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Install the amazing Community AllSorts Addon for Kodi – Sports, Movies, IPTV!

New Tech Evo

How to install the amazing Community AllSorts Addon on KODI – All you really need for your Kodi

Catch tons of Sports in KODI, One Click Movies, and More!

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  1. Chris C Yang says

    I can’t install it. keep saying couldn’t retrieve directory information.

    1. newtechevolution says

      are you clicking on repository.communityrepo-3.1.zip?

    2. Chris C Yang says

      +newtechevolution can’t even get into the repo.

    3. Chris C Yang says

      I try open it with my browser but it say that the site can’t be reached.

  2. charcoal chocdee says

    cant install it too!

    1. newtechevolution says

      are you clicking on repository.communityrepo-3.1.zip?

  3. Craig Lowe says

    i get a common cache problem, says new update but then dependcies not met.

  4. Francisco Alcazar says

    PLEEEEASE do a video on a good NFL add on once the season starts. thanks
    for the videos. you got me into kodi!!

  5. DEEEETECH says

    Thank you good job Newtech. Good addons.

  6. Tommy Collins says

    theres no community allsorts when I go into install from repository

    1. Ty Max says

      yea thats happening to me, does the amazon firestick with kodi have to be
      connected to the pc to do this?

  7. David White says

    nothing in the zip file

  8. jason williams says

    mines says couldn’t retrieve directory information. could be due to network
    not being connected. I’m using a amazon fire stick

    1. Robert Shivers says


  9. Aca Mika'el says

    For the first time:
    Newtechevolution, the thing ain’t working for me. I am also getting MR . .
    . failed

  10. Ray bies says

    nexus 7, mxq box and pc install from zip is empty?

  11. peter balkissoon says

    new tech I need your help–I follow all the steps to install kodi . when
    press on arm I cannot get kodi to download. help.

  12. abdul razak says

    don’t waste time guys…jus move on…

  13. Robert Shivers says

    Am I the only one that can’t connect?

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