud to be in YouTube?

    3. KDrandomstuff says

      CoRz BoRz u must be young looking at that spelling

    4. CoRz BoRz says

      KDrandomstuff ok

  14. NSoloGamer says

    who’s watching in 2017

    1. Haris Ashaaa says


    2. Manuel Moreira Moreira says


    3. Cougar Makarov says


  15. GamingKing FTW says

    Turn on captions on 9:30

    1. Andrei Catana says

      GamingKing opop

    2. Tyz the Tekkz says

      GamingKing gr

  16. Dr tray blox 111 says

    It’s funny he’s like 16 and he has a girave

    1. FaderCloud (Fader) says

      first of all, he’s 19, and wtf is a “girave” ???

    2. Dr tray blox 111 says

      FaderCloud your a weirdo you don’t know what a girave is

    3. The best channel on youtube says

      “Girave” I’m weak

  17. NICODICO135 says


  18. Birhat Games says

    Who’s watching in 2017

  19. Dhiraj Sinha says

    Did he say 91 chemistry and 98 rating at 14:28??

  20. GreenPlayerCZ says

    Song 4:07

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