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This is it. This is the asiest way to install Kodi 16.1, Kodi 17, Mobdro, CartoonHD, Terrarium TV, Swift Streams, Mouse Toogle, Firefox, Terrarium TV APK, or any other APK on your Firestick or Fire TV device.

Kodi: How to Install Kodi on Firestick: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Install Kodi

I highly recommend Mouse Toggle, because it will enable to use all these other APK on your firestick. This Kod installation is simple and it uses fusion.

Fusion URL is as follows: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag

To get all the codes daily which will change simply see the following URL: http://aidymatic.co.uk/firedl-.php

The secret firestick and fire tv codes will help you get evrything you need and unlock the full potential of your firestick or fire tv.

Kodi on firestick, No problem!
Kodi 17 on firestick, NO problem!
and much more!


Always use a VPN when using your favorite add-ons. VPNs encrypt your online activity and allow you access to blocked content.
I recommend Click the link below

Kodi: How to Install Kodi on Firestick: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Install Kodi


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  1. DrMoorehen says

    You trans Atlantic guys are sooooo lucky! The new version of the stick is
    STILL not in the UK stores yet, as far as I know…can’t wait until it
    arrives to give this a go! Thank You!

  2. Jose Papo says

    does it work on android box my friend….keep up the good video tutorials
    my friend…..and be well and healty my friend…..God bless you…..take

    1. newtechevolution says

      Jose Papo only fire stick fire tv god bless you friend

    2. Jose Papo says

      Thanks my good friend…and get very well my friend. ..God bless
      you….keep up the video good tutorials my friend. ..

  3. barry wickings says

    brilliant video not sure how this got 4 dislikes thanks for the video top
    drawer and subscibed 10/10

  4. Gary Mckay says

    i just keep getting config wizard error when i get to the part in programs
    to install on andriod, any ideas how to fix this?

  5. mmmthmtskier says

    Easier than messing around with ESE for that first install of K…

  6. Burque Lobo505 says

    how about uninstalling apps we don’t want on Amazon firestick the ones that
    are already pre installed when we bought it

  7. mydoggylives says

    Just tried using this to add Terrarium TV to my Fire TV but, although the
    apk downloads, it fails to install. (Which is what’s happened when I tried
    apps2fire as well as directly downloading the file to my SD card.) For some
    reason this app will not install on the device. Any ideas? Can you get it
    to work on your device? Great video, btw!! I’ll have to bookmark that page
    with the “special codes”!

    1. mydoggylives says

      Amazon Fire TV with OS

    2. newtechevolution says

      mydoggylives I’ll have to check on mine tomorrow I know terrarium used to
      work on the old one try cine box it’s also great for movies

    3. mydoggylives says

      Thanks! I’ll have to check it out!

    4. Mikey says

      mydoggylives I have a fire tv.. I also thought Terranium didn’t worked..
      but have you considered checking in on your fire tv settings – and managed
      your installed apps? there… you would see all your installed apps.. and
      possibly you will see Terranium… once you click it there are options to
      select like open launch.. hope it helps.

    5. mydoggylives says

      It’s funny you should mention that. Because just yesterday I sideloaded two
      more apps to my Amazon Fire using apps2fire which were “installed” but
      didn’t show up on the home page. So I went into Your Apps and Games,
      scrolled all the way across and didn’t see them. I then clicked See All and
      scrolled to the bottom of the page and there they were… right next to
      Terrarium TV!! It opened and functioned perfectly, even though it had told
      me that the installation failed. At least now I know what to do if I run
      into this problem again.

  8. Sara Tardy says

    My firestick doesn’t have DEVICE as an option in settings????

  9. Rich GISMONDE says

    Do you have to update the code every day or is the code only for install?

  10. Marie Gonzales says

    Help! I have downloaded the codes into the firestick. How do I view what I
    have downloaded? The Firedl is only for entering the codes? I can’t find
    what I have downloaded.

    1. Razor72144 says

      Marie Gonzales Go into settings/applications/installed managed apps

  11. Ryan Flowers says

    my firestick doesn’t give me a download option

  12. Rashida Carson says

    It’s saying firedl is unavailable is there anything else I can do

    1. LaVale Outley says

      firedl site is down is there any other way to get the codes

  13. Cheryl Davis says

    can you use the voice option of alexa with kodi or other ape’s?

  14. Ross Larson Sr says

    Won’t show up ,all I get is search music

  15. Razor72144 says

    Been to matic site but unable to see the codes under firedl tab.
    any suggestions?
    keep up the good work?

  16. Nick Black says

    Is fire dl no longer available?

  17. Alisa Mcgrath says

    once you download fusion, do you have to do it Everytime you use your

  18. Raymond Reyes says

    Bro I just did this but it didn’t let me Stream nothing ?

  19. David Rubio says

    does es explorer still work with the version 2 of the kindle stick?

  20. JFPriest says

    My Firetv does Not have a setting for Device?? It has 7 but not that
    one…any other suggestions Thanks

    1. boddylove2001 says

      Just go to settings, then system and there you’ll find developer options.
      Hope this will help.

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