‘It’s confusing’ Awkward impulse Kier Starmer admits he’s clueless on Labour’s Brexit plan


The Labour MP was afterwards cut off by a Sky News horde who insisted he answered a doubt per Labour’s Brexit policy. 

He said: “But Sir Kier, what’s Labour’s position, that’s a Conservatives position, what’s Labour’s?

“What is your central cross-party position?”

Mr Starmer claimed that Labour Party position was to “retain a advantages of a etiquette kinship and a singular market”.

He added: “Of march that is a Conservative position though these negotiations are unequivocally unequivocally important, we do need to concentration on that. 

“Our position is endangered we are vert clear, set out in a declaration that we wish to keep a advantages of a etiquette kinship and a singular market, that’s since we are putting jobs and a economy first. 

“What that means is that we have focused on outcomes and not models, if we go into negotiations, we go in seeking what it is we wish to grasp and seeking a other side what it is that we wish to achieve.