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John Cena & Nikki Bella’s Date Night at 2017 ESPYS | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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The "Total Bellas" couple hits the red carpet at the 2017 ESPYS. Does John have any advice for new ESPYS host Peyton Manning?

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John Cena & Nikki Bella's Date Night at 2017 ESPYS | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Daniel Monarrez says


  2. Rookie AKAN says

    Nikki is so beautiful…literally my body goals

  3. Alan De la cruz says

    Great interview!!! Nikki Bella we miss you

  4. Jessie Egos says

    Couple Goals???

  5. HispanicDawg03 says

    nikki is hot ??

  6. patrece1970 says


    1. Tony Banks says

      Wtf you be talking about bruh you act like you know them lmao

    2. patrece1970 says

      Tony Banks No, Tony, I don’t, but I did watch him host the ESPY’s show last year and he was boring ASF!, Now, stop jacking off to your tv and get yo life!

    3. patrece1970 says

      Anthony Sonido thank u, you “BitchBastard!”!

    4. Tony Banks says

      Nope, he enjoy with Nicole in real life and nothing boring asf.

  7. sam4lemar says

    Nikki’s abs are goals af

  8. Cliff Turner says

    Johhhnnnn Ceeeennna Suuuuccckkkksss lol the goat

  9. Blue 30's says

    Nikki is the worst.

    1. Tony Banks says


    2. Blue 30's says

      Whats so great about her? I’d love to make you look stupid.

  10. YoungBossSavage says


  11. Shah Rukh says

    John and Nicole are the most beautiful couple in the world ❤️?

  12. Netra Chhetri says

    Thank youu cena n nikki

  13. Giffond Hall says

    what a slut she could of atleast cover up geesh i dont want John ever see in her besides looks

    1. Jordan says

      Giffond Hall really smh ??‍♀️ it’s no different than her wrestling attire she’s not a slut let her be creative and wear what she wants smh !

    2. Giffond Hall says

      Jordan are you kidding me? she is attending a formal event her finance dressed up in a suit and tie why cant she wear something more appropriate and stop showing her stomach all the time geesh?

    3. Karen Vo says

      Giffond Hall she was making a statement

    4. Giffond Hall says

      Karen Vo what kind of statement would that be?

    5. Karen Vo says

      Giffond Hall that ppl could wear wut they want to

  14. prathi prathu says

    Nikki Bella looking older

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