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Just Lift! Heavy Deadlifts & Back (Workout vLog)

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Feels so GOOD to hit some heavy deadlifts again! It’s been over 2 weeks! The price of traveling, but that doesn’t mean we are going to completely lower our intensity back in the gym!

In this workout we are going to hit some deadlifts and back. Reps and sets will vary per exercise, but overall you are going to get an amazing pump and focus on key exercises to help build muscle.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this kind of video formate. Feels more like a fun vlog to add some spice between my more involved videos.

Always open to thoughts and suggestions! #HTH #SHFAthlete!

(00:2)- Set 1- 315lbs (8 reps)
(0:29)- Set 2- 315lbs (8 reps)
(0:56)- Set 3- 315lbs (20 reps)
(1:39)- Set 4- 405lbs (8 reps)

(2:29)- Pull-Up (4 sets: 12 reps)
(3:16)-Reverse Pull-down (3 sets: 10 reps)
(3:55)- Seated Cable Low Row (3 sets: 10 reps)

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  1. LHudson TV says

    Why the touch and go scott? 

  2. Kyle Davidson says

    Hey Scott, how is your app coming along?

  3. Adam Evans says

    Great form man! Post more heavy compound lift vids :p

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks +Adam Evans I will for sure and I got your e-mail.. I am loving it!

  4. MrGaragenation says

    Is deadlift good for arms?

    1. fuze59 says

      Chin ups are king. Seated rows also hammer your bi’s pretty good.

  5. john farrell says

    why dont you pause on the bottom of deadlifts?

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Because I wasn’t doing them for strength specifically.

  6. cold storage says

    Scott what’s your height/weight/bodyfat? My body is very similar to yours
    but you’re much stronger haha. Good video! 

    1. WraidN says

      Here is all his stats:
      BF: 7%
      Height: 5’10” (I am the same height as him)
      Weight: 170 lbs (I am the same as him, but not close to as strong)
      Neck: 16 in
      Chest: 43.5 in
      Forearm: 13.5 in
      Hip: 38 in
      Calve: 15.5 in
      Shoulder: 48.5 in
      Arm: 16.25 in
      Thigh: 23 in

  7. blaxican says

    +ScottHermanFitness Cool vid bro! You should totally do more of these
    vlogs. #SuperSaiyansTrainHarder

  8. Riccy R says

    Why WHY!!?? Do people ware caps in the gym! It doesn’t look cool and it’s
    just going to get uncomfortable, hot and sweaty under the cap…

  9. incognito says

    Nice lifts Scott

  10. TheKillakeno says

    These “raw” videos are really motivating!

  11. Fitness Geeks says

    Looking good brotha! Some beast deadlifts 

  12. Blake Coburn says

    Awesome video man, hope to see more like this. It’s cool to watch your
    fitness journey as well as your instructional videos. It’s kind of like a
    back story :)

  13. metalmessenger says

    it kills the hands huh? Yeah sometimes my hands are on fire from the bars,
    and pull up bars. Do you do anything for your wrist (warm up/strength?)

  14. wcw2793 says

    Hey Scott, what kind of headphones were you using in the video?

  15. DIY FAT LOSS says

    +ScottHermanFitness +XxDualElitesxX I am also experiencing soreness in my
    lower back, a few weeks ago it was in my sides, I think I corrected that
    but now I get the soreness in my lower back, my latest video shows my form,
    please give some feedback… thanks.

  16. ford waters says

    Great video, good content…. keep it up…..

  17. GirlsLiftToo says

    Enjoy these vlogs…do more Scott!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      I will +GirlsLiftToo ! Thanks!

  18. falloist says

    damn scott you are powerfull

  19. Feeling Chrispy says

    My gym doesnt have hammer curl machine for the back. Do you think using a
    lat pulldown bar on a seated cable row and pull it like a face pull would

  20. Young Ho says

    Great Deadlifts, that was inspiring! 

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