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(Before anyone comments I know you may have already seen the jumping in the sea, but my recording fucked up on the other forfeit I tried)
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  1. E.roro133 says


    1. Wessam Ahmed says

      still alive :p

    2. Laura Lorussi says


    3. MartinHD says

      Allalhu akbar

    4. مهدي نجاح says

      E.roro133 اي واللة امنين هلكد عدهم طوبة ساحة بيتهم

  2. MM16 says

    did your parents ever teach you not to play football in the house ! :D

    1. Thomas Muller 7-1 says

      yeah man I’ve played football in my house….
      i shouldn’t have done it because i broke something

    2. Any StuFZz says


    3. ntube7 says

      MM16 it’s not his house it’s an apartment he rents in London

    4. Tammie Oruambo says

      ntube7 he actually bought the flat not rented

  3. Álvaro Parrilla says

    You are fcking rich

    1. Abel Torres says

      Álvaro is a very bad man and he is a bich

    2. Holly XP says

      Abel Torres how do u call w2s a b*tch if he makes vids for kids or adults
      etc and does challenges for us and does stuff with his bro and makes his
      brothers channel bigger by being on there

    3. chase chris says

      Álvaro Parrilla he gets 1mil a year so yeah

    4. Daniel Pesant says

      Official Manchester United squad true

  4. Omar Hussain says

    Normally when I hear screaming in a parking lot a drug deal has (Gone

    1. Mr. CarolinaMoon says

      Omar Hussain

    2. Bashirali Ali says

      Omar Hussain

    3. Zelven Eleven says


    4. MR BIG SHOWOFF says

      Zelven Eleven what?

    5. jimmy perez says

      Zelven Eleven cu

  5. ada guzen says

    He didnt do it the vid that callfreze and w2s challange and he jumped erly

    1. Santos Pérez says

      Ada Guzen you are gay

    2. Ethan Smith says

      Ada Guzen description

    3. chantal vermeulen says

      ada guzen they probably recorded dat before

  6. MAGNUM FC says

    i subbed do you mind checking out my channel you are my inspiration your
    the best baller and youtuber ever keep going dont listen to what anyone
    says i even got your book

    1. Atef Matatan says

      MAGNUM FC er

    2. valmira Bomfim says

      +Atef Matatan mertiau

    3. Ghost _ says

      MAGNUM FC “best baller” Baller is used as a term in BASKETBALL. NOT

    4. Zatie Aakerlund says

      Ghost you are wrong

    5. BenjyVlogsHD says

      Ghost _ it’s used in football so u r wrong u probably don’t evn play

  7. CSS - Crush Soccer Starz says

    Like: Win $1,000,000
    Sub: I will sub back (comment ‘done’)

    1. Sniper Boy says

      CSS – Crush Soccer Starz done

    2. Dizxy says


    3. Alexandru Alex says


    4. Alexandru Alex says

      CSS – Crush Soccer Starz done

    5. EnglishGaming Kid87 says


  8. Awais X says

    If that was my car & I was doing that challenge…I’d literally cry

    1. Leo Pizza says

      I’ve already got a Bugatti

    2. Hunter05 says

      Leo Pizza ur a kid dude

    3. Leo Pizza says

      Shut up your rubbish any way your vids are crap

  9. ItzFarisBro says

    The song from the beginning is called “Alex Skrindo & Spektrel – Velcoity.”

    I think the song at 2:10 and 4:50 is called “Jim Yosef – Firefly.”

    1. Kinga Jędrzejewska says

      Thank you ! <3

    2. TheTicTac says

      I’ve been just searching for so long. It doesn’t pop up on shazam thank you

    3. ItzFarisBro says

      Welcome guys 🙂

    4. JOSE AGUIRRE says


    5. NGUYEN LARRY says

      thank you so much

  10. assregui says

    well this was a pathetic video. he literally completed the first challenge,
    but purposely failed it so he could do a ‘forfeit’, which had already been
    done previously and just added the clip in. he then spent hours attempting
    to kick a ball in his lambo, which was supposed to of taken 10-15 tried so
    he could avoid an actual forfeit… pretty sad.

    1. Galaxylights 12 says


  11. AlexHopper TV says

    ike=Find an IPhone 7 tomorrow

    Sub=Meet Ronaldo or Messi whoever you prefer

    1. _GianLucario_18 says

      PmeetsB Productions ike

    2. Destery cx says

      “Messi Charmander #10” need I say more

    3. _GianLucario_18 says

      Destery cx haha lol

    4. Hydra Killer55 says

      PmeetsB Productions i you found a iphone,it has got gps,to know who is the
      thief -.-

  12. LiddoKiddo says

    What are the songs from:

    1. Chody P is Gay says

      LiddoKiddo darude sandstorm

    2. LiddoKiddo says

      Robi Thx bro!!

  13. JustinFukuda says

    Who’s Lamborghini Is that?

    1. Lia Skuse says

      Maria Perez you don’t need to say that??And BTW u spelt head wronge

    2. Project Pepperoni Productions says

      Lia Skuse wrong*

    3. Seth Rollins SR says

      JustinFukuda its his ofcourse

    4. JustinFukuda says

      Maria Perez Why do you need to be mad?

  14. TCO - Agario says

    4:54 wtf is that harry?

    1. Tradgey says

      TCO – Agario

    2. Sop Kos1 says

      Tradgey can u subscribe to me and I’ll subscribe back

    3. Hala Khrais says

      TCO – Agario

    4. Hala Khrais says

      TCO – Agario

  15. Merge says

    3:00 that clip is from another vid! ???????????

    1. Jason Ward says

      Ollyoung 03 I think you’re the idiot because you put ‘ you are a idiot ‘
      and because idiot starts with an i that mean it would Change the a idiot to
      an idiot you fucking idiot

    2. Godly Random says

      Merge yeah

    3. منكي دي لوفي says


    4. Conor Hepburn says


    5. RiskyLiar says

      Merge it’s from the FIFA 17 Forfeit video

  16. YoungTV says

    Very funny Harry with the first forfit

    1. Adam Bilgo says


    2. SuperSam6194 says

      RANDOM STUFF read the description idiot

  17. Olly's world says

    My mum wouldn’t even let me kick a ball into her Vauxhall corsa let alone a

    1. Daniel Tilling says

      Olly’s world does she pick up children ?

    2. Marton Fuutbaler says

      Great vid

    3. Jesper Van Ginkel says

      Olly’s world its a soft ball

  18. Pratham plays says

    Like: Win $1,000,000
    Sub: I will sub back (comment ‘done’)

    1. Jimmy Robles says


    2. Dat guy Right there says


    3. Dat guy Right there says

      Pratham Plays done

    4. Oneel Ballo says

      Pratham Plays DONE

  19. el1te Troll3r says

    Supposed to be playing FarmVille but this one player keeps moving my grass

    1. JojoMojoGames says

      el1te Troll3r that meme is old.

      Mother fucker.

    2. cucuuf dyhxgxxgxxy says

      el1te Troll3r shitty old meme

    3. SuperChris153 says

      el1te Troll3r is it TheFarmer27?

    4. el1te Troll3r says

      SuperChris153 XD

  20. Nee Wee says

    What I if told you

    You read the first line wrong

    1. bengiksPL says


    2. BenjyVlogsHD says

      Nee Wee oh u got me

    3. xGreenwood07 says

      id do your mum

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