Jerry Seinfeld explains Kesha snub: ‘I’m 63, we don’t know each cocktail star’


Jerry Seinfeld incited down a cuddle from a famous fan 3 times — and he has 0 regrets.

“I’m 63, we don’t know each cocktail star… we don’t know everyone,” a comic told Us Weekly on snubbing thespian Kesha progressing this week. “I’m not [a hugger].”

The impulse was prisoner in a now-viral video.

He added, “I was right in a center of an interview, it was a small off. When we get to be my age and you’ve finished a integrate things, we have your possess reality, in my reality… we don’t cuddle a sum stranger. we have to accommodate someone, contend ‘hello.’ we gotta start somewhere… cuddle isn’t initial impulse of a human, dual humans. we never did that.”


The star joked he had a “borderline nuisance case” on his hands. But in all seriousness, he meant no mistreat with a ungainly snub.

“I’m certain we would’ve favourite her,” he insisted. “But we need to know who are you.”

The video showed Kesha interrupting an talk Seinfeld was doing with a internal contributor forward of a “Night of Laughter Song” eventuality during a Kennedy Center on Monday.

While Kesha insisted on removing a hug, Seinfeld regularly declined, subsidy off and revelation her, “no thanks” during a exchange.

Kesha fast walked divided while Seinfeld laughed and told a contributor he “didn’t know who that was.” He pronounced that he wished her a best after being told it was Kesha, though still did not seem to know who a hostess was.

Kesha finished adult shouting off a moment.