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How to Fix Kodi Dependency Error. This Tutorial Will explain to how to fix script errors in Kodi or dependency errors.

This will Work on Windows and Android. Simply look at the following path's for each device.


1. Step one go into that folder and wipe all the dependencies
2. restart Kodi try reinstalling the addon again if it fails again
3. Go back into the Addon folder in Kodi and check the addon file and see which dependencies it uses.
4. Search google for that dependency download it and install it manually
5. Try reinstalling the addon again


Always use a VPN when watching IPTV, MOVIES etc.

I recommend IP Vanish, due to their Zeo LOG policy and speed.

Click the link below to protect yourself:

https://www.ipvanish.com/kodi/?a_aid=newtech&a_bid=48f95966 *** PROTECT YOURSELF FROM ISP SPYING AND GETTING ISP NOTICES****

Always use a VPN when using your favorite add-ons. VPNs encrypt your online activity and allow you access to blocked content.
I recommend IPVanish, due to their zero-log policy and fast speeds. Click the link below to protect yourself:


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  1. TV MBOX Technologies LLC says

    Thanks:) always very helpful videos

    1. newtechevolution says

      +TV MBOX Technologies LLC glad to help 🙂

  2. budeweiser1968 says

    Great video…going to try this fix the next time I have this issue. Thanks
    again for all your work.

  3. BOSS-TECH says

    good video

  4. Charissa Walker says


  5. Marvin Carvin says

    Good info. Thanks. And thanks for the drama free video!

    1. newtechevolution says

      always drama free nobody aint got time for that 😀

  6. Tony Tipton says

    Thanx again NT…

  7. tw1tch says

    endessflix installer is gone. can you upload another build for kodi?

  8. Danilo Antic says

    When I want to start kodi always throw this error……unable to crete gui
    exiting.what should I do to make it work?

  9. T Simmons says

    I notice the Apollo Group is down now is it already broken or can I fix it
    with these steps?

  10. arvind padhiar says

    hi Newtech i have a question, since the new es explorer came in ; when I
    watch any thing there is a channels logos come on screen any idea why? Now
    i have uninstalled it.Please help; thanks.

  11. arvind padhiar says

    so you are trying to say all are dependency already installed should be

  12. Foo du says

    why does hub wizard make my fire stick flicker?

    1. Tyrd Ferguson says

      OH MY

  13. Michelle Render says

    I cannot get into kodi. it keeps showing all add ons are incompatible due
    to unmet dependencies.

  14. urbanroyalty141 says

    how would i do this on my tv

  15. Tyrd Ferguson says

    thanks for this vid. very informative. i have my kodi installed on an imac.
    problem is, i’m new to apple computers and am having a problem locating
    that folder, to delete those files.

  16. Byron Alsobrook says

    NEVER DELETE your scripts folders. I don’t care what this moron says. If
    you do at least copy them and save them before you do. I would suggest not
    following a word said in this video PERIOD.

  17. Edward Mcdowell says

    hi like your tutorial how do dependency on a mack book air

  18. Daniel Gomez says

    System – settings – addons – there is no system option..

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