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‘I’m fed up of living in a PC world!’ Angry caller ROASTS PC brigade in Doctor Who tirade

“The thing is, people my age and who have watched it and it’s been a bloke, a bloke, a bloke, this was coming because when Matt Smith was mentioned after [David] Tennant, there was ‘oh I wonder if they will have a woman’ and Matt Smith come. 

“Then it was ‘oh I wonder if they’ll get a woman’ and they get an old fella who looks as though he might be on his last legs and I think God almighty, what next.

“I couldn’t be bothered to watch it, I watched one of them and the story was awful, he was awful and I just thought God almighty. Can you explain to me why it is time? For a character who has already been male to be female.”

The angry caller then turned onto the appointment of .. as the new Doctor, as he raged at political correctness. 

He continued: “Time Lord, not a Time Lady. A Lord is a male and a lady can’t become a Lord. 

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