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Kylie Jenner Talks Plans for Her 20th Birthday Party | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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Does the "Life of Kylie" star have big plans for her upcoming birthday? Find out if BFF Jordyn Woods has something up her sleeve!

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Kylie Jenner Talks Plans for Her 20th Birthday Party | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Cat_pretty _brazil says

    Girl is building her empire!! She doesnt need anything !!

    1. maxine chan says

      Cat_pretty _brazil yup and she’s doing charity. That’s good.

  2. Reverie says

    jordyn on the come up lol

  3. ERRM OKAYY says

    yoo how does this girl have friends????? kylies face looks trash. stop with the fillers and botox you look 30.

    1. Sasha Star says

      How does that stop her from having friends? Lol

    2. ERRM OKAYY says

      Sasha Star I mean is she was my friend I wouldn’t let her walk out the house looking busted. He friend is there sitting pretty while kylie looks like the mask from saw

    3. Sasha Star says

      ERRM OKAYY well what is she suppose to say…”go back to the surgeon to reduce everything or u cant go out with me” lol u cant tell someone what to do with their body

    4. fabulous says

      how does exactly a 30 year old look like?

  4. Luy Santo says

    How beautiful she is focusng on charity I am so glad she is fndng a meaningfull path for her life. Bless her

    1. blurryfaceson - says

      Luy Santo I hope it’s true and if so, I agree.

  5. Dana zhk says

    Man how much more fake can you get? Charity?

    1. maxine chan says

      Dana zhk how is charity fake ?

    2. Queen of Pop and Dance says

      maxine chan no I think he/she means that she is lying about doing charity! (which I don’t know about.)

    3. Dana zhk says

      I meant she uses charity to create more passion and empathy towards her…like she is some angel sent from above.

    4. MayJade001 says

      Dana zhk at least she does something for a good cause. Now what do you do?

  6. Atiana Warren says

    Omg her face looks so botched… ??? Poor Kylie

    1. Thomas Taylor says

      Atiana Warren she just has th lip fillers the rest is just so much makeup and I agree she looks 30

    2. the prototype says

      no she got her nose done, jaw done, cheeks… now if you google youll see her boob job too, the latest addition.

    3. Michael Brooks says

      the prototype ok but why do you care to track her ?…

  7. Aly Nicoco says

    I can’t tell whether Kylie has a small head or Jordyn has a big head lol

    1. samiya abdi says

      Aly Nicoco ??

  8. Chaparra Yay says

    Whose Jordan? Is she only known for being Kylie’s friend?

    1. Serena Gower-Johnson says

      Chaparra Yay she’s a plus size model

  9. Alfredo Rodríguez says

    She’s not 20 yet? I thought she was like 26 ?

  10. QueenDanii says

    Did anybody else catch the ending of her show where it says “Kylie Productions”. ? Trust me she ain’t worried about no naysayer no hater no body who dislike her at all.. she will be sitting on Millions MORE by the time she 21.

  11. Kaylee Brown says

    She’s really so boring. I don’t know what people find so interesting about her besides the fact that she grew up in the Kardashians. I don’t have anything against her I mean she seems like a nice girl but what’s so interesting about her?

  12. William It's Hard To Pronounce says

    Kylie is 20?! All that plastic makes her look 30!

    1. Joyciepoo. L. says

      William It’s Hard To Pronounce fck she looks older than that!!! I say late 30’s!

    2. William It's Hard To Pronounce says

      Joyciepoo. L. Damn…

  13. carlos martinez says

    She’s just a lil girl man. Kinda sad her life had to be this way and live under pressure of social media. feel bad for her honestly and for the most part is not even her fault. oh well

  14. lubarreyro says

    it just hit me that shes not even 20 woww

  15. Julio Chino Martinez says

    she is 20?….she looks 30

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