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I Want to Answer Your YouTube Questions – I Promise!

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Do you have a question? Derral get’s thousands of questions and has being trying to find a way to answer them. Watch this video where Derral will announce his new live video segment, #AskDerral. He has found a way to answer more questions and share it with all his subscribers who may also have the same questions. He will also give information for where and how to submit your questions and when the live event will occur.

Ask Me a Question on Twitter or YouTube, but use the hashtag #AskDerral

#AskDerral Live Event
April 17th @ 4 pm Mountain ( 6 EST 5 CST 3 PST

#AskDerral on Twitter

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  1. Gaboss says

    Hey Derral, I hope you see this but I wanna thank you helping me reach 1.5
    thousand subscribers on youtube. I used all of your tips, and have been
    around for a while and focused on all of what you said and used that
    advice, so thanks Derral! :D

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Gaboss thanks… Here success like this give me motivation to keep making

    2. Gaboss says

      +Derral Eves
      Well I can tell you you’re most definitely the best channel to help people
      grow. Keep up the work mate.

  2. Jeremy Ng says

    That Twitter bird animation was pretty cool! :D

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Jeremy Ng thanks!

    2. Steve Tao says

      +Derral Eves I was going to say the same thing as Jeremy. That Twitter bird
      animation was friggin’ sweet! Did you do that yourself or did you have
      someone from Fiverr do it? You can be honest. I’ll still love you! 😉

  3. ColesAnimals says

    #AskDerral Hey Derral, how do I get a good Channel Art without paying lots
    of money?

    1. TheSUPERHAPPY1 says

      GabrielleMarie has excellent videos on channel art 🙂

  4. Steve Sleeper says

    u r wacky :)

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Steve Sleeper Yes I am! #WackyDerral

  5. RyaanS Music says

    Anyway to stop losing subs? I don’t gain any I just lose them 

    1. LordMoonaz says

      He made a vid on keeping subscribers engaged and coming back

    2. WinterCraft says

      +Night Of Reckoning More videos you upload, the higher chances of it
      getting seen. Plus adding custom thumbnails to all your videos is a key

  6. Evan Carmichael says

    Cool idea – good luck with the new series +Derral Eves :)

  7. Alex Wielinga says

    How do you transport a video to a different channel?

    1. WinterCraft says

      +Alex Wielinga You can’t, you have to re-upload it on the other channel

  8. jamonymow says

    i will come to one of your live videos but i have been so busy lately :)

    1. Derral Eves says

      +jamonymow Maybe next time!

    2. Gaming.HD says

      can u plz tell how to make good videos like u your a great youtuber

  9. Daniel Stepanov says

    Sometimes people take comments from their YouTube videos and put them into
    the video. What would be the easiest way to do that? 

    1. Daniel Stepanov says


    2. WinterCraft says

      +Daniel Stepanov Search on your pc ‘Snipping Tool’ it lets you draw out a
      section on your screen and save the photo. You can use it to copy photos of
      your comments and use those photos to add into your video.

  10. Style Resurrection says

    #askderral How to retrieve a deleted video from Youtube? Love your channel
    because you keep your video’s short and to the point!

    1. WinterCraft says

      +Style Resurrection You can’t, once a videos is deleted you can’t get it

  11. TheSouthBoy says

    How can I return my deleted videos in Youtube?

    1. WinterCraft says

      +TheSouthBoy You can’t, once it’s done it’s done.

  12. Sam Wood Outdoors says

    #askdarrel where is a good place to research keywords

    1. Sam Wood Outdoors says

      +Sam Wood Outdoors Sorry #askderral

    2. WinterCraft says

      +Sam Wood Outdoors use Google Keyword Planner.

  13. sai prasad Mohanty says

    Hello derral,
    I am one of your biggest fan and I want to know that which is the best
    animation software for YouTube.
    Thanks for your lovely videos which help a lot .

  14. Prettie Vasisht says

    #askderral I tried to monetize my channel n tried to open a AdSense
    account… but I’m a under 18 and I couldn’t open an AdSense account… so
    is it impossible for me to monetize and earn money now?

  15. Wildcard says

    How do you upload videos on a regular basis? I have a bunch of videos (now
    in the process of uploading them privately), and want to release them on a
    daily basis (one per day for the moment), but I don’t always have the time
    to do this. Is there a setting to say like every day on 8 o’clock in the
    morning a video has to be released?

  16. Dragon Skunk says

    #AskDerral Many channels end their videos with
    “What do you think about (aspect of this video) leave your comment and tell
    us about it”
    Is there a tutorial somewhere that says that asking the audience to
    participate by commenting helps your channel in some way? And does it?

  17. Gaming.HD says

    can u plz tell how to make good videos like u your a great youtuber

  18. InformationDynamic says

    i made a channel on my phone but when i search i can’t find it #askderral


    how to stop redownloading of of offline videos

  20. Truth Hunter says

    #askdarrel I can’t upload videos longer then 15 minutes. My account is
    verified and “Longer Videos” enable and my account is in good standings
    with no copyright infringements. I upload all my videos from my Iphone
    through Imovies. Please help.

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