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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Trump said on Tuesday that he is reviewing and “adjustment” of former. President Obama released more than $220 million to the Palestinian Authority. Obama did this only hours before he left office. TGP then reported that Obama transferred $221 million to the Palestinian authorities. It’s like he just spat in the face of America in his last days of presidency.

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Just Moments Ago Trump Put A Stop To Obama’s HORRIBLE Last Plan To Screw America!

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    • Alain Medina your comments was just as harsh as his what a shame we all
      live in this world that means every time you see a speck of dirt you think
      about a black person let me know what this mean you said blacks are a speck
      of dirt or am I reading wrong

    • what I meant by that is that I believe BLM is also racist. Sorry if you
      misunderstood. I do NOT associate BLM with all black people given that I
      have Christian black friends who are against it. I also do not associate
      this Caucasian with all Caucasians.

    • have you seen there website they are really pushing gay rights, but i am
      sure you have not seen it..i am glad they have brought awareness to to the
      bias of black treatment in the justice departments

    • zomg222 israel isnt our friends they just using us remember when they
      “accidentally” Attack the uss liberty.? for 2hrs!!!! u.s soldiers died and
      united states never retaliated again or even spoke about it again…You
      forgot how israel sold u.s technology to china? ..did you forget the name
      jonathan jay pollard who pleaded guilty to spying for and providing top
      secrets classified information to israel. Theres other things israel has
      done to americans besides buying congress ever heard of AIPAC.

    • +wolverinebesthero They arent our friends, but they are not murdering us
      because we are not Jewish. Muslims are murdering westerners because we are
      not muslim…..Like i said before, we need to cut aid to israel and make
      thier own living but there is no comparison between Jews and muslims, not
      even close.

  1. actually President Trump needs to stop all spending outside of the United
    States. right now all US money needs to stay in the United States. anyone
    that knows how to take care of money knows, you never pay someone else
    bills before you pay your own bills. that’s why you should put up the wall,
    and close all the borders. you never invite guest over while you are
    cleaning house. it’s just good common sense.

    • dawson just look at berry soetero aka Barak Obama. just before he left
      office he was trying to send what millions of US money over seas. but
      President Trump put a stop to that just in time. barry soetero sent way too
      much money over seas but it looks like President Trump will be doing the
      opposite direction.

  2. Makes my blood boil… Obama, the Clinton’s and the rest corrupt slime in
    DC needs to SERIOUSLY go to PRISON!

    Though the common man goes to prison for far less, and yet these
    individuals that hold office in Washington DC seem to FLAGRANTLY violate
    the very laws they swore to uphold and protect on a regular bases and get
    away with it…

    • we get that same injustice and politics at home.. no getting away from it..
      but some day real soon someone promised to bring justice and judge those
      /the bushes /CIA/Clintons/Obama and yuup Rothschild Rockefellers. just to
      name a few.. its on!

  3. Thank you President Trump! The American People are with you!

    Real Americans have spoken. We want our country back. Our jobs were being
    sent to Mexico and China. Our taxes were being spent on illegals, refugees,
    and welfare leaches.

    My healthcare is too expensive ($800/month for my family). Time to step
    away from socialism and let the capitalism work. My car insurance is just
    $25 per month (Insurance Panda) and my internet is just $30/month from RNC.
    Let the free market handle health insurance!

    God bless Trump and America.