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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. REDD SAV says

    Love This THANK U ?

    1. Bryson Caldwell says

      REDD SAV heyyy

    2. REDD SAV says

      +Bryson Caldwell HEY

    3. Anty Somnio says

      REDD SAV equafe

  2. Truthdabber710 says

    You just keep amazing me more and more! A year ago, I closed my eyes and
    wished for a black BMW.. I currently have a 750il Black BMW in My new Homes
    driveway. You changed my life so many times over. I AM forever GRATEFUL TO
    YOU JUSTIN?????????

    1. Melchisedek Janvier says

      shawn corrigan weren’t u watching the video? the more scientists study
      quantum physics the more they are convinced of divine creation or something
      along those lines.

    2. VII X says

      Truthdabber710 it’s not a thing of materialism bro, remember that, it’s
      spirit/soul mind body that counts! Wealthy things not thing like phones or
      cars, this is the right way to understand this message wrong!

    3. money power says

      +VII X the body is material made of the same chemical components in the
      world around us. ….

    4. Kyle Jaber says

      Truthdabber710 yes

    5. Issac Arreola says

      +VII X This was one of his goals however though, so let him feel what he

  3. Skankhunt42 says

    I was seeing the number 222 everywhere when watching this

    1. halo0001master says

      Mona Mahfouz delete it

    2. Skankhunt42 says

      cash me ousside how bout dat?

    3. Skankhunt42 says

      Mona Mahfouz Hey, sorry I was mean to you. You’re a nice person and didn’t
      deserve it.

    4. Mona Mahfouz says

      Its all good +Skankhunt42​ already forgave you. A screen instead of person
      in front of people tends to bring out peoples ugly side a lot of the time.

    5. Skankhunt42 says

      +Mona Mahfouz It’s come to the point to where my first instinct is people
      are going to be hostile and quite mean

  4. Faith Knox says

    So much gratitude I feel for all of the content and the work put it on this
    channel it has changed me in the best way.

    1. Terence Dempsey says

      +saffy blu
      What you waiting for saffy?

    2. Nenski says

      Faith Knox you’re so beautiful

    3. Terence Dempsey says

      Is she? Who is she?

    4. Cantwait4summer says

      Faith Knox what way has it changed you?

  5. Enrique smilequique says

    You actually have reached #6. You have this show. YouTube is the new TV! So

    1. 89DrFunk says

      I was thinking the same thing Youtube is your show go put that check off
      next to that goal 🙂 Great video man and congrats on achieving your goals.

    2. Joeavin Leslie says

      Enrique smilequi

    3. AGE OF TRUMP! says


    4. Illya Nikitin says

      Enrique smilequique B b hug Rv hug frih gidguygojryg uo yrroruy vorr

    5. Mr. X says

      Thats true

  6. D_Unknown says

    I’m going to win the lottery!

    1. Clash of Clans Replays | GameWizard says

      lottery is a trap don’t fall for it.. you will not advance foward thinking
      about some damn lotto.

    2. RU-Q? WiCash! SoChi! says

      Pay with your energy, be enthrilled always every moment.

    3. Davida G says

      Clash of Clans Replays | GameWizard people win the lottery everyday and
      many prosper themselves and others greatly through their win, nothing
      should be dismissed or belittled , lottery exists for a reason and like
      everything else, it’s all about how you deal with it and handle your win..
      some people run businesses to enrich themselves despite being detrimental
      to others and the planet too , is that a good thing ? And yet no one
      mentions those endeavors as not being a lofty goal
      If the heart is pure all avenues are open.. that’s my take on it. Wishing
      much luck , love and light to everyone

    4. Issac Arreola says

      Doesn’t work that way

  7. Charles Hines says

    Jesus talked about this in the Bible this is nothing new.

    1. I am what I IZ says

      All is energy; all that exist is life. Fairing badly is what happens in the
      near future. A global message of God is being proclaimed! Learn the truth
      now before it is to late. Learn to love gods coming kingdom where there
      will be NO more suffering pain or strife, some day everythings going to be
      alight because there will be a time when Jehovah is our global God!

    2. Anju Doolar says

      I am what I IZ gf7t t6′ ‘! @ %_££

    3. tange2000 says

      Charles Hines so your rich by now

    4. Luis Ballester says

      Moussa Dembeles da. Greetings there, say.. Do you have proof he didn’t and
      doesn’t exist? If you are not too afraid to know the truth and face him,
      then ask him your self to prove himself to you. He won’t dissapoint you…..

    5. Luis Ballester says

      Moussa Dembeles da .. please don’t deny him who died for you long ago. You
      do not understand or know what you are saying. Because a day will come when
      he will make himself known to you. The Lord has a good sense of humor, and
      he has been calling you for a long time now. But you have been ignoring him
      all along. I know this because I did the same. Soon your eyes will be open
      and you will come to know the real truth……

  8. Keith Nieves says

    so one day I’ll save the world

    1. John Shahla says

      Once u become nobody..
      Once u forget all that eager..
      Contact me..
      I know what u r..
      And what u can achieve..

    2. Djordje Vostic says

      This is interesting..

    3. Anty Somnio says

      Keith Nieves equafe

    4. SirWhiskeyMixAlot says

      you can do it Keith!

    5. reversed war says


  9. Tess A says

    Your channel is medicine for my soul. Thank you. ♡

    1. Constant Kaizen says


  10. Robert Mugabe says

    Wow you really should more narrating, you’re very good at it! If you
    narrated books I’ve already bought i’d purchase them again.

    1. Jennifer Williams says


    2. nofilternut says

      Robert Mugabe how’s Zimbabwe going?

  11. Benette Semper says

    I am quite old, some wise words from me- nothing happens if you dont do it,
    learn to play a instrument, that would teach you everything how to slowly
    but surely reach perfection- hard work and slow progress, tears and
    tiredness, but the magic comes slowly, the feeling of acievement feels

    1. Elaina M (Zimmit) says

      Great points Benette, you’re right. The mental work like what they talk
      about here is very important, and can help, but a person won’t get anywhere
      without the foot work involved. There’s no substitute for hard work and
      dedication, but the work we do both with and in our minds can be an
      excellent addendum to the physical work it takes to work on whatever goals
      we have.

    2. Bel Dir says

      Thank you…I feel on slow and consistent progress with high potential to
      my dream. I think facing to the right direction top

    3. King Z says

      Benette Semper yea just started skateboarding so I can relate

    4. pedallin raw says

      King Z good on you I’m a skater although cycle more now keep it up its a
      life changer I’ve met so many amazing people through it 😉

  12. Tessa Greer says

    People read the Bible this is in the Bible taught by our creator himself
    God through Jesus. Jesus’s law

    1. Zay Mack says

      why do people get so offended with the Bible. You wouldn’t disrespect the
      Tripitaka of Buddhism or the Quran. So what makes you think it’s okay to
      shame the Bible if it’s sombody elses faith?

    2. Dan Sebastian says

      Mr Gainz ok..why?why? stopstopstop . what’s wrong man? no one can be forced
      to folllow somethig. If that way makes him happy is the true way for him.
      How do you know what is false or true? did you read the Bible,or the
      Quran,the Shruti or any other Bible to say this?All of this have something
      in common ,and in the majority all is about love,any word about the god
      ,about some Majestic God ,any word .All have ways to found the love because
      we need this to don’t kill each other for money and other things .(and yes
      is a law in the Bible with instructions about how to plant our seeds in
      mind ) He is not following something that don’t makes sense for him because
      that’s the law which help him to survive .

    3. tolga erok says

      +Dan Sebastian spot on. well said

    4. I am what I IZ says

      All is energy; all that exist is life. Fairing badly is what happens in the
      near future. A global message of God is being proclaimed! Learn the truth
      now before it is to late. Learn to love gods coming kingdom where there
      will be NO more suffering pain or strife, some day everythings going to be
      alight because there will be a time when Jehovah is our global God.

  13. jklfds85 says

    This year 2017 will be the year I re-gain my eyesight using theDr. Bates
    Method. I will do this to prove to my doctor and to my family that it is
    possible to re-gain your eyesight back to 20/20 by exercizing your eyes

    1. Tiereney McCann says

      don’t forget to take the healing herbs for your eyes?

    2. Sasha Smith says

      jklfds85 you can do it

    3. Nördmån Hradtke says

      +Tiereney McCann if you are like unto aramaic translations then you should
      read the Talmud of Jmmanuel (immanuel) it’s the book of matthew found in a
      cave in 1965 translated from aramaic, not from Hebrew thousands of years
      ago. Paints a different picture

    4. Rodeo Francisco says

      jklfds85 As bizarre as it may sound.. look into sun gazing.

    5. pedallin raw says

      Rodeo Francisco that’s on the same level as urine therapy I’m not so sure
      but nevertheless I’m all ears open to the possibilities 😉

  14. Professor Polymath says

    These laws should be taught in our public school system, but are not.
    Instead, we are forced to take 2 years of algebra which 99.99% of us will
    never use once in our lives.

    1. Moussa Dembeles da says

      30_Helens Agree how often do you use algebra?

    2. 30_Helens Agree says

      Finding an unknown value by knowing two others? I use it a lot. The very
      action of logic is fundamentally the same process

    3. Laras94 says

      All out subjects in school have their purpose! i felt the same way about
      history and literature bu i was wrong!
      However i can’t agree more that school focusing on science and knowledge
      that affects human being indirectly.
      We need knowledge of who we are which is the meaning behind our behaviours?
      We need to teach kids that the ultimate knowledge is knowing your self,
      then comes the purpose of your life right in through your eyes!
      Its nice to have doctors and engineers but we forgetting that we are all
      human beings and we need selfknowledge
      than anything !
      I value human lives more than any other subject and i notice as i grew up
      that school have failed to raise me right!
      Mental disorders is an example of school failure!
      Thank god my personal researches on the internet help me learn more about

    4. Laras94 says

      btw i am thinking maths and psychics in my daily life. (how to open a door
      with less effort
      [understanding of torque] ) Also i am thinking about how to use languish in
      my daily basis depending on the situation-person i have to communicate!

    5. RU-Q? WiCash! SoChi! says

      You pay and create with your energy

  15. Tim Hoon's youtube channel says

    I will have 27 billion dollars by the time im 40. I will also retire at 40.
    I will have everything I want on or before im 40.

    1. Ben shakes says

      Tim Hoon’s youtube channel Good luck lol

    2. Ognjen Vucicevic says

      Tim Hoon’s youtube channel but also realize that if you suceed in that one,
      pretty much week later the new goal will pop up in your head x)

    3. Blk Kstl says

      you look 42

    4. Tim Hoon's youtube channel says


  16. Evrenovic says

    WHY DO YOU TALK LIKE THIS??? It’s so cringy! I had to stop the video!

    1. Issac Arreola says

      I was quite bugged by the negativistic individual

    2. Jack Rosworth says

      Issac Arreola me to, I don’t understand why they even click on this stuff.
      it’s not really for them anyway. most of them are here to act out against
      reason and positivity.

    3. Issac Arreola says

      +Jack Rosworth
      The thing is, like Justin said..most people will be turned off by how
      simple this is

  17. Renee Washington says

    This is nothing more than basic BIBLICAL principles. Read your Bible GOD
    said it first and better.

    1. David Jordan says

      paul dickinson Moussa Dembele? ? The Celtic player? ? ?⚪?

    2. Moussa Dembeles da says

      David Jordan MOUUUUSSSSAAAA

    3. David Jordan says

      Moussa Dembeles da ? Reading through the daft comments and I seen your
      name ?

    4. David Jordan says

      Moussa Dembeles da ??

  18. Aria Targaryen says

    I’m gonna manifest me some friends!! ?

    1. 99 IZE says

      Good luck

  19. Ron Garger says

    I believe it. self doubt mixed with anxiety and fear how us back from
    becoming our greatest version. I’ve made some minor changes in my life and
    I’m already yeilding results.

    1. Rose Eve says

      Ron Garger yes,doubt,fear is always killing me and my dream&hope,thats why
      we need to change our mind and the way we think inside our brain and keep
      it positive,i try it little by little and i sense something, a hope and
      voice inside my heart that say yes you can do it and then i realise that
      shaun le bauf and my angel is screaming JUUUSST DO IT

    2. Ron Garger says

      Rose Eve lol. I always like they guy. I try not immerse myself to much
      positivity tho. a healthy balance. a little negativity keeps me in check.
      life is gray space and maybes. it’s up to the individual to bring the
      colors to the canvas.

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