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I’m With You | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Liberty Crusade 2016 says

    Go Trump!!

    1. Earl Jeff William Rodriguess Gonzalez Trump Jr says


    2. She Da Man says

      +K Loud ??

    3. LoopNation [Onrides and more...] says

      I thought this Trump thing is a *PRANK*

  2. Lt kill says


    1. Ten Minute Video Empire says


    2. walt7500 says

      For suicide?

    3. TheFlash Stickman says

      Hitlery for prison

  3. Ten Minute Video Empire says

    I hope Trump wins! I hate that socialist, globalist, anti-gun,
    anti-American, pro-terrorist, crooked Hitlary Clinton. Trump 2016!

    1. 666games says

      +billy bob i know right those things wits school shootings and florida all
      hapened because guns are really easy to get and i know its for procetion
      but you dont need guns if people didnt wear guns all the time

    2. Freddy Kluger says

      +billy bob Might as well just ban vehicles because they can kill you too!

    3. cutthroat trout says

      +billy bob it’s not guns that kill you it’s people that kill you

    4. cutthroat trout says

      +666games the criminals will find ways to get guns and the law abiding
      citizen will be the one without protection getting killed

    5. 666games says

      +cutthroat trout
      know this isis wants that trump wins why so that there are more people
      coming to isis and attack america

  4. Visit tiny.cc/redshop says

    The American People Are With You Mr.Trump! TRUMP2016/2020

    1. Rainbowhamster 22 says


  5. Donald Trump says

    Let’s #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

    1. IamLucky87 says

      +666games He better than Shillary the criminal

    2. 666games says

      yeah let ww3 happen it is good that everything people love is getting

    3. IamLucky87 says

      +666games look kid your just 15 you will understand how the world works
      when you become an adult. Here let me explain If you vote Hillary you will
      see ww3 alot faster then if Trump became president.

  6. D McDowell says


    1. Reckless Goddess says

      +Professional Plebeian
      You made it sexual…I left it somewhat vague.

    2. Reckless Goddess says

      If I let you get the last word and it’s insulting, will you feel like you
      won? Because I don’t feel like trying to out-idiot a jedi master.

      ::angel smile::

    3. patty says

      +Miss Ion

      I just don’t understand your sexual fantasy with Mr. Trump is all.

  7. H0okemh0rns says

    The Lord Jesus Christ picked this man to lead the most powerful group of
    people on Earth back to greatness!

    1. Woozuh says

      +Sophia Dani
      transgender is a mental illness

    2. Reckless Goddess says

      it used to be, now it’s just sexy AF.

    3. Woozuh says

      they changed it for political correctness

    4. Reckless Goddess says

      ‘They changed it’ as you put it…because estrogen and makeup do a girl a
      world of good.

    5. Woozuh says

      you wouldnt give a suicidal person a hangung and a notepad

  8. Reckless Goddess says

    Not sure if this deserves thumbs up or down, but this is definitely going
    to go viral.

    1. The World says

      Thumb sideways.

    2. James X. says

      thumbs up ^^ even tho im from greece….we like trump here

  9. Sierra Echo says

    And I and my family and friends are with you Mr. Trump, you truly are
    America’s LAST hope to take this nation back to “By, For and Of The
    People.” We pray for your safety every day and will continue to do so. May
    God Bless you in this great fight.

  10. Marcus Triton says

    Finally a Real American citizen who wants what is in the best interest for
    you and me. Thank you Trump family.

    1. Earl Jeff William Rodriguess Gonzalez Trump Jr says

      is Donald trump paying you to say that

    2. Jackity Yax says

      +Jeff Rodriguez
      Yeah he obv PAID someone to post a fucking YouTube comment

    3. Swamp King says

      Please get deported you spic.

  11. Whack a Dem Savoy says

    All I can say is that the idiots who vote for Killary are some stupid sons
    of bitches.. GO TRUMP!

    1. The Fat Gentleman says

      The rest of the Internet can say the same about you for voting trump

    2. Stella Krüger says

      +Papyrus THE GREAT I wanted to say the same

    3. Jackity Yax says

      +Papyrus THE GREAT
      oh no my beautiful fandom… ;_; WHY!!!!!???!!?!?!??!??!

  12. TheFlash Stickman says

    I’m with you, Trump!!

  13. Carbon Fiber says

    I hate being a Trump supporter in Los Angeles. I want to order a Make
    America Great Again hat but I fear I will be jumped or mugged by Mexicans,
    it sucks.

    1. Reckless Goddess says

      Aren’t politics fun?..

    2. Jackity Yax says

      +Apo K
      I’m with you in this situation. Just play it safe, don’t let everyone who
      sees you know you’re a Trump supporter because something *will* happen

    3. Crooked Hitlery says

      +fuckthisname Hillary is a crook pal.

    4. the mid-night walker says

      mexicans dont do that u dummy… depends who u mess with… if its a normal
      mexican then ur not if u mess with a cholo… chances are….. ur not gonna
      get jumped…. but ur gonna get killed

  14. stantheman1684 says

    Check out my motivational videos for Donal Trump 🙂


  15. Ant Marmaud says

    How can you help America if you can’t even help your hair

    1. Tarantulord says

      His hair looks fine to me

    2. Tarantulord says

      +Alana Owens

  16. Twisted G says

    dear trump, you will win.

    1. Earl Jeff William Rodriguess Gonzalez Trump Jr says

      your twisted man

    2. pizza ice says

      +Jeff Rodriguez trump 2016 hillary for prison

    3. Twisted G says


  17. Waterix says

    Yay!!!!! Donald trump is with me that I hate him and he’s also with me that
    Bernie sanders should win

  18. Alana Owens says

    I can’t believe America is voting for this second Hitler

    1. Alana Owens says

      we have the worst presidential nominees in the history of the United
      States. people are voting for Hitler because they don’t want to vote for
      Hillary. and people are voting for Hillary because they don’t want to vote
      for Hitler. sad really, I’m disappointed in my own country. did they
      seriously have no better people to choose for president? did they seriously
      have to pick the WORST people EVER? Why THESE people out of EVERYONE?

    2. Freddy Kluger says

      +Alana Owens I don’t think Donald trump is Adolf Hitler. They are two
      different people.

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