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Install Tardis Kodi Jarvis Build super fast sharp looking build!

New Tech Evo

This build really looks sharp and is a very nice build!

Simply install AresWizard to get going!

Ares Wizard URL is as follows;


Look on the list of builds for Tardis guys!

I was really impressed with this build!

Awesome Build!

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  1. JEAN Marshall (HBO) says

    this looks very nice thank you

    1. newtechevolution says

      +JEAN Marshall (HBO) Jean you are back where you been?

  2. pete smartt says

    Is this in your repo? Tried to download this morning,and it wouldn’t go

    1. newtechevolution says

      +pete smartt no its ares…

  3. Jose Rivera says

    Hello TV time iptv is not Working on Jarvis any thoughts?

  4. Jose Rivera says

    Hello TV time iptv is not Working on Jarvis any thoughts?

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Jose Rivera developers took it offline

  5. Jose Rivera says

    Thank you bro.

  6. Ulon Phillips says

    None of your addons you put the front page of jarvis stays on after you
    turn device off. the new jarvis 16.0 is not table

  7. Craig Lindsay says

    PIN code is 0426

    1. L J says

      Craig, fantastic job!

  8. Bobby says

    Thanks always NTE…question, how do I send a donation for the cause my G!?

  9. L J says

    Great job newtech!

  10. MrLoopez says

    hey there any idea how to get the pin?

    1. MrLoopez says

      +MrLoopez ok got it!!

  11. XvBMCnederland says

    Hi. Very nice build. Only 1 thing: no subtitle services enabled in
    settings. This we can fix but maybe the dev can fix in next update. Very
    very nice. Thanks for the share:)

    1. Craig Lindsay says

      +XvBMCnederland Subtitles will be added at next update

  12. Joshua Turner says

    very nice build and easy to navigate to my favorite TV shows and movies

  13. keithshep says

    Not working anymore can’t get it to load…

  14. Glenn Williams says

    I added this add on and now when I goto kodi it’s just a black screen. no
    issues until this add. any ideas?

  15. Da Man says

    Nice build thank you 2 thumbs up

  16. Mike James says

    NewTech, your info-tutorial has unearthed a gem of build. Man, Tardis!
    Tardis is moving up!! I mean, towards Schism!!! This build shows a
    developer with imagination, creativity, and finese. He delivers what was
    envisioned. And might I say it is different from what’s been done before;
    the mark of a master in the making. A job well-done. I love this build.

  17. Charles Smiley says

    Can not get Th tv gild tow work on trades billed

    1. Craig Lindsay says

      +Charles Smiley if renegades tv does not load this could be due to blocking
      by your ISP.

  18. James Costa says

    Can I load this tardis build from the tv or does it have to be done on a

  19. Larry Broadie says

    Doesn’t work anymore

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