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This method install Kodi through the Microsoft App Store. Kodi 17 Runs great installing it through the Windows 10 Store.

Requires Windows 10 X86 and Windows Anniversary Update to work properly.

I also show you a great setup for Free Movie TV Shows + MORE!

You simply need to install the following repo:


Follow the instructions and you are good to go. The great thing about install Kodi through the Microsoft App store is that you will be able to update it through the store.

Official Link to the Kodi 17 Microsoft App Store:


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  1. arvind padhiar says

    nice video, right now i have installed 16.1 and have added so many links,
    now if i install kodi 17 on windows 10; I might loose what ever i have
    installed before, so should i back up and restore? and does it work for
    Android tv box? thank you.

  2. James M Bonetti says

    So I just downloaded Kodi17 through the Windows store. I’m using Estuary
    skin. How do I add content to the movies and TV shows sections on the home
    page?? I already have Exodus and Spector installed.

    1. Mario Yanes says

      he started explaning how to add them after min 5. you have to download

  3. Michael De Leon says

    I have a few questions because I would like to cut ties with cable company;
    1)will my internet provider catch me using this and block me from using my
    2) with putting this on my Apple TV will I have to stop updating my Apple
    and keep it at its current version?
    3) if I ever want the latest version of kodi will I have to delete the app
    off the Apple TV and re-do the process with a more recent dev file?
    4) and finally are there other programs that can look into to throw on my
    Apple TV similar or even better then kodi ?

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Michael De Leon 1)possible 2)have a video for apple tv 3)yes 4)yes there
      are like popcorn time etc

  4. Craig Montgomery says

    how do I download kodi 17? there is NO “get” button on the same page that
    he shows. NEVER MIND. I just updated the new version of Windows 10, and now
    the “get” button is there. So, just in case anyone else has that happen,
    that’s why I didn’t remove this comment. (There’s actually a couple hours
    of time between the first and second sentence, but once you update Windows,
    you’ll see the “get” button.)

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Craig Montgomery wont remove the comment you do need anniversary windows.

  5. KodiTv Guy! says

    Great Job on the Video, Thanks

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Kodi Guy! thamks kodi.guy

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