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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Fred Maxwell for Western Journalism reports, Only seven months after being named U.S. Border Patrol chief, Mark Morgan has vacated his new position, according to a U.S. official. The announcement comes one day after President Donald Trump signed an executive order clearing the way for the construction of a wall on the United State’s southern border.

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Newly Positioned Border Patrol Chief Has Vacated His Post

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    • +Kaylanicole Halstead. He destroyed TPP. If that would have passed, not
      only wiuld more nobs leave, an unelected body made up of people from other
      countries- some hostile to our constitution- would be making law for me!
      Taxing ME! Teling everyone what they can and cannot do! In fact under this
      ‘trade agreement’ you could be fined thousands of dollars and spend a year
      in prison for criticising a corporation. EVEN if it were true! That means
      the first ammendment is GONE! I could no longer critisise WATCHTOWER a
      corporate religois cult that has killed tens of thousands due to their
      policies , broken up MILLIONS of families without being severly punished!
      Exposing poluters and child slavery rings ran by these corperate entities
      would be a thing of the past! Thank GOD Trump got in. as far as immigration
      read my response to a professed Mexican who said only RACISTS want a strict
      border policy.

    • Eric King Thanks for the advice. In a sense, Everyone here is MY family. Do
      you suppose I shoot someone close to you? Se, your father, my Uncle, John’s
      sister? No. So why advise such a thing for anything that might not be that
      serious? Asking me to shoot/kill someone is contradicting to the reasons
      you want said “criminals” out of the country. A lot of these “illegals”
      have only crossed the boarder without documents. Although, a line was
      crossed, does that warrant death or exile without a chance to prove
      themself. Who do you think has allowed this to go on so long? And yes, jail
      is an option, but if you’ve ever been to jail and reaped the less than
      useful “benefits” from jail, you’d know that’s a failed system. Just ask
      Uncle jail bird Joey.

    • +kaaffuu if there is a civil war its because the globalist caused it.
      not the mexicans,blacks,whites and other ethnic groups.

    • tee bartim
      Mr Tee
      You must be one of the Rats in the Hanoi Hilton which got away from the
      grasp of Senator McCain. Individuals such as you really understand
      War-wheather you scooted to Canada or got deferred because of foot spurs.
      Actually, Donald’s spurs were the Cowboy strap ons his Daddy got him for
      military school.
      And Mr Tee, Thank you if you SERVED in the Armed Forces of the USA.

    • tee bartim
      Mr Tee
      If you claim to be a Marine-er, actually a Navy Man (please look or
      remember yor pay check which heads, United States Navy), again, thanks for
      serving, and using cast off, second hand US Army equipment. Thanks also for
      filling sand bags and guarding US Army installiations and being the front
      parameter guards while the Vietnam War was cooking…your short quips, such
      as “meat head” indicate low literary skills and, possibily, no, for sure,
      you voted for Mr Cheat O. 20%.

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    People we have America back! Drain the Swamp Drain it!

    • tes420 who r u commenting on and if evey county just joined United States
      then theyre wouldn’t be boarders because everywhere would be America and
      for the ones who dont want to be American like Isis well just eliminate
      those ones because you know they wouldn’t follow the law right off the bat

    • Erika Ruppert
      It’s what you think it will be. Most normal people are for the first time
      in their lives are hopeful for their futures with Trump at the helm. We
      need more private sector people to run for POTUS. The career, corrupt
      politicians have been exposed for the vermin they are. We The People have
      spoken load and clear and will not let up on our politicians anymore or

  2. Drain the putrid, liberal, globalist, sanctuary city, illegal immigrant,
    BLM, Muslim, feminist, communist, triggered SJW, riot-ridden, safe space
    loving, Soros-funded, anti-American, swamps all over the country!