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Install the fastest build ever Lateralus with the latest addons

New Tech Evo

Simply add my repo:

http://justnewtech.com and Click into Schism and install the Build Wizard and you are good to go! All the builds are back up! ?The Newtech Best TV Boxes for KODI Store on Amazon Always Updated?

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  1. Alex G. says

    I am trying to find a great video to teach me how to create my own build
    any suggestions

    1. newtechevolution says

      look for Todd the butcher he has lots of stuff about builds

    2. Alex G. says

      +newtechevolution thanks

  2. CocoNutz nTheBush says

    I like builds with icons and links

  3. Mac Mini says

    The best. Just wish schism didnt delete changing wigets on this build

  4. Banihachim says

    honestly I really don’t like builds ,I don’t know why though,,anybody else
    or just me

    1. Steven Andry says

      +mohamed aidara I’m not a fan of them either..

    2. bigdoggy1987 says

      same, just eventually they end up messing up my kodi

    3. Don Macnamara says

      +bigdoggy1987 Generally if a build messes up your Kodi you haven’t
      installed it correctly i.e. done a complete wipe.

    4. firstballs says

      +bigdoggy1987 If you watch the vid non of what he clicked worked

    5. skills823 says

      it’s free feel free to do what ever you like. the buids are about helping
      to search faster some streams work some dont you deal with it and move on.

  5. DEMR1992 says

    seriously the best build clean and simple

    1. newtechevolution says

      thank u bro schism has done a great job

    2. BUY IT SELL IT SWAP IT says

      +newtechevolution is this better than schismtv ???

  6. Ed Beck says

    Which is the best build for fie tv?

    1. Ed Beck says

      +Christopher Cartwright thanks

    2. 4agte16 says

      I prefer the beast build. I have it on my fire stick works great

    3. Christopher Cartwright says

      The Beast is slow on fire stick to big a build.

    4. 4everMatador says

      The best build for aftv is the one you make yourself, let me guess you are
      a box seller aren’t you?

    5. Christopher Cartwright says

      No but i do have a firestick and Minix Neo U1 box and you are correct the
      best builds are user created.

  7. Steven Andry says

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Once I finished the entire process, it asked
    me if I want to force close Kodi and I said yes.. However, Kodi skin
    continue to show up afterward.. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

    1. amsevo712 says

      when it says force close i always unplug the device or reboot/restart and
      the new build n skin sticks.

    2. Steven Andry says


    3. amsevo712 says

      +Steven Andry yea i just installed it and did a reboot. looks and works

    4. Robson Silva says

      +Steven Andry try to restart your system complete

  8. Scott P says

    Me too dude. The more experience you get the more you realize how bloated
    these builds are

  9. Brandon T. says

    I been using lateralus since it came out.. I love it.. Best build I ever
    used.. Good job Schism?☺

  10. Ed Beck says

    Will the builds work with Kodi 16 ?

  11. Elias L. says

    why does it keep giving me schism tv wizard error when I click on

    1. Keith Coffee says


  12. kodi Helper says

    Why did yo delete are your videos

  13. Mac Mini says

    New Tech any chance talking to Schism and putting back his help videos?
    Even in the repo they don’t work since they probably pulled from youtube
    and they are taken down.

  14. David Velez says

    Any idea why rockcrusher left……??? Will he be making his own repo?

  15. ricardo mendoza says

    how is this with the fire sticks?

  16. JDMreck says

    could not connect to repository why???

  17. Jimmy Guzman says

    I’m using this build and for some reason all video nodes aren’t showing.
    Also Her place none of the title works

    1. Tammy Wilmarth says

      Same here.

  18. venturavip says

    Does not work anymore!!

  19. gothmaniow says

    the zip has not got the build files in no more how can i get this build for
    my laptop ?? can you install manually ??

  20. Sammy Baltierra says

    mine says schezim tv elite,and all in one,both don’t work

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