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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Charles Campbell for Western Journalism reports, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., plans to give President Donald Trump a tough time if his administration decides to restart enhanced interrogation methods on terror suspects and enemy combatants.

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McCain Threatens Trump On Executive Order: ‘The Law Is The Law’

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    • This I can believe! He is a republican fighting trump as hard as he can!

      probably did every thing against his fellow prisoners to get extra rations

    • Not as effective as Enhanced Interrogation! Waterboarding, Hot Boxes and
      other ways to make them talk! We can NOT treat them as our best friends
      when they only want to KILL US!

    • I Failed to mention that it WAS NOT Torture until Ovomit created a Law that
      made it Torture! SCOTUS Ruled Enhanced Interrogation was NOT Torture,
      Ovomit just wanted to protect his Radical Muslim Friends that he (& Hilary)
      Armed, Supplied with money, equipment and Intel!

    • And how they did that was by catching them and pedophilia or awkward
      situations because we don’t have a great politician in our government maybe
      there’s only a very few but they blackmailed them most of them they
      blackmailed the Democrats they blackmailed some of the Republicans so you
      kind of get a picture of what’s been going on you see the media all medias
      have been taken over by the military corporate industrial complex,
      but you seem as a human race we are much more powerful if we activate of
      Pinal gland even without a Pinal Glen we could stop them
      and how this will be accomplished??, I’m getting together or sixty-five
      million Americans to join forces with Donald Trump now wake up and spread
      the word through America we need to stand without president so the truth
      may come out and people may know how to prepare and be safe and that is
      around the world but America First and people will follow but this needs to
      be done first. America must be first we must send the immigrants back to
      their homelands with their families we must stop all of this and take care
      of our own People First America stop being lazy stop watching TV stop doing
      drugs stop drinking. Make amends with your family’s now make pea sweet each
      other now all Races and all indigenous people make peace with each other
      because together we can save our world you see all the governments have
      been playing for this since 1930, we need to join together with Trump you
      see America Trump is telling you America First you the people America
      first. America listen to me very carefully and this goes for every branch
      of the government the military and in the United States of America and the
      around the world this is your last chance to take back your countries and
      save your brothers and sisters and your people from the shadow corporate
      military industrial complex the very few who is to keep you all enslaved
      Trump will help you if you join with him. You see this goes out to every
      military branch in the world American. This goes out to every branch of the
      military and every country around the world you must save your families and
      your brothers and your sisters you must save your people from the
      Bilderberg Group from the corporate military-industrial complexes around
      the world together as a human race we stand and the part the very few Will
      Survive the elite there khazarian bankers we can strip them of everything
      they have as a human race and save most of the population. Together we
      stand with Trump we could save our president and save our country and save
      most of all people. Humans and people we need to stand with our president
      in America now you need to tweet and text Trump and let him know we are
      truly awaken we have to tweet Trump now and let him know we stand with him
      you need to let Trump know that we know what’s going on in our solar system
      and with our planet we need to let him know that we know our planet is
      heating up from inside the core we need to help trup to win back our
      country you can no longer fall asleep behind the wheel. You can no longer
      leave the responsibility of your country to be run wits opposable people
      who have integrity none of our politicians have any integrity at all let me
      correct myself there are a few good people left in Congress our court
      systems have become a shams a total scam our whole system has totally
      become a scam people like George Soros in the Rothchilds we get rid of
      those two scumbags along with the clintons the bushes and Obama we get rid
      of people and hang them publicly well let the rest of the world know that
      we’re taking back our country and we have to do this immediately. The
      military corporate industrial complex the military corporate industrial
      complex the shadow government has killed all the good people who have been
      trying to let you know the truth
      his criminal scientist that’s criminal government agencies the shadow CIA
      the shadow FBI the shuttle Homeland Security the shadow BLM and they are
      killing all people in our country stop ignoring the truth you will not get
      the truth from the mainstream media ever they all have been paid off with
      large bags of money and corporate cards pay attention to people like dr.
      Steven Greer pay attention to people like Stewart swerdlow that is at
      expansions. Com it’s time to stop ignoring the truth America it’s time to
      stop ignoring the truth world it’s time to stand with Donald Trump and let
      him know we know the truth and we will stand with him providing we have
      access to the d.u.m,s we need to stand together now

    • Songbird McCain…. right on.. he was never tortured… he was in Hanoi
      Hilton… so ridiculous…
      I pray God takes McCain out… Trump is the best thing America has seen
      since Nov.22, 1963

    • Carol f. Would love to see you in a box being tortured and see how long you
      would last..Not a big mc cain fan but idiots like you really piss me off.


    • Mark smith All I’ve heard him say was his name, rank and serial number and
      that doctors were competent who treated him after he crashed from bombing
      them. All true.
      I don’t see treason in that.

  1. He needs to get some help! Mccain is an emotionally wounded man from his
    POW experience..he should not be the one to consult about torture

    • Deborah Toirac Sound like a civil war is going to happen. Since America is
      owned by native Indians, I think it’s time the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians
      and Muslims to unite and take over the country.

    • Deborah Toirac Yes he should.. he’s been to hell and back and deserves the
      respect of the President of this country..But the lily-livered dodger
      respects no one.

    • Richard Nyomouf… My apology brother. I’m black Muslim American and I
      swear I’m not a racist toward Whites or anybody but I’m just messing some
      rednecks on this forum who are spewing hatred venoms. I want to scare them
      off and boil their bloods. My apology brother, I don’t hate anyone..!!!

    • Property Tax might be legal but Income Tax is illegal under the US
      Constitution. They started the Income tax in 1913 when the traitor
      president Woodrow Wilson allowed the Jewish Rothschild’s Criminal Gangsters
      to start printing the US dollars which is a privilege only of the Federal
      Government. The taxes are collected is to pay those private banks “Federal
      Reserve Banks” for the interests they charge to the US government on the
      money they make out of thin air.

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  2. Mc Cain, open your ears, he said he’s not going to torture, even though he
    thinks it works. You are however; proof that torture does sometimes work,
    Mr. Songbird. I gave you the same status as Fonda, a long time ago. I have
    no reason to assume you are “Hero” now.

  3. McCain. The MAIN reason, due to his treasonous efforts, why America lost
    the Viet-Nam war. Obama + Brennan + McCain = ISIS. McCain is the worst
    traitor to this nation in history, and continues to be.

    • Ed Kelly you know your history well & your words are true.McCain is our
      enemy. I just hope Trump can see what we have seen.War hero be damned
      McCain is going to get us killed