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Is YouTube Killing BIG Channels? YouTube Algorithm 2016 Updates

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YouTube is broken again, H3H3, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye, and other YouTubers think so…. Many creators are losing views and there are a lot of theories and mysteries have been speculated over recent weeks with the new Youtube Algorithm update. Let me explain what is really going on!

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  1. AwesomeSauce says

    Any smal youtubers out there that want to connect? And get big so youtube can kill us 🙂

    1. Clementine The bad Ass says

      AwesomeSauce me 🙂

    2. Cooljt07 GD says

      ok sure (:

    3. Tech Planex says

      why not???? everyone like to grow but it would be great to grow together

    4. BruhMode says

      Sure me.

  2. Geek Weekly says

    We just hit our first 100 subs

    1. DEATH BASH says

      Geek Weekly I subscribe please check out my CHANNEL and give your opinion on it and Remember STAY MAJESTIC!!!

    2. Geek Weekly says

      I subbed man

    3. F-A Vlogs says

      Geek Weekly u wanna sub for sub?

  3. Davinder Evolution says

    they should also make small small channels big

    1. AwesomeSauce says

      I alweys loved to do effekts but newer realy put my mind to it, not until i started my channel. Now an idea hits me, i learn the technique to do my effect and do it. But i’m lucky i learn software preatty quick. I subbed so Pewdiepie twice to see what’s the hyoe all about and also unsubed twice lol. Thanks for the sub ?

    2. CuteTuber64 says


    3. Teacher Yongkang says

      best comment from the lot. HAHA <3

    4. Fales Ama says

      Davinder Evolution work for it

  4. Jayraj Jagtap says

    please tell me some video editing software to make youtube videos

    1. Project Nova says

      +DEATH BASH stop advertising

    2. Your Driver Mike says

      using iMovie for now until I can ramp it up to Adobe. Made some hardware investments with a MacBook Pro 15″, next is the software.

    3. technology productions 2017 says

      Jayraj Jagtap use video show or power director if your on a Android phone

    4. The Visitor says

      I use Sony Movie Studio 13. It is almost identical with Sony Vegas, infact, it is a Sony Vegas light of some sort – just has a few less features you don’t really need and has a reasonable price.

  5. GreenGuy PrathamBatra says

    Hepful Video, continue the good work

    1. DEATH BASH says

      GreenGuy PrathamBatra I subscribe please check out my CHANNEL and give your opinion on it and Remember STAY MAJESTIC!!!

    2. DEATH BASH says

      Joseph Awwad I subscribe please check out my CHANNEL and give your opinion on it and Remember STAY MAJESTIC!!!

    3. Scarlett Whisperer ASMR says

      DEATH BASH you just copied adamthewoo

    4. Your Driver Mike says

      Awesome video Derral, hoping to continue the traction that I’m getting and can some organic growth!

    5. Curious Pavel says

      every time you start a new journey the first steps are always the more difficult ones. Probably at around 100 subs you realize what you should keep doing, what you should stop doing, what to change, etc.
      I see you are over 100 now. How were your first ones?

  6. Carib Spice says

    …Really? YouTube killing big channels? More like YouTube not helping small/smaller channels. If small channels do not get a shoutout or collab from big ones no one would know they exists! Small channels are suffering more.

    1. Scarlett Whisperer ASMR says

      Carib Spice exactly

    2. KingGamingSoap-KGS says

      Carib Spice that’s why they use hacks to atleast get noticed..

    3. Robot Elixir says

      Us smaller Youtubers should trade support and advice so we grow together. Strength in numbers and all that…

    4. Khaartoum Supermarket says

      YouTube is dying. The Censorship of alogarithims and the demonitisation to silence political comment is driving Youth away from YouTube. They are really a stupid team of people who are destroying their own platform?

    5. MarkH10 says

      Robot, you have a micro hobby. What makes you think 1100 for your tiny specialization is bad? I think you are the YT King of Robot toys. I sub to many channels with 1100 or less, and watch all they send. I don’t find Robot Toys attractive, but it seems to me, that if I did I would watch 50 of your videos pretty closely.

  7. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio says

    This algorithm change has really effected out genre of baking. Most of us have seem a major decrease in views and subs.

    1. Andi CRIMSON says

      It was always hard for small ones to grow, but big channels falling makes it slightly easier. Most people I know grow easier now than a year ago, I constantly get videos of accounts with less than 1000 or even zero subs in my related box, before it was all big channels.

    2. Andi CRIMSON says

      The whole scandal was about YouTube changing algorithms either to deliberately screw up the popular ones, or it was just a side effect to constantly-changing search algorithm.

  8. ReverseMe says

    Hey there, can you help my channel grow a bit? 🙂

  9. stunninglad1 says

    i want You Tube to automatically advertise channels, just like they automatically add adverts. I would also like them to make the search engine actually work. For example: ‘How To Create Playlists’ – If you’re entering that into a You Tube search, then videos with those exact words should appear first, even if a small You Tuber has made the video.

    1. Anythingwithanengine Media says

      I think Youtube’s search engine would have to work similar to Google’s search engine. I think possibly if you use quote marks on both ends of the search phrase, it should help narrow the search.

  10. Hail Kira says

    Youtube suggested is 3rd on mine 🙁 I do better with search.

  11. Stupid Vlogs says

    who ever subscribes to me I will sub back

  12. Indian mom vlogs says

    was really helpful… Channel authority n history sounds good but how do small youtubers utilise this?

  13. Essential Craftsman says

    I think this algorithm change caused one of my videos to get pretty big (how to find an anvil) Didn’t realize how to capitalize on it by making a similar and related video…… next time I will know what to do. Thanks Derral

  14. Technofare says

    Derall – I wach lot of your vids…..this one is also good… I am one among thousand of creators who is loosing on money that i earn, inspite of increasing it is falling.

    Well – truth remains that YouTube is shifting to Watch minutes which is ok and everyone understands. But what i don’t understand is that – why are they giving preference to creators who publish daily.

    I make tutorials, it needs lot of research before i publish, i can’t do more than one in a week… what do you suggest?

  15. King Vegeta says

    I thought he would say ksi

  16. Jonny DIY says

    Thanks Derral! This video helped a lot and gave me some Positive vibes 🙂

  17. Fly High Wave Sounds says

    I’m worried about content creation for traffic, for the main goal to get subscribers. The choice for us with these algorithms. For sure good and big value videos are good but a lot of BS just for traffic.

  18. B33tle says

    watching as much as i can of your videos so I can better understand YouTube and how to properly promote my channel and share my videos that I enjoyed creating thank you for all the help

  19. Gamingwith Ds says

    Do Youtubers need to pay taxes for Youtube? Thanks

  20. Ponyzaken says

    Haha yea i saw chads video. I agree too ?

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