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Learn the Value of Your YouTube Channel & Content – Social Blue Book

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Learn the value of your YouTube channel, your video content or what your Facebook page is worth to an advertisers and Brands. If you're a YouTuber who wants to make more money with your content, Then you need to watch this video about Social Blue Book.

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  1. Mommy Is A Chef says

    Extremely informative, Darrell. I remember when you had 10,000 subscribers!
    Congratulations. Did your daughter ever make her own channel?

    1. Mommy Is A Chef says

      +Derral Eves She should ? It’s fun and she has an expert at her side ?

    2. Derral Eves says

      That’s what I tell her! 🙂

    3. Mommy Is A Chef says

      +Derral Eves Keeping the comments going and rankings high ??

    4. Tanuj Omar says

      sir when ur coming india

    5. LET'S DO IT says

      +Derral Eves Plz HELP HELP HELP HELP





  2. Azriel Knight says

    this info couldn’t have come at a better time. thanks!

    1. Derral Eves says

      Timing is everything! 🙂 Thanks for watching!

    2. Azriel Knight says

      +Derral Eves oooo and quick replies!

    3. Derral Eves says

      Ohh yeah! 🙂 Quick and helpful YouTube expert Derral Eves 🙂

    4. Azriel Knight says

      Just signed up, I’m actually worth more than I expected. $63 bucks for a
      shoutout and $180 for a dedicated upload. That is sweet for a little minnow
      like me in the sea of YouTubers.

  3. Azralynn says

    That’s pretty handy. I’m curious as to what point do brands actually care
    about a channel though? I know there’s no concrete answer, but like at how
    many subscribers, or views, etc. have you seen minimum before brands will
    even take a look at you?

    1. Azralynn says

      Grats! 😀

    2. Yeager Bomb says

      +Derral Eves what do you mean by seek out the brands? How would you find
      people? Maybe you could make a video for that if it’s no trouble.

    3. Asima Nadeem says

      great Q

    4. Yeager Bomb says

      +Asima Nadeem thank you!

    5. Poseidon Gaming says

      I second that Derral – it would be very helpful

  4. ATS12 says

    Hey Can you check out my content and let me know what a should do for
    making money (225 SUBS) what Can i do?

    1. BooTney FarnsWorth says

      Oh I’m a retired UFC veteran with a call of duty channel

    2. ATS12 says

      +New Future Builder ok

    3. Kamran Ali says

      the sub for sub poison strikes again! (Platinum Pineapple)

    4. Platinum Pineapple says

      +Kamran Ali you know it bby 😉

    5. Kamran Ali says

      Good Luck friends! Go for it!

  5. Sam Wood Outdoors says

    this is super valuable info for guys like me THANKS

    1. Sam Wood Outdoors says

      having problems with loving in DANGIT

  6. clickster88 says

    Derral is an amazing Tool

    1. CHAMBER says

      So true!

    2. GamingBoy616 says

      lol xd

    3. Sean Parkes says


  7. New Future Builder says

    I will definitely have to keep this one in mind going forward!!!! Has
    anyone else used this already?

    1. mantic59 says

      Sure, but I take the information found there as just one data point. You
      still need to do additional research and analytics to get a true picture of
      what you can offer/charge a potential sponsor.

    2. New Future Builder says

      +mantic59 Great. Thank you. I agree. Just curious if this has been
      semi-accurate or not!

    3. 926Catcher Gaming says

      What are some company emails I can use? I have been looking everywhere lol

    4. New Future Builder says

      +926Catcher Gaming What kind of company emails?

  8. AwpWilliams says

    I feel it doesn’t really matter what my channel is worth if the brands
    haven’t come yet and I’ve been trying since 1,000.

    1. mantic59 says

      You may need to do some outreach, particularly if your channel is in a
      popular (in other words competitive!) niche.

    2. AwpWilliams says

      Define “Outreach”

    3. mantic59 says

      Outreach means you may have to go out looking for sponsors instead of them
      coming to you.

    4. AwpWilliams says

      +mantic59 they haven’t come yet AND I’ve been trying.

    5. mantic59 says

      You are in a very competitive niche’

  9. Stewart Craig says

    And how much did Bluebook pay for this video. I’m not having a go. I would
    just like to know?

    1. SorrowfulM // MapleStory Veteran says

      I’m not saying he didn’t get paid because I don’t have that information,
      but he could very well may have just wanted to share this useful tool with
      his viewers, for free. It is what he does here on YouTube after all (tries
      to help other creators improve)!

    2. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

      If he got paid for it he would have to say he was sponsored by them.

  10. Jakes days vlogs says

    This is still an awesome video how ever i dont need a website to tell me
    that iam worth $0.00 hahahah youtube stuggles:)

    1. Platinum Pineapple says

      i can sub for sub you?

    2. V01cel355_ Marz says

      +Platinum Pineapple subbed for your destiny content, light gear is 316 but
      wanna get it maxed

  11. Tomthehorse says

    due to tube buddy now being (partially) payed, I needed a way to quickly do
    annotations. You might want to look into doing something on mytube, I find
    it really helpful :)

    1. New Piano Tutorials says

      Just pay for it, the 19 dollars a month (or whatever it is) is going to
      save you a ton of time and energy

    2. Tomthehorse says

      That’s where mytube comes in, it does all of the payed things for free, and
      you can still use the free part of tube buddy

    3. MT-Tube Rocket League says

      +Tomthehorse did u know your talking to a guy with over 170k lol
      did you realize??

  12. New Piano Tutorials says

    This is a great package, however it kind of assumes your reach is the total
    number of your subs, which as we all know isn’t the case ! If I’m hitting
    1% of my subs I’m doing well. Occasionally we get lucky and exceed the
    number of subs, but for me maybe it’s only one in 20 videos that happens.
    Surely a potential brand would pick up on that and re evaluate your worth ?

  13. Laszlo Harsanyi says

    Will definitely check this out! ;)

  14. Big Guy Review says

    I a, overwhelmed with seller trying to get their products advertised over
    social media. I have turned so many people down and they still come back
    with something else. If the product doesn’t interest me I normally pass on
    it. Now with the social blue book I can be fairly paid for my work. Not
    sure the sellers will want to pay, but hey I am worth it. You have to
    remember that when you post something it is there for as long as your
    channel is active and that advertising keeps paying off for the seller. Be
    firm we are all worth it! -John

    1. 926Catcher Gaming says

      What are some company emails I can use? I have been looking everywhere lol

    2. Big Guy Review says

      looking for what? Products to review? they normally contact you.

  15. 926Catcher Gaming says

    What are some company emails I can use? I have been looking everywhere lol

  16. Moni c says

    can someone please tell me how to change my name on YouTube?I have a Hudl
    and every time I try to change my name it says changed too recently.Please

  17. GameLandGamer says

    This guy really knows me. He’s awsome. Thanx for this video I apriciate it.

  18. Swalah Hameed says

    you are the best youtubing tools..!!!???

  19. Day Herd says

    Hey i want to be a youtubet run but cannot get more than 2 videos on my
    channel. PLEASE REPLY on what to do. I don’t understand! What is a file? My
    vids are having trouble processing!

  20. Stick Talks says

    wonder how much mine would come upto

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