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Kodi Pulse CCM Jarvis Edition newly updated best Kodi BUILD!

New Tech Evo

Install a new awesome build for Kodi. Pulse CCM Jarvis.

This build is quick runs smooth, all the addons are updated. This is a complete build. I think this build is top notch right now and if the developer keeps updating this build it will surely be one of the best builds out there! ?The Newtech Best TV Boxes for KODI Store on Amazon Always Updated?

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  1. CocoNutz nTheBush says

    Dude I’ve been rocking this for a while now it’s really good.

  2. Bobby says

    Thanks again NTE; I’m leaving Lateralus now…??

    1. newtechevolution says

      +OGBobbyBooshay this is a good build yah..

  3. Ricardo Scott says

    thanks good video

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Ricardo Scott Thank you ricardo for the support!!!!

  4. L J says

    Experienced KODI user here and I’ve tried about 50+ builds out and this
    build is top 5 for me easy. More like top3 and I like the CCM better than
    the Nox version.

    Newtech, another nice build I found that not many know about is Tardis
    Build. It’s on AresWizard. It’s amazing and a fresh look.

    1. newtechevolution says

      +L J yah I just reviewed tardis uploading it now heard about it few days
      ago didn’t have time to do a review hehe

  5. Techmical says

    great video. this is my favourite build easily

  6. arvind padhiar says

    I have jynxbot , kodi 14.2 Helix installed does this build work on it?

    1. Jose Gutierrez says

      No it only works on Jarvis 16

    2. arvind padhiar says

      ok thank you.

  7. Alan Ramirez says

    Is ares source not working anymore? The zip file doesn’t want to download
    for me

    1. MoanikaLewinsky says

      +Alan Ramirez Having the same problem here, started to fail yesterday,
      searched on the net and I can’t find nothing on this matter, if anyone can
      respond, please let us know!

  8. MoanikaLewinsky says

    Is it me? Or Pulse seems to be having problems, I can’t seem to be able to
    open a bunch of stuff, and when I do, it takes me to another video, like if
    I try or click on TV Shows, and get Once Upon a Time (Series) it takes me
    to the series: Survivor, if some is also experiencing the same, let me

  9. Dave Hackett says

    where is the favourites section. if needed

  10. Edwin Cabrera says

    how can u go to program add ons

  11. Alberto Santiago says

    I’m trying to setup Ares Wizard but nothing is coming out. HELP !!

  12. antoine chandler says

    I just downloaded but can’t find the favourites section lol

  13. bill smith says

    How does this build run on amazon fire stick

  14. Christian Nizama says

    says ares wizard error

  15. Anthony Mckinney says

    Could someone lead me to working links for the movies Keanu and Sausage
    Party. Please and thank you.

    1. Fright Foo says

      addon exodus

  16. barry wickings says

    is there not a link to Pulse CCM as the down loads are not working on Ares
    wizard they know about it but have no solution apparently the server they
    are on requires a password every time you try and download a link it then
    says zip unavailable i like this build seen it on others but cant get it
    due to Ares conflict any answers out there guys or direct links cheers

  17. beacon979 says

    Is this good on a firetv stick?

  18. Ed Gordon says

    Does anyone know where to find the favorites tab on here once youve saved
    something to favorites.?

    1. Ammotrix says

      At the bottom left of your screen you see the power button and the star.
      The star is you favourites.

    2. Ed Gordon says

      +Ibracadabra thanks much!

  19. Eric Glover says

    how do u disable screen saver on this build my screen keeps getting dim

  20. ragnakak says

    when i click the install button on pulse-ccm, nothing happens? any idea?

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