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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Fred Maxwell for Western Journalism reports, The numbers are in and it appears Fox News Channel’s choice of Tucker Carlson to replace Megyn Kelly for the 9 p.m. time slot has been rewarded. Tucker Carlson Tonight replaced The Kelly File beginning on Jan. 9.

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Tucker Carlson Gives Huge Boost To Fox Ratings Over Kelly

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  1. Goldpenny1 says

    It is very commendable of Kelly to refuse $100 million dollars over 4 years
    to be with her children during that time slot instead. With that said,
    where are all the liberal (maniacs) who complain about the war on women and
    equal pay for women? Where are they now? That was a pretty damn good offer.
    Where’s their rediculously stupid war now? I’m curious, what’s the going
    rate for a female anchor in jihad land (Middle East), where the extreme
    wacko liberals never complain about the women’s rights there, yet attack
    American values and culture on a daily basis? IMO

    1. DEporibus Unum says

      You are a sensitive one aren’t you? You seem to be the one with the
      comprehension problem. I simply asked why the hate foe this particular
      woman sense I haven’t seen her do anything to warrant it. I wasn’t
      attacking you.

    2. Goldpenny1 says

      Dawn S Sorry Dawn if – I came across too strong; my comment was not really
      meant for you, or M. Kelly.

    3. DEporibus Unum says

      No problem. I apologize as well.

    4. Kat S says

      Goldpenny1 I truly think if she was so good, she would had been there
      w/them from the start. I realize not every mom can stay @ home w/her kids
      but her husband is a doctor & in NY, that’s a lot of money so she should
      had been there from the beginning. Just my opinion. I dont expect anyone to
      agree w/me.

    5. Ying Yang says

      +DEporibus Unum What are you trying to say “where are they now” ?? – “who
      complain about the war on women and equal pay for women? Where are they
      now? That was a pretty damn good offer. Where’s their rediculously stupid
      war now?” – are you serious?? You think some women are not payed high
      numbers? Everybody knows this…but we know on average women are payed
      less. Your statement is ridiculously stupid.

  2. Mylan Miller says

    A Hillary supporter won’t go far on a Trump net work, Kelly was so
    Auntie Trump
    she would never draw fan support!

    1. Stephen C. says

      mrDmastr19 Here’s a thought: All governments begin to fail when they become
      controlled by left wing politics. A prominent example would be communist
      Russia. Right wing ideals are what has worked for all countries since well,
      forever. The Roman Republic would not had fallen except that it became a
      leftist empire. The same fate will befall America if you leftists continue
      to fuel the empire with dictators like Obama and Clinton. Only by sticking
      to leaders like Trump, who idealize freedom in its pure form can we retain
      our power derived by real unity. So tell me, who’s the dumb one now.
      Please, go bow down in submission to your magistrate Heer Clinton in the
      name of “freedom and diversity,” I will be rising to the top with the other
      1% successful capitalists!

    2. Juno Cheyenne Krakus says

      FOX News is far from being Trumps network.

    3. Victorious Spirit says

      I voted for Trump, only cause my guy did not make it. But I like Trump now
      more. I did like Megyn thou. Maybe your right all in all thou. But I wish
      her well. She was a very nice woman. And although I voted for Trump, I did
      not care for some of his shannigans…but that is not what I care about for
      running this country. I want someone who is not a far left wacko…so fed
      up with these nuts.

    4. Juno Cheyenne Krakus says

      Victorious Spirit
      I don’t hold against her. She was just two faces. I wish not see her again.

    5. steadyeddie109 says

      Juno Cheyenne Krakus so totally agree. Thought after that horrible haircut
      she was going to work with Rachel M.

  3. Kelly Falloxe says

    Trump T-Shirt Giveaway on TrumpRights*com ( small shipping fee ) Sponsored
    by Absolute Rights

    1. Proud Grammar Nazi says

      Sandi C ~ Win WHAT? The Bad Losers Award for election year 2016?? The
      Biggest Crybabies Award? The Longest Running Club Of Dumbasses Award? The
      Most Myopic Hairbrains Award?

    2. William Rivera says

      Ok I will I voted for Donald Trump

    3. William Rivera says

      I’m supporting was right and it’s time for us to care about our country we
      help every other country and they don’t help us so it’s time to make
      America great again

    4. PETV says

      Kelly Falloxe cool Thank you. I needed more toilet paper:)

  4. Captain Chaos says

    Time to get rid of Shepard smith next. 

    1. Mach1Airspace says

      Captain Chaos Well, if you want the ‘why’ then it gets complicated. Then it
      goes into the category of ‘argumentative journalism’ since the left and the
      right have apposing views of ‘why’.

    2. Captain Chaos says

      When I say why I mean not opposing views. I mean the why backed by facts.

    3. a guy who doesn't support riots says

      Smith is bizarre, they have half a dozen newsy guys who could do a better
      job in his slot.

    4. Mach1Airspace says

      +Captain Chaos Sorry, that’s a dream world. Think about it: which facts?
      The fact that the glass is half empty, or the one where it’s half full? Get
      the picture?

    5. Captain Chaos says

      No, journalism will come back someday. When people stop watching.

  5. cybertec69 says

    I cancelled my cable TV service, only kept Internet, it’s the best thing I
    have done.

    1. Darrell Johnson says

      +Tristen Dude Package deals are 30 yrs behind technology

    2. Crepes 4Suzette says

      Me too, years ago. It was a wasteland. Now spend more time on productive
      things and being with loved ones talking instead of wasting time on poor
      entertainment and ads.

    3. Ricky Purcell says

      Did same myself. Just kept internet and rarely on it as well.

    4. Frank Dracman says

      youre seriously all inspirational role models, people don’t appreciate
      those so much anymore, still doing good is is good independent of anything
      else, big props or whatever the say now

  6. micky dee says

    Tucker Carlson is amazing when it comes to interviewing any liberals. He
    asks questions that allow the idiots to bury themselves with their own
    answers. Very interesting.

    1. Eric Shutter says

      PETV and you are part of the better half of course. Maybe you are just
      another moron?

    2. Joshua Babcock says

      agreed. he is a little arrogant sometimes about it, but man I love watching
      him ask questions and them not be able to give a straight answer. the whole
      thing is ludicrous and the left is exposing that they have no facts, they
      just want to fight. Ultimately this isn’t about Trump, he’s just a
      scapegoat, this is about a republican being president and the left not
      getting what they want after 8 years of getting what they want.

    3. micky dee says

      +a guy who doesn’t support riots Right on the money.

    4. Mike Olsen says

      micky dee Perhaps but not as steamy HOT as Kelly

  7. CrismaFire says

    Megyn thought she made FOX successful but it was FOX who made her famous.

    1. Humberto Huerta says

      Counterclockwise I’m serious

    2. Richard Forty (richard40) says

      She was a solid fair honest conservative reporter. But I know no trumpie
      could stand her, because they dont want fair conservative reporters, they
      want Trump cheerleaders.

    3. Mr Deplorable says

      CrismaFire best statement ever

    4. Nick Bauer says

      Roger Ailes made her famous and she paid him back by screwing him over.
      What a witch she was!

    5. Ying Yang says

      +nick bauer yes she should have been more grateful to ailes for trying to
      molest her.

  8. Doby Pilgrim says

    Win win win. Kelley gets to see her kids. We don’t have to see her, and Fox
    saves 80 million bucks.

    1. Lori 777 says

      And I wasn’t talking to you. What is wrong with you?

    2. polystictus says

      And why did you have to see her? I’m sure Fox had good reason to offer
      Kelly that kind of money. Of course they could save even more if they fired
      everyone and hired illegal alien gardeners to do their shows at $10.00 per

    3. polystictus says

      Mr. Deplorable…I see how you got that name…fits.

  9. Recovering Soul says

    Family first, you can’t buy those years back.

    1. Jordan Edward says

      Recovering Soul unless of course it’s 100 million…

  10. D. Gebrmas says

    Who cares about this rich Bimbo!

    1. Xavier Prime says

      i wish she had more upper lipp….

  11. Majesticjkr says

    Why are you giving this rude woman air time, we don’t want to see her again

    1. Elaine BB says

      Majesticjkr ??

  12. Rosencruz Sumera says

    Good riddance maggot Kelly we don’t want you at Fox News, you have one
    tract mind always slamming down president elect Trump

    1. Buck Weet says

      Rosencruz Sumera president Trump.

    2. K.F. Chow says

      Fox got rid of Kelly but hire back a few more

    3. Solomon Regenstreif says

      +Rosencruz Sumera Maggots appear on something that’s rotten. And that
      definitely describes FauxNews.

    4. Ruben Stevens says

      Rosencruz Sumera the fives brought back Bill dude.

  13. bodayga says

    25 mil a yr . for 4 yrs is not a lot of money to someone who is already a

    1. Jason Dyrkacz says

      bodayga True but I’ll take it.

    2. bodayga says

      me too .. this wome probably does not even need to work at this point .
      some just like the lime light . she is over rated , she is just gonna make
      a big stink and go far left for attention .

  14. Derek Boni says

    I just want to see Megan Kelly naked. Her income is of no concern to me.

    1. katalin boczko says

      wow you sound so desperate

    2. Kevin Iscool says

      I would give her some income

  15. Knott Reel says

    This is really a strange observation, but have you ever know someone whose
    beauty and perfection caused them to be unattractive?

    1. Bill Taylor says

      Only to unattractive people.

  16. Hula Shack says

    This is all lies. She was canned from Fox for her sinking ratings. Look it
    up! Her contract wasn’t even up until July and she doesn’t start at NBC
    until September…..You can be sure that this was not a decision for her to
    be with her kids. This is probably the talking point they all agreed to to
    cover for her bad numbers and Fox wouldn’t want the sponsors to know that.
    There is NO WAY Fox was offering her 100 Million.

    1. malangrad says

      Hula Shack Yeah … who turns down 100 million dollars? Big 3 network
      anchors only make like 10 mil per year, so something ain’t right here …
      while I watch Fox more than any other news these days, it *IS* still basic

    2. Jeff Superglide says

      Mycum Smelly found out the hard way what happens to scumbags that cross
      swords with the Donald.

    3. Ying Yang says

      +John Naples yes that is right. her ratings were at an all time high, she
      left because she said she did not like the working environment. Sexual
      harassment charges etc.

  17. ThomasG10mtn says

    *Megy Kelly fits the CLASSIC definition of a “TV Bimbo”.* Foxnews is known
    for their bimbos.

    1. Writers Write says

      ThomasG10mtn. You got it. She’s like that song. “Dirty Laundry” Bubble
      headed bleached blonde comes on at 5. Can tell you about the plane crash
      with a gleam in her eye. And asks is the head dead yet. That’s Megan.

    2. Triceps3 says

      ThomasG10mtn…Maybe Megyn was a bimbo, but you CANNOT say the same about
      Kimberly, Dana, Judge Janine and others !
      Also, you wouldn’t see any of the FOX women cry on national television if
      their candidate had lost the election, like the women at CNN and MSNBC did !

    3. ThomasG10mtn says

      I did not say all of the women on FoxNews are bimbos. But Megyn DEFINITELY
      fits the definition.

    4. Triceps3 says

      ThomasG10mtn…You said “Megyn Kelly fits the CLASSIC definition of a “TV
      Bimbo”. Foxnews is known for their bimbos”.
      If you’re going to make a statement Tom, stand by it. Don’t back-peddle.

    5. ThomasG10mtn says

      I, in no way, am “back peddling”. *I did not say “all”.* I clearly stated
      Foxnews is known for their bimbos. That in no way means “all” their women
      are bimbos. It merely states that FoxNews is known for hiring bimbos. *I
      stand by my statement.*

  18. Super Dave says

    And what is the average age of the pervert network (fox) viewer……that
    would be 68 also knows as a dying group

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