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Install the new movie addon Scene Peeper for Kodi

New Tech Evo

New Amazing Movie Add-on for Kodi Scene Peeper!! This addon works great.

You simply need to add the following repo:


This works flawless zero buffering!
Every movie works. Scene Peeper is just awesome!

Lots of sections including sections by Country which I thought was awesome

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  1. KodiLover says


  2. James Holla says

    you are the Best!

  3. Waqar Jamil says

    hi newtech can u auto update kodi version or u have to reinstall new
    version thanks in advance

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Waqar Jamil reinstall.

    2. Waqar Jamil says

      +newtechevolution thanks thats what i thought i need to backup

  4. nick “MrMerk31” chism says

    Muckys always come through with that ?

  5. Voern Chhith says

    Need porn movie

    1. Filipe Pedra says

      +Voern Chhith ultimate whitecream or videodevil.

  6. David Hadley says

    great new addon

  7. bibi ali says

    this is great ty

  8. Christian Ines says

    @newtechevolution is there an addon for subtitles I like to know what
    they’re saying in movies and such also is there an addon to watch movies in
    Spanish I’m Latino and sometimes we have movie night at home and not
    everyone understands English.

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Christian Ines I will do a review on subtitles soon 🙂

  9. leemason666 says

    Had this for a few days and then uninstalled die to subtitles on every
    film. Apparently it’s in the code so unable to remove them which was
    annoying. Good review though.

  10. Filipe Pedra says

    great addon from muckys. One question….your pubfilm addon works well?

  11. MikeyPasquale says

    same with subtitles on everything great quality but annoying subtitles on
    all the time.How do u get rid of them? Incomplete and hasty review in my

  12. Larry Terrell says

    good morning sir pop quiz yesterday on the live show mr. 1080 made a
    statement just trying to figure out is it true if you upload Kodi from your
    Play Store because I have the shield it will not work properly he said you
    should do it from the internet put it on a flash drive and install it is
    that possible trust me The Shield is a fantastic box but Cody does act
    weird from time to time for instance if you if you power the Box all the
    way down and not go into sleep mode Cody would not respond the correct way
    any ideas please help and have a good day

  13. eagles725 says


    This addon has hard coded Indonesian subs.

  14. Frank Novak says

    3d movies not set correctly

  15. Daniel Rodriguez says

    is this new pubfilms?

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