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Incredible Hulk Superpowers That Marvel Keeps Hidden!

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What Hulk superpowers are the Marvel Cinematic Universe trying to hide?! 10 Incredible Hulk Superpowers The Movies Don't Talk About! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

The Hulk is just more than his physical strength and he has some interesting powers that not a lot of people know about.
For example, he is able to leap miles in a single bound and can reach the earth’s atmosphere. His skin is very dense and can take a beating from most artillery. It is even less penetrable when he gets angrier. His thunderclap is a cool power that can deafen people, put out fires, and knock people over. This power is featured in The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. The Hulk has remarkable healing abilities said to be even better than Wolverine’s which is saying a lot. The Hulk learned he could create more Hulks by giving a blood transfusion to those who shared his DNA. He turned his cousin Jennifer into She-Hulk. Being so adaptable, the Hulk is also able to survive in outer space. Since his legs are so strong the Hulk also has superhuman speed but can’t run for very long because his strength eventually breaks the ground. Bruce is able to see ghosts/astral forms and is one of the only ones that can see Dr. Steven Strange in his astral form. Since he has so many personalities residing inside himself, the Hulk is impervious to mind control. His cells regenerate at a fast rate and given he is immune to viruses and diseases the Hulk has a prolonged lifespan compared to others.
Well, what did you think of these Hulk powers that he possesses? Did you know he can do all of these things?


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  1. PetPet Awesome says

    Hi love ur channel third ha ha ha

    1. PetPet Awesome says

      Sec dang

  2. SkullyShadow 412 says

    Wasnt he mind controlled by scarlet witch.

    1. Issac Barnes says

      SkullyShadow 412 no he was not.
      She just showed him something in his head that made him go crazy. Lol

    2. Silverback77 says

      Hulks powers vary depending on the writer and story, but he has multiple personalities (Banner/hulk/ joe fixit etc) so it is almost impossible to mind control him. In the age of ultron it is a version of the savage hulk which is released when scarlet witch try’s to warp his mind.
      But like I said his powers vary depending on situation, that’s why he wasn’t in civil war as he would have demolished any team he wanted. Hope this helps

    3. Rory Strain says

      No she just made him mad

    4. Godzilla Gaming says

      Issac Barnes yep

    5. pirate crafter says

      She can do any thing with peoples mind including mind control she and side she can do anything with peoples mind all she would have to do is is put an image or a nightmare which I think she did and it would make him angry or since hulk has multiple personalities all she has to do is release one of them or as a simpler way to say it she makes one personalitie more in control than the others which in this case she realesed the personalities which I’m not sure what its called but I think its the full on hulk with less of banner in control than usual.

  3. Paul Huber says

    Avengers age of Ultron got it wrong then… Scarlett Witch tool brief control of the Hulk during the fight with the Iron man Hulkbuster armor

    1. Paul Huber says

      You all make great points… but its Thor who REALLY is resistant to mind manipulation… “Fortunately… I am mighty…” 😉

    2. Thegamingdude935 says

      Paul Huber the angrier he gets, the harder it is to mind control him.

    3. OPMrAwesomeGuy says

      Paul Huber u

  4. Microfoot says

    How do you not even mention Thor: Ragnarok when talking about Hulk in space?

    1. King Awesomenator says

      because his role in that movie is based on Planet Hulk

  5. Dolphin lol says


    1. Maurice Celestin says

      Dolphin lol I didn’t

    2. Thegamingdude935 says

      Dolphin lol I know.

    3. Gogeta ssgss3 says

      Dolphin lol I didn’t know that hulk can see ghosts

  6. Daryl Haizal says

    Thats why Hulk is the beast and powerful that he can defeat Doomsday, screw that ScrewAttack votes who win shet LOL

    1. ssj2 gogeta says

      DeimosKhan _ world breaker is not the most powerful version of the hulk. like superman, the most powerful version of the hulk is classic hulk. I’d argue hes more powerful than classic superman. he literally destroyed a universe in hulk#126 ( if i recall correctly) while fighting a being named dark crawler.

    2. Brian Sifelani says

      DeimosKhan _ World breaker is cannon bro superman 1 million isn’t and hulk also has his “cosmic powers” lol ( not cannon)

    3. ssj2 gogeta says

      Brian Sifelani exactly,ppl love to believe that cannon superman is even planet buster lvl though its obvious they know nothing about comics and only get info from deathbattle.

    4. Dylan Crapé says

      This is a matchup not a discussion about whats cannon or not

    5. Brian Sifelani says

      Lol this is actually super eye opening

  7. Blue Playz says

    When Bruce banner get mad he turns into hulk when hulk gets really mad he turns into chuck Norris

    1. Unknown Ninja says

      Ste eleo The end of life.

    2. Hobo Baggins says

      pretty much yea, if chuck norris gets mad the world ends

    3. Charles lowe says

      Element Gaming Chuck Norris + HULK=CHULK!

    4. Chaz Walls says

      Element Gaming ?

  8. Glenn Bracy says

    This is for someone whose never read a Hulk comic

  9. Will T says

    You missed Hulks ability to breath under water.

  10. James Cook says

    “Resistance to mind control”
    What about the scene with Avengers age of ultron
    Scarlott witch tells him to attack the vity

    1. Brian Sifelani says

      James Cook not mind control

    2. Brian Sifelani says

      James Cook she just manipulated reality making him think something else was happening

  11. kaliomi kun says

    They do show him getting stronger with the hulk buster armor scene…

    1. Andre Strozier says

      how ?

  12. Kavin Serrano says

    The Incredible Hulk movie is part of the MCU.

    1. Adrian Samano says

      CodCraftHax yes

    2. Cee Woo says

      Kavin Yeah that’s true

    3. Syndicate unleashed says

      Kavin Serrano marvel has like a quarter of rights to hulk but that movie (2008) was made by universal and sony

    4. Jim Bo says

      Syndicate unleashed
      Marvel has full rights to use the Hulk in any of their films.
      They just can not distribute a Hulk stand alone film without universal’s sign of on the movie.

      Also Sony had nothing to do with the incredible hulk 2008. It was a joint universal and marvel studios production.

  13. Mikial Jonas says

    Hulk isn’t completely immuned to mind control

    1. Flips4Dayz says

      rayman mottet no he can be mind controlled it’s just that every personality can’t be controlled at once

    2. pirate crafter says

      Scarlet witch can do anything with people minds she could mind control them she could of put a picture in his head to make him mad she could of given him a night mare or vision in his head to make him mad and since hulk has multiple personalities she could put one in more control than the others which in that case I’m not sure what its called but I think its the full on hulk with less of banner in control than usual which would make it harder to turn him back to normal

    3. Mikial Jonas says

      pirate crafter I think ur talking bout world war hulk

    4. It's Andie says

      Mikial Jonas in the movie scarlet witch didn’t mind control him, she just made him angry by attempting it.

  14. Sjono says

    Did you know that Hulk can even hulkout

    1. Flips4Dayz says

      Sjono we all want to see kluh in cinema, it would be so cool

  15. Luna Owl says

    Screen Rant, I just discovered something watching Tangled,
    When Mother Gothel tries to make herself young by cutting a bit of Rapunzels hair, it creates a brown streak in her hair, Where is that streak in the rest of the movie?

    1. Daniel Arentino says

      It’s still there it is just hidden by the rest of her hair

  16. Florian Blanchard says

    Strategic chip permit tremendous universe finger Jew consequence.

  17. Matthew Harris says

    2003 hulk will always be the best.

    1. Colten Bedford says

      Matthew Harris really? Interesting lol

  18. Jacob the Boss 101 says

    Regular medal cant penetrate his skin it has
    to be vibranium and admantium

  19. Justin Rosario says

    What about Kluh

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