‘It’ll be really really hard’ Spanish expat regrets giving adult British pass due to Brexit


“Nobody knows what happens next. Everybody suspicion that we were going to stay in Europe here,” he added.

“That was a major opinion that we got from a callers, in from a listeners and people who we met on a street. 

“Now that Britain has motionless to lift out of Europe, there’s really most a feeling of doubt with what happens next.”

David Davis, a Brexit Secretary, met with a EU’s arch Brexit adjudicator on Monday to rigourously start Brexit talks.

Mr Barnier warned a UK that it will have to compensate a “substantial consequence” for a preference to leave a bloc. 

He told reporters: “A satisfactory understanding is probable and distant improved than no deal. That is what we pronounced to David today, that is because we will work all a time with a UK and never opposite a UK. 

“There will be no feeling on my side, we will arrangement a constructive opinion resolutely formed on a interests and support of a 27.”