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I’m Changing my YouTube Channel…. Maybe?

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I need your help! I thought about this for a while and I think it is time to evolve the channel to do more… With the recent success of my YouTube Channel Evaluations for my most engaged subscribers, I’ve got some brand new segments to launch on my channel. But I I want you to tell what you think and give me a Thumbs up or down.

Yes I mean it, give me a thumbs up if you like it and a thumbs down if you don’t and then tell me why, give me suggestions. Then send me your amazing ideas that you think would be amazing, fun, informative and engaging for my channel. I really do want to hear from you! If you haven’t already subscribed please join us as we build an amazing channel together, I really depend on you for the triumphs and success of this channel. Thanks and I will be watching for your input!

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Channel evaluation: everide

Channel evaluation: frugal crafter


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  1. Jarhead6 says

    Dont stop tutorials! About doing some news relate to Youtube. 

    1. Derral Eves says

      I will never stop doing tutorials +Jarhead6 … I will just add new
      segments like channel evaluations!

    2. Jarhead6 says

      +Derral Eves Awesome! The more vids the better! I love your channel!

  2. Mommy Is A Chef says

    Do it and give to your daughter 😉 lol

    1. Derral Eves says

      +MommyIsAChef Heidy my daughter was really my 10,000 sub. She is the
      coolest intern a Dad can have!

    2. Mommy Is A Chef says

      I say use her in your new channel! Most youtube users are teens!

    3. Derral Eves says

      +MommyIsAChef Heidy That is the plan! Thanks!

    4. Mommy Is A Chef says

      Gotcha! 😉

    5. Dr Plush says

      +MommyIsAChef Heidy no

  3. lightsen says

    I would prefer all your content in one place, I dont mind a mix of stuff :)

  4. Aleksa Cvetkovic says

    Can you maybe play some games?I mean i like tutorials are good but…Ye if
    u can make a gaming channel that would be awesome

    1. Aleksa Cvetkovic says

      Dude?answer every question? Ha… Not this one

  5. David Stoll says

    I am sure whatever you do will be entertaining to watch, so I say go for
    whatever seems fun to do. One thing that might be really cool would be a
    “Behind the Scenes” video. Record your brainstorming, getting things set
    up, and editing a normal video. You can add commentary about why you are
    doing certain things and what ends up working or not. The idea isn’t to
    teach how to edit or do lighting but to provide an overview of the process.
    You could release the normal video and Behind the Scenes on the same day or
    do Behind the Scenes a week later.

  6. rxstrmom says

    Derral…I love your tutorials and I love the evaluations and I’m sure I’ll
    love whichever direction you take your channel. I like that you are not
    some 12 year old little boy talking so fast that you can’t understand what
    he’s saying because of the blaring music in the background ! You daughter
    looks like a “heart breaker”…really cute…patti

  7. Your Fast Life! says

    This is good stuff! I just saw a 3000+ subscriber increase in the last
    month! I’d like to think advice from you has helped out in there somewhere.
    I’m actually changing my channel also. My main channel +Carlyle’s Picks is
    too complex for youtube at its size. Every video I upload alienates a BUNCH
    of subs. People subscribe for cars and then I upload a jet video. So I’ll
    upload 3-4 videos in a row that get ignored by a bunch of subs. So Youtube
    sees this and think my channel sucks and stops alerting them. Then I end up
    with a 20,000 sub channel with 300-500 average views. Same as my 3000 sub
    channel. This is plan:

    +Carlyle’s Picks is my top picks and special more detailed videos:
    @yourfastlife is my car and bike only channel
    CP Travel: Travel Stuff only
    CP aviation: Aviation only
    CP Tech: Tech stuff only
    CP Marine: Boats only

    So I will start aggressively cross promoting my channels and eventually be
    able to deliver a much more user tuned experience through my Channel
    network ith +Carlyle’s Picks at the hub of it all.

  8. isitebuild says

    Interview successful YouTubers and give your daughter an opportunity to
    become a star:-)

    1. The Piano Gal says

      +isitebuild – you and +Derral Eves should do a video together 😉

  9. Matthew Cremona says

    I’m looking forward to the changes. You put out great content so I’m
    excited to see what new stuff you’ll be doing!

  10. Mary Lovetart says

    Hi Derral! I’d love a channel evaluation from you. I have been making
    videos in my spare time for 4+ years now with 45k subscribers. I upload
    regularly. There are so many variables when it comes to a (beauty) YouTube
    channel- the lighting, the video quality, the content, the intro, the outro
    with annotating links, the title and description box, the thumbnail… It’s
    a lot to juggle as you know 😉 Though I get great comments and have loyal
    subscribers, I feel like visibility is low and I need to work around it. I
    picked up a Canon t5i a few months back and am filming from a spot with
    great natural lighting, and views are ehhh. The beauty community is over
    saturated, so views across this type of channel seem to be low ratio-wise
    to subscriber counts. I am no longer with a network, (though they weren’t
    promoting me in the least), I’m feeling like I need to work this out on my
    own. Please help, Derral!
    Ps: keep all content on this channel! We all want to know your thoughts and
    ideas, no need to start from scratch. 

  11. Video Gadgets Journal (VGJFelix) says

    Channel evaluations are a great idea and we can all learn a lot from each
    evaluation that you do Derral. I certainly think it’s more worth while than
    the somewhat random Facebook tutorials and such that occasionally appear on
    the channel.

    Using real life examples definitely means that other video creators can
    relate to the suggestions you’re making. I suppose the question is how many
    of these can you realistically do because no doubt you’re going get swamped
    and people will want to see a LOT of these videos, almost waiting for their
    channel or, more realistically, their genre to be featured. 

  12. Sal DiBlasi says

    You put out a lot of good and useful information, i don’t know if you have
    touched upon what the benifits of Youtube partnerships might be. I have
    recieved offers to become a partner with many networks, but i just don’t
    see the point. When the list all the reasons to join, it seems like they
    are just listing all the things you already get by being a partner with
    Youtube alone. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I have looked into
    it somewhat, but the material i have seen seems to confirm my suspension.
    Thanks keep up the great work.

  13. MrDuhfactor says

    +Derral Eves I found you through +eveRide ADV , and am jazzed about now
    knowing about your channel. I subbed up, hoping to learn how to improve my
    YouTube knowledge and improve my channel. Thank you for the tips, I have a
    lot of back sessions to go through….. here we go :)

  14. DizzyIzzy says

    I just found your videos, and they’re awesome and seem like wonderful tips!

  15. Kai Kauai says

    I thought your channel evaluations were FILLED with golden nuggets that I’m
    definitely gong to consider as I build an audience. I’m an infant on
    YouTube compared to many of your subscribers but I’m definitely going to
    make it a part of my online presence. I’m really glad I found your channel.

  16. Dr Lew Jensen says

    The big problem for me is – I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DON’T KNOW… and I have a
    great “other than web life” so I keep struggling with HOW IN THE WORLD You
    Tube actually would work in my world. I have been at “relationship
    building” for our business in Provo – ProfitableHobbies for a very long
    time. But I am not very savvy when it comes to social media. I only
    understand some of it. I am going to take some precious time and work
    through your world—and see what happens. You “do produce” a lot…

  17. BrickTsar says

    It is better than a car

  18. Shahed says

    Yeah. It’s definitely a great idea to change your channel, Derral. You have
    a decent number of subscribers. However, if you want those numbers to be in
    the millions, you’re going to unquestionably need to upload videos that
    aren’t just guides. There’s no doubt that having Howto videos for every
    single little YouTube feature and other social networking sites is going to
    continue to get you subscribers in the future. People love that kind of
    content, and they’re going to keep watching your videos in the future.
    Sometimes in the near future you’ll reach 100K subscribers. You’re doing a
    great job, but do you really want to dominate the web? You are not crazy.
    You’re coming up with a great idea. Just simply think hard and figure out
    what types of videos you’re really wanting to upload in the future. By the
    way, I’ve been wondering what that bar under your view count means? There
    seems to always be a blue color there, but why do some videos have longer
    bars than others? Can you explain what that bar means? Maybe make a video
    about it? Does it show you your video’s audience’s retention? Hmm, I’m just
    coming up with ideas. Thank you.

  19. Gary Lynch Show says

    I wholeheartedly agree with +lightsen that would be an epic video series.
    And while i’m commenting +Derral Eves ill be cheeky and put my name forward
    for review 🙂 haha

  20. MGNclan.com by RedEagle says

    Love the honesty of the channel. 

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