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Iain Dale LAUGHS as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown loses it over ‘dog whistle’ Tory campaigns

The radio presenter said: “Similar campaigns have been quite aggressive but if he’d been in charge of this campaign, I tell you what, the Tories wouldn’t have been in the situation they are now.”

But Alibhai-Brown accused Sir Lynton of “picking on refugees” with Tory advertisement campaigns in the past.

“They were dog whistle politics – I’m really glad he’s not been in charge and I hope he falls on his face,” she raged.

Dale sniggered at the remark and said: “Well he is now.”

But she conceded Theresa May would win the General Election regardless.

She said: “She is going to win but I do hope she doesn’t get the resounding majority.

“I’m not a Corbynite in that sense but I do think if she wins this huge majority we’re in for very dark times.”

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