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Install CellarDoor TV Kodi Build for Jarvis

New Tech Evo

Install the CellarDoor TV Kodi Build for Jarvis. This is a great build!

This build can be installed through Ares Wizard. To install Ares Wizard, simply add the following link:

http://areswizard.srve.io/aw_zip ?The Newtech Best TV Boxes for KODI Store on Amazon Always Updated?

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  1. KodiLover says


  2. James Bloom says

    Check out the new Power 16 build gor Jarvis Great

  3. Dave Rankin says

    great vid can u try live mix addon in this build I here it’s not working
    all that great in jarvis16

  4. TheRobbyhjake13 says

    will this work on firestick

  5. arvind padhiar says

    I added your link on my tv box after upgrade the Jarvis and after restart
    the kodi your link has gone from the source, why?

  6. Michael Hamer says

    Thanks, this looks great.. does anyone know why the majority of builds (at
    least the ones I’ve tried) don’t include the IPTV guides Ivue/Renegades

  7. Dymond Jones says

    thank you

  8. James Bloom says

    I just added 941 channels to Power 16 use liveTV setup then update Power 16
    and reset T.V setting

  9. Will Martins says

    Nice review mate. Thank you : )

  10. Will Martins says

    I’ve just released a brand new build CellarDoorTV Fusion and it’s available
    from Ares if you get a chance to check it out man. I’m using Hybrid Dev
    skin. Take care.

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