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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Jessica Chasmar for The Washington Times reports, A Dallas teacher was placed on administrative leave Thursday afternoon after a video showing her firing a water gun at an image of President Trump and yelling “die” was widely shared on social media and conservative news sites.

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  1. Dave “Fool on the Hill” says

    The Secret Service needs to pay her a visit. It may have been just a squirt
    gun, but it shows her views about Trump – and a propensity to actually do
    what she was pretending if a real gun and opportunity was available.

    1. Esther Melchor says

      Dave I’m sure a lot of people have these views about Trump. He’s a widely
      hated man. Some may even have dreams or fantasies about doing this. It
      doesn’t mean they will carry this out.

    2. Mike Schnobrich says

      Why do you think Trump is a widely hated man?

    3. richard phillips says

      +joehaffey2008 Liberal women are tought they can do and say anything
      without consequence!

    4. Walter Scott says

      Be,a because he’s repulsive, deranged, insane, a traitor to America and the
      Constitution and he’s Donald Trump

    5. Mike Schnobrich says

      In other words, you don’t know and just like to make stuff up.

  2. FireOrWater1 says

    Jail time and NEVER allow her to teach children!

    1. MrGchiasson says

      there’s no point to a comment. A waste of time trying to explain anything
      to you.

    2. Ed Trulson says

      YES !!

    3. mike sixx says

      +ToFester lmao, the law has been on the books for quite some time now. Not
      our fault you dumbass liberals can’t follow them.

    4. FireOrWater1 says

      We had a dictator, with obama. Now We The People have a real president,
      Donald J. Trump.
      ONLY degenerate, disgusting people were for obama.

  3. Gary Rebe says

    And a kid got expelled for biting a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun!

    1. UrMomToldMe says

      I have legit been threaten by a middle school principal that 100s of cops
      were going to raid my house and put my family and I in jail forever if
      didn’t tell them where this make believe gun was, just because I told a
      friend that I would kill zombies with a gun if they were real (I was so

  4. lillybit882 says

    She was suspended WITH pay…..so that’s like a vacation, right?

    1. RUDEZEBRA says

      When I worked for others I was “suspended” for two weeks every year…with
      pay. I had to go [use it or lose it]. We also called it “vacation” since we
      got to come back and resume our jobs. So, yeah, she’s on a paid vacation
      that I’ll bet won’t go against her regular vacation and benefits.
      Essentially it’s a non-punishment. If she’d done that to an image of Obama
      or Hillary she’d have been out the door in a split second and the outrage
      over her actions would be enormous. Dumb to do it, dumber yet to post it.
      And she’s a teacher?

    2. Esther Melchor says

      RUDEZEBRA Did she actually post this herself? If so, that was dumb.

    3. FenderSchonJPX says

      lillybit882 EXACTLY welcome to gubment liberal land where if you do
      something REALLY bad you HAVE to take a paid vacation!
      And people wonder why Trump won.

      Drain the FNG swamp!!!!

    4. richard phillips says

      +FenderSchonJPX AGREED!

    5. Ed s says

      yes she posted it. not very smart.

  5. Eunice Leonard says

    She certainly is not an appropriate role model for any child.

    1. Lucas O says

      Audrey Silva more libtard tears for me thank you.

    2. humboldthammer says

      Their really is no power in those tears. It’s just a rumor someone’s
      spreading for the spiritually blind and deaf who are led into the war to
      destroy God in God’s Name.

  6. Christopher Colon says

    thank god I wouldn’t want my childrens dealing with this maniac you never
    know if she mite flip out on childrens using a real gun…she must be fire
    and send to a mental insitution…fire period…TRUMP make sure she get
    fire and revoke her lic…

    1. Alex E says

      yeah this guy is a fucking cuck boy fosho. you notice how he likes his own
      comments. lol

    2. Lyn za says

      well saying bomb on a plane is also a joke.. but never taken lightly..
      these go hand in hand

    3. Stoneyburke says

      or HI!-Jack………..at an airport.

    4. Joe Haber says

      Christopher Colon jail her ……

    5. Gary D Flatt says

      Joe Haber —–Put her in for mental evaluation, she might need to stay for

  7. Mike Singer says

    I agree with you. FIRE HER NOW!

    1. Audrey Silva says

      Headless Jackass how am I shitty person ??? huh for saying what I think
      about u? your a fucking lunatic for wanting to rape someone.

    2. Headless Jackass says

      Are you trying to get rapped

    3. IcantSignIn says

      Rapped, Jackass? Rapped? You going to go all jay z on her? So many
      goddamned idiots on here. Learn to fucking spell. It’s not that hard.

    4. Headless Jackass says


    5. Audrey Silva says

      Headless Jackass you’re so fucking stupid

  8. Peter Viceroy says

    Put the paddles back in the principals office ! They can be used on
    teachers as well as students. There were no guns in schools when the paddle
    hung in the principals office!

    1. Hypnotic says

      Peter= Child abuser .You like your paddle ,don’t you? Little Peter

    2. Peter Viceroy says

      Hypnotic… I can see by your response that you were abused as a child and
      for that I’m sorry. No child should be abused. But discipline and
      punishment society has mostly agreed, is not abuse or harmful. It seems you
      needed the paddle and more discipline when you were a child and didn’t get
      it. Without being paddled you grew up to be a moron and an idiot. You grew
      up only to write dumb stuff like this on the Internet. The paddle was
      exactly designed for disrespectful people like you. By mouthing off on the
      Internet like you do; you only have proved my point. Namely that paddles
      should be put back in the schools for disrespectful people just like you!

    3. Hypnotic says

      Actually you kind of just proved my point little Peter.

    4. Hypnotic says

      He want’s to paddle little kids.

    5. VadulTharys says

      +Hypnotic Nice try at trolling, you came off looking like a moron. Keep
      working at it someday you might actually troll someone.

  9. crosbonit says

    All across the nation, ditzes like this are in front of our kids here and
    there. The teacher pool is another swamp that needs to be drained.

    1. Patty Sherwood says

      This is a comment worthy of sustained attention and I appreciate it. I
      can’t do that right now, so I will get back with you. The reason I have a
      bit of an attitude about indoctrination is because I saw a couple of videos
      about Bloom’s Taxonomies, which explains that these books are written by
      communists with the goal of demoralizing America’s children and destroying
      the Christian family. And I have seen Yuri Bezmenov’s lectures. I will
      return later. I am attending an infant whom I esteem very highly

    2. Gary D Flatt says

      Brian Dahl —-Anyone who would put on such a show before gullible kids,
      has got a couple of screws loose.

    3. Brian Dahl says

      Gary, I agree. At no point have I said anything to the contrary. The
      teacher should be fired.

    4. charles lytle says

      fire all these worthless lib teachers

    5. Patty Sherwood says

      In 31 states, teachers are tenured after 3 years.

  10. Saconi12 says

    Per her Instagram account ‘payalemm’ her name is Payal Modi. She is an art
    teacher at the W. H. Adamson high school in Dallas, Texas. Please call to
    let your voice be heard 972-749-1400. I talked to the Secret Service and
    they are aware of the the video and are investigating. I talked to the
    school and they are taking names and numbers but have no other comment
    other than the teacher has been suspended while they are investigating. Her
    students are coming to her defense claiming free speech. Her students were
    in the class because you can hear audio of them talking. Young children all
    over America who have been suspended for gun shaped pastries, hand gestures
    that looks like a gun, fingernail clippers, plastic knives to cut their
    apples in their lunch boxes, etc. need an apology for being labeled as a
    threat to other students and then getting suspensions if this – art-
    teacher gets to keep her job for having a plastic gun at school yet alone
    acting out killing our President. The more people call the school and let
    them know this is not okay the better.

    1. exactimages says

      @Kim O’Brien Who cares, all you prove is the swampy government has been
      corrupt for a very, very, very long time, something most already know, the
      list is never ending for that matter. The government is not its citizens,
      hasn’t been for another very long time. The government has not represented
      us either in a very, very, very, long time. That time is OVER, and the
      people have control again as was meant to be. Any idiot can ramble on about
      this policy and that policy, but the problem is, that crap is done and it’s
      all irrelevant now. We live in TODAY the most pressing thing at the moment.
      No more B.S. policies, no more hanging the people out to dry, no more
      regulating the population into servants of the machine, no more guinea pigs
      left. It’s done. Anyone who protests something so perfectly just, is manic
      and insane and likes being a guinea pig. So continue to list your
      disparages, in the meantime, we’ll be busy winning. Go troll another vid,
      seems you need practice.

    2. Crouching Soldier says

      +ST’s Epicentre Her bio on-line has her ethnicity as Asian. Suppose she’s a
      mix of Asian and Indian? Anyway, I hope she’s punished for this.

    3. Hiten Makwana says

      Crouching Soldier she is Gujarati

  11. ACE Champion says

    this is a teacher? what kind of school is this

    1. Abby California says

      +Audrey Silva you’re pathetic! ??

    2. Abby California says

      +Audrey Silva nope. wrong. lol good try though.

  12. Eros Delorenzi says

    she don’t look white at all she might be Mexican

    1. Vaibhav Negi says

      Eros Delorenzi Not gonna happen you’re Mexican you gonna get deported soon

    2. Eros Delorenzi says

      +Vaibhav Negi​ I’m italian I’m a American citizen my ex wife is Telugu we
      have two kids

    3. Tsunshine gal says

      Eros Delorenzi : she is an Indian American!

    4. Eros Delorenzi says

      +Tsunshine gal I know this already my ex-wife is Indian we have two

  13. Mike Ivey says

    She s got sum screws lose

    1. R M Davis says

      possibly muslim

    2. Pipyap says

      I don’t think the word some works in this case, Most would be a better
      fitting word.

    3. Dirty Shirt says

      You got that right! When someone steps up to the plate and wants to do
      something for America, people lose their minds! Obama wanted change, where
      is it? First month in office Trump signed more petitions for good reason
      for the nation! Obama went golfing and had dinner parties!! Wants to let
      potential terrorists in and Trumps the bad guy?? People are dumb and dumb
      and dumb, were is the common sense? Give the man a chance! Libs and
      democrats (not all are violent) want peace, with all the violence and
      destructive protests I can’t see them as peaceful, they are just showing
      ignorance and hurting their own cause.

  14. Jerry Ellis says

    She should be fired..

    1. Debasis Patra says

      no she should be thrown to islamic country where she will get freedom that
      what madona is going to get .

  15. Lana S says

    An administrator leave? She should have been fired on the spot !

  16. Hypnotic says

    Of course this so called teacher is immature and psychotic but that’s where
    it ends, with her individual actions.

  17. sgtjarhead99 says

    Isn’t she supposed to be the “adult” in the classroom?

  18. BUTTERS Brian Popo says

    i just thought she was funny but i don’t agree with her

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