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Install Movie Vault Addon for Kodi really fast One Click Movies!

New Tech Evo

This Addon is very fast guys I love it!

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  1. Scott P says

    Dimitrology already covered this addon. Why don’t you help the community by
    adding Illuminati and awesome streams on that self proclaimed top five
    justnewtech repository of yours

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Scott P Dimitrology is my good friend…

  2. abdul razak says

    thks for sharing…nice humour too

    1. abdul razak says

      +Stuart Denton chill outzz buddy…

    2. Stuart Denton says

      +abdul razak sorry bud replied on the wrong comment was aimed at free cable

  3. aklilug says

    why are you attacking the guy Scott .not cool at all

    1. Scott P says

      I’m not thumbs down on this, and I remain a subscriber. Maybe he’s not as
      fragile as you are when it comes to criticism

    2. newtechevolution says

      +Scott P Hey all cristism welcome just bringing information.

    3. Scott P says

      +newtechevolution glad to hear that. Aklilug seems to think you can’t
      handle yourself.

  4. aklilug says

    it’s not reasonable criticism .
    I didn’t see any thing to criticize the guy why do you assume everyone who
    watch him watch Dimitrology?
    if you subscribe to just criticize follow him on twitter too.

    1. Scott P says

      Well, they should

  5. aklilug says

    you thought wrong Scott I know Adam for long time.
    I like Dimitrology too.
    you criticizing with no reason if you read what he said he said have fact
    when you criticize.
    I told you to follow him on twitter too.

    1. Scott P says

      He is a big boy and can speak for himself

  6. Lea L says


  7. Bobby says

    Thank you NTE ??


    when you talking on the mic it sound like if u r spiting

    1. newtechevolution says

      +STEVEN FOOTES sorry hope ur not soaked lol

  9. KodiLover says

    NewTech how do u add a pass to a wizard

  10. David Villalobos says

    Can I add this add on without a computer?

    1. TROJAN4EVR says

      +David Villalobos really!!!…did you even watch the video???…

  11. Rolando Thompson says

    the best of the best,,, thank you bro see you on twitter

  12. Ewan Sloan says

    I’ve downloaded it and when I open it and click on popular movies or most
    viewed or any of the sections no movies come up can you help me please

  13. Meech Stinson says

    where can I find a add on with HBO, Showtime and Starz?

  14. Lynae N. says


  15. Jason Cooper says

    all movies r lagging on my mxq box when i use movie vault. anyone know why?
    help. love movie vault but this is killing me

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