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Install the Beast 1.6 the Easiest Way working 100% percent

New Tech Evo

The beast 1.6 comes in at 180mb!

You can install this build easy with Ares Wizard!

Ares Wizard URL: http://areswizard.uk/aw_zip/ ?The Newtech Best TV Boxes for KODI Store on Amazon Always Updated?

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  1. DJ kc Hype says

    Hey NewTech can you please do a video on how to put Kodi on the fire stick
    front screen.

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Kc hype will do

    2. DJ kc Hype says

      Thx man

    3. TROJAN4EVR says

      +Kc hype once you install kodi…it will appear in the Apps side menu on
      the Amazon home screen.

  2. DEMR1992 says

    ? no more lateralus on your repo. the new guys taking over the build made
    it ugly imo

  3. Mustafa Sahiti says

    Bravo superman

  4. Scott P says

    Some dead addons in this build. Do they have TV time? If not, why?

  5. Phil crombie lfc says

    The beast sucks

    1. Chris Blower says

      Does it..still #1 and what

    2. newtechevolution says

      +Chris Blower Good Job! on da build Chris!

    3. Coby Taylor says

      +Chris Blower he says you don’t need a pin yet the top if his screen in the
      video says you need one and your 1.0.0 asks for a pin? The site to get a
      pin is down as well?

  6. Bobby says

    As always; thank you Sir! Keep pushing dat h?at!

  7. Phil crombie lfc says

    Pulse is number 1!

  8. Nayshka Rosa Melecio says

    what is the best addons for spanish movies n series?

  9. Coby Taylor says

    It says in the top of your screen that you need a pin for beast.

  10. Jagdeep Singh says

    not workng

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