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Job Creation | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

Our jobs have been destroyed! I am about creating JOBS and nobody can do it like me. #MakeAmericaWorkAgain

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  1. weallame says

    yea trump yea

    1. Panda Kid says

      Thumbs up!

  2. soccerguy325 says

    The U.S. added 255,000 jobs just last month. The unemployment rate has
    dropped to below 5%. How are “our jobs being destroyed”? The Donald is
    oblivious to facts.

    1. soccerguy325 says

      +Tomahawk1775 You understand that a country NEEDS debt to function, right?
      Of course our debt is constantly increasing – that is how a debt works.
      First Donald Trump comes out and says he will totally erase all the debt
      over 8 years by reallocating $2 trillion/year, which all experts say would
      cause nothing but a major financial crash, then he comes out and says that
      the US should default on our debt and go bankrupt just like his 6
      companies. That would ALSO cause a major economic collapse. Either way,
      you’re fucked. The Donald has no fucking idea what he’s doing.

    2. Declan Miller says

      There is still greater potential

    3. soccerguy325 says

      +Tomahawk1775 But you still haven’t even given me any facts. Based on your
      obsession with the debt (ignoring the fact that Obama has cut the deficit
      in half since he was inaugurated), you clearly have an extremely limited
      understanding of the economy, and of communism. Hillary is nowhere near a
      communist, she’s not even left-of-center – she’s just to the left of Trump,
      and you think that means “communist”?! Dude, stop spouting your stupid
      right-wing rhetoric and pick up a textbook every now and again. It has
      facts in it – you need to learn some of those.

  3. energyparticle says

    He just talked about creating jobs for 15 secs? uuummmm….

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