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Kodi can be installed on a smart TV but you guys need to have a smart TV that has the Android operating system here is the list of the TV that do have it with their full specifications!

HONGYU® Latest Version T95N Mini MX+ Android TV BOX 1G/ 8G Kodi  Pre-installed Amlogic S905 Quad-core cortex-A53 Android


Most sony TV’s will run android and most Philips 2015 models will run android therefor you can install Kodi on your smart TV!

These are the brands you guys want to search for not just smart TV but Android TV!

A list of some Android TV’s that will work with Kodi:


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  1. arvind padhiar says

    nice video but I have been looking for a method to run kodi on , samsung
    smart and Lg smart tv which does not have android I guess.any idea how to
    do on them? thank you.

    1. newtechevolution says

      Can’t do it!

    2. arvind padhiar says

      I thought so, thank you.

    3. Manny T says

      if you have mirror screen available on your smart TV you can run Kodi on
      your android phone and mirror screen to your TV.

    4. arvind padhiar says

      ok but not on smart tv right? thanks.

  2. Babar Rashid says

    I have a samsung 4k tv will it work on that

    1. newtechevolution says

      What OS is the TV running?

    2. Sonia Smith says

      Masterchef season 7 episode 13

  3. Irfan Ahmed says

    i have a samsung smart tv will it work?

  4. Paul James Vecchio says

    I think You Like to Hear Yourself Talk !

  5. Tara-Lynn fernandez says

    I have a Samsung LED smarttv. it doesn’t specify what the OS is but I
    believe it may be Linux. Is there anyway I can add Kodi to it?

    1. Charles Aznanovou says


  6. thomas young says

    a little less conversation and a little more action dude

  7. John Hamilton says

    What a fucking yap get to the chase.

    1. Uel Coles says

      thx u

    2. hayden knowles says

      John Hamilton

  8. Chocolante says

    I just ordered the 49 inch sony bravia 800D model i cant wait to install
    this.. Can u also watch sports on it

  9. Eirikur Sverrisson says

    when i try to download kodi in google play i always get you do not have any
    devices ? what does that mean ? what should i do next ?

  10. kunal dodiya says

    Hi, my question is kinda stupid but i want to know if there is any
    posibility that i can install kodi in my Samsung TV which has Full HD,
    Internet connectivity (wifi) and 3D feature but its not an android smart tv

    1. newtechevolution says


    2. kunal dodiya says

      thanks for info, then i should consider buying android stick, please, would
      you suggest any like firestick ???

    3. 21boxhead says

      Stupid Question
      NO YOU CAN’T
      just buy a cheap Android Media player there $30-40 bucks on Amazon
      you can install Kodi from there

    4. newtechevolution says

      yes friend buy android box

    5. kunal dodiya says

      bought thanks 🙂 OTT T95M

  11. dallasjhawk says

    Is sportsdevil included in the basic install shown here

    1. Bryan Eaton says

      probably not, you’ll have much better luck paying for a good stream. I pay
      for sportsmania, 16 bucks for 6 months of awesome streams. It really makes
      Kodi the best way to view anything.

    2. dallasjhawk says

      +Bryan Eaton to my surprise it was. But ive yet to watch any baseball game
      in it that even remotely resembles HD. If Sunday Tickets looks this bad i
      wont be cancelling directv anytime soon

  12. 62T-bird Man says

    I have a Panasonic Plasma smart tv. Am I out of luck?

  13. Euler Sosa says

    I did get Kodi loaded and streaming is good. One problem downing a movie. I
    have to use the remote with Kod on the tvi. When I download from Windows 10
    I do a right click on the mouse. When I am using the remote no right click.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  14. pablo moreira says

    i have a sony xbr-65x850b i tried first if the apps work but its dosnt the
    app start first with adverstiment that play good when its going to play the
    feautures show that failed because of the format or the internet connection
    but yhat is happen with all the apps any help

  15. Anthony Fisher says

    Hey, I just purchased Sony Bravia 850D 2016 model and when i add fusion and
    go to install from zip file i don’t get the three options. Start here,
    XBMC.Repos and XBMC scripts. Please help

  16. theandroids says

    what is the best kodi skin that shows nice movie poster thumbnails?

  17. Paul Murphy says

    I had Kodi Jarvis on my 55inch sony so i put TITANIUM on last night work’s

  18. Jeremy Guenther says

    this guy gives the best reviews keep up the good work

  19. Jeremy Guenther says

    I rather run a stick or Android box than install on my tv just.my opinion

  20. Lee Razak says

    Ary news as of 10 4 16

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