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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, This guy is a freaking LEGEND! Jon Voight is not only a great American actor, he is also one of Trump’s biggest supporters. That’s why he just took on Miley Cyrus and Shia Leboeuf in an epic takedown of the Hollywood Elite.

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  1. Politics4Dummies says

    Anyone who obliterates a liberal celebrity is a hero in my book
    I try to do this on my channel!
    SUBSCRIBE to see celebrities obliterated.

    1. Lisa Baltzer says

      sonia Mendez I believe that with all my heart. ” I will bless those that
      bless you and curse those that curse you”‘, Genesis 12:3.

    2. Lisa Baltzer says

      Mike Daruna ” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”, Proverbs

    3. Ryan Tremper says

      Jay and silent Bob A.K.A blunt man and chronic

    4. Ryan Tremper says


  2. Mark Wright says

    You do know that Miley is probably just doing this to get her name out
    there because she is becoming more and more irrelevant. It’s just sad.

    1. JdoubleU1222 says

      +Mark Wright, my daughter’s used to have Hanna Montana pillow cases but
      they told me to throw them away, lol.

    2. Pennie Bowden says

      Kelly Miller Those People R ALL bought and Paid For BY The God Of this
      World! Beelzebub

    3. M.r. Moon says

      JdoubleU1222…Hanna Slutana.

    4. Lisa Baltzer says

      Mark Wright I feel sorry for many of the Hollywood crowd. They are always
      looking for attention and approval . They spend so much time PRETENDING to
      be someone else, that they lose themselves and don’t know who they really
      are. I wonder how many of them have core beliefs or are they trying to gain
      attention and will take whatever position they think will get them parts
      and adoration . It is completely pathetic. We should pity instead of hate
      them. They need our prayers, not our scorn.

  3. Pirate LeStrange says

    He came in like a wrecking ball !!!

  4. Goreanlady says

    maybe stop playing their music on radio stations,boycotting their music and
    movies. I like voting with my dollars. if I have a problem with a celeb,or
    business I just don’t support them.

    1. Hopeful says

      Ive never bought any of their crap and never will.I simply dont buy crap

    2. Hopeful says

      Im not a moron supporting morons

    3. AnaM Leech says

      been doing this for years, realised early all this celebrity following is
      crap, no TV and no papers, chose my news information according to MY
      thinking and understanding. listen to your gut and read history books.

  5. Francis Facciolo says

    Miley is so dam ugly,who cares what she thinks,she needs to grow up,the
    other one,a nobody

    1. Francis Facciolo says

      Chris Hutchins she would have to throw some money my way first, then I
      would have to think about it

    2. Chris Hutchins says

      JR JR nah I’m sure she’s a lesbo

    3. Mary Kershner says

      Chris Hutchins If she isn’t she is missing a hell of a good chance

    4. Jeremy Barnhart says

      The PROBLEM is that there ARE people who care what she thinks – But only
      because she’s famous…..
      Take her fame….Take her voice.

  6. AsintheDaysofNoah says

    Her dad must be so saddened. She must be a big disappointment.

    1. Barry Rubin says

      Occ Doc Totally, Agree. 99% of Hollywood and a Large Amt are Cloned, No

    2. Jane Dughatir says

      AsintheDaysofNoah no one’s saying “parental responsibility”..

    3. Susan Murdock Murdock says

      +Rex Maynard Thanks for the comments; they’re interesting!

    4. Susan Murdock Murdock says

      +Leslie Morris Billy Ray Cyrus is kind of a low talent guy as is his
      daughter, so it runs in the family I guess.

  7. abigail wright says

    These Hollywood stars are awful. I’ve lost all respect for them! If they
    were sprouting this crap against a race of people they would be outed and
    arrested! Makes no difference just because trump is a white man!

    1. Elena Brio says

      They are not stars, they are not celebrities. They just plain whores
      without any talents.

    2. Sharon Newman says

      most of Hollywood are white? Are they blind?

    3. Sharon Newman says

      whores burn like smores

    4. K Lo says

      Sharon Newman LOL… YOU KNOW … I should have noticed!

  8. William Moore says

    Hollywood needs more like you Jon!!!

    1. Hubert Binienda says

      Sheila Cooper ♡♥<3

    2. Renee Watson says

      the Republician actors are afraid to speak out as they will loose there
      jobs ,,, all i can say they should just find a different line of work and
      then blast the liberals

    3. Jeremy Barnhart says

      True that – It’s a SCARY time to be the good guys – lol

      If you stand for ANYTHING that even REMOTELY has been typically solid,
      moral, ethical and patriotic…you’re screwed.
      BUT – Just like anyone in business will tell you…….. – The ONLY
      BUSINESS……..is to have people like you and I pay them for goods and
      That’s it.
      You take away water from a plant and it dies.
      Take away attention/money from celebrities…and they (after a long while)
      end up doing commercials….and then take away those products and they
      simply stop spitting their crap.
      They retire…
      Go away…
      Hopefully move to a leftist country…lol

    4. Paul Mead says

      Gutless Republicans! Where are you? You should be standing up against The

  9. lindalovesmusic1 says

    Miley Cyrus is really someone to look up to? I wouldn’t let any child of
    mine watch this piece of crap!

    1. Wanda Roderick says

      lindalovesmusic1 she’s a freaking satanic worshiper

    2. carole wilson says

      Wanda Roderick no not satanic just awful woman with disgusting tongue

    3. Stacie Noel says

      Disney channel is poisoning our kids minds, subliminal messages in kids
      movies. I always wondered why there was never any parents around in their
      shows! kids were by themselves, focused on dating at young ages! The
      outcome drug addicts, Satan worshippers, mental illness! Trump is bringing
      out the right in all of us, Disney needs to be stopped. I once was
      approached by a talent scout from Disney for my daughter, thank God we
      didn’t fall in that trap!!

    4. Susan Hartman says

      tedpeek76 I agree. There are a lot of subliminal messages in Disney movies.
      it’s disgusting

  10. Nadya Rossi says

    Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Madonna….intellectually-challenged bimbos that
    got lucky. All gimmicks, no talent. Struggling to be relevant, as their
    careers tank.

    1. Jhonny bravo says

      Nadya Rossi they had to suck hundreds of Cocks and a few Vaginas to get
      where they are., but somehow they are offended by Trump cause he says mean

    2. Shoshannah B. says

      Nadya Rossi:
      All the people you mentioned worship satan.

    3. James Snow says

      Oh they have talent, but singing isn’t it.

    4. beatle pete says

      +James Snow
      Their souls have been bought and paid for

    5. selena wayne says

      luck had nothing to do with it , they were used as sex slaves to get
      recording contracts

  11. Mad Planet says

    if they have no money
    they will not be able to continue acting like

    1. Mic “byrd” Mal says


  12. Fayz3r says

    Shia le barf and Miles virus….lolololol

    1. Fayz3r says

      CSAcitizen Feather I know and a Satanist?

    2. mr awesome says

      lmao both Angelina and Jon are snowflakes Jon should k is the difference
      between free speech and treason he’s just a little kiss up, and if what
      miley and shia are doing is considered treason then Jon should be convicted
      too seeing as all he done for the past 8 years is bash Obama

    3. Fayz3r says

      mr awesome and for very good reason!!!! Obama has doubled the national
      debt!! Encouraging illegal immigrants to come to our country and take mine
      your and everybody else’s rights away!!! So yeah Jon was right to bash him
      in all those 8 long agonising years!! What has voight done only stick to
      the CONSTITUTION!!! So yes what these 2 rats are doing is treasonous and
      you frikin know it!!! And if you don’t you’re not an American

    4. mr awesome says

      what I’m saying is that Jon is a hypocrite good reason or not he spoke out
      against the president so if he can do it they can too

    5. Fayz3r says

      I never said Jon voight is saint but he was RIGHT!! He committed treasonous
      acts against the constitution!!!! FACT!!
      Why do you think they are delaying Mr. Jeff Sessions office??? Money is the
      rut of all evil and when George Soros is arrested and assets frozen the
      RIOTS will stop!! He has just pumped $90million into 50+ charities to chaos
      absolute havoc and mayhem he’s also organised rallies in U.K. And all
      across Europe against TRUMP……he dose this for his amusement (he has
      said so on many occasion) we are pawns!!! So when he’s looking at the news
      with big massive demonstrations he knows what his looking at…..it’s like
      a big chess board to him…..did you know that the fictional villain that
      James Bond 007 is actually based on George Soros???

  13. Willa Hufflepuff says

    These celebrities need to know we are the reason they are famous and rich.
    If we stopped buying their music and watching their movies they would be
    broke just like the rest of us.

    1. Willa Hufflepuff says

      Love the idea! I have actually only listened to the ones who either
      supported our President or haven’t forced their political views on us.

    2. chunkyification says

      I did it way back! Its a great thing to do: no bizarre lyrics in satanic
      videos with crazed people being beastly, no banal slime getting in the way
      of my own thoughts and ideas, no affronts to my spirituality. Wonderful.

    3. Dj Parker says


    4. oldchickenlady says

      +Elvin Motz. Some of us are not buying their music or watching their movies

    5. Melissa Onorati says

      +oldchickenlady Praise God, if everybody in America can boycott not buying
      the celebrities music and movies, they will be poor

  14. Rosa Baez says

    we can all stop frequenting their events and hit their entertainers where
    it hurts. we dont need the trash anyway.

    1. kirstenbaileybates says

      Rosa Baez tell it to the children

    2. C-many Gunz says

      Rosa Baez, been doing it for 2 years now….I don’t have cable, don’t watch
      NFL, and don’t do most fast food, or GMO foods.

    3. unelady2 says

      Exactly, look at Jzay amd Beyonce, they couldn’t even fill the place when
      they try to control the people for Hillary! LOL LOSERS!

    4. Lisa Vernert says

      C-many Guns – yeahhhh ..screw them..the movies make whites, into Gillian’s,
      evil, racist etc etc..glorify thugs, godless people, real racists and
      indecent behavior ..the sports tries to demean whites, by passing the
      talented ones ..this is proven..it was exposed ..and the black athlete,
      makes millions from whitey ..yet attacks whites, attacks truth and still
      plays the victim..screw them..the rap songs demean whites, mocks them..yet
      they are their biggest buyers ..sick world ..little by little the media
      makes u hate yourself, feel guilt ..all the while the Elite, make
      billions!!! now they are causing white genocide ..people, wake up!!
      ..whites, help..have helped everyone ..yet they demonize whites.. everyone
      wants to live with whites!! wants to go to white countries ..yet are taught
      to hate whites ..stop participating in ur own demise ..if u only knew not
      only the true statistics.. but the horrific sick brutal crimes, being
      committed by blacks against whites..u would be outraged ..whites, were
      their slaves for 3 centuries.. did not start or want slaves, in America..
      were the smallest owners of slaves ..Jews and free blacks owned waaay more
      ..yet it was whites, who died and risked death to free these ungrateful
      morons..and whites, are not the ones starting wars, ruining the environment
      ..they actually protest against it …..wake up

    5. Lisa Vernert says

      into villains* lol ..

  15. Helios Seven says

    Treason? As if wearing a bright yellow Wookie jacket over lingerie isn’t
    criminal enough.

    1. Cynthia B says

      Helios Seven we need pine cone to cover our breast too

    2. Barry Rubin says

      Helios Seven HaHaHaHaHa H HaHHaHaHaHaHaHaHH aHHaHaHaHaHaaaHaHaH aHaaaa……

    3. jess moran says


    4. daniel martinez says

      jess moran
      ???? ..so true !!

    5. Alex Molano says

      good one, ajajajajajaaaaa

  16. Brandy Ann says

    Miley and all those other women are very nasty freaks.

    1. Lisa Vernert says

      Brandy Ann – yes Sweetie, ..they are sickos..pervert girls, minds ..we must
      be very aware of this ..girls, please lets take pride in ourselves.. DO NOT
      allow them to destroy ur morals

  17. Gary M says

    It all starts with Soros why are we harboring a fugitive anyway

    1. Gooba Jungle Boy says

      yeah. lets take his money to put towards our debt and throw him in gitmo.

    2. gmeast says

      You’re right. Soros needs to be disappeared … perhaps to a Russian Gulag.
      I don’t want him killed or anything like that, I just want him neutered.
      Don’t worry, this Soros NUTCASE is being watched very carefully I’m sure.
      He only needs to make one wrong move and he’s in jail. Like Bill, Hillary
      and Obama, he thinks he’s above the law. He’s in for a surprise.

  18. Capris Shelton says

    In my opinion,
    Miley Cyrus is so disgusting
    she’s not even noteworthy.
    I stopped watching The Voice because of her.
    When I look at her, I see all
    her smut and I just personally think she’s vile and sickening!!!
    My opinion:
    Who in their “RIGHT MIND”
    would listen to anything this little “anything for attention”,
    has to say?
    I MEAN REALLY !!! . . .
    . . .only people just like her!

    1. RogueReplicant says

      RobbieK77 – U r right, it MUST be by design, how else to explain this

    2. George Ryan says

      I hope she somehow bites her tongue off.

    3. brenda gnias says

      I stopped watching the Voice because of Miley also

    4. unelady2 says

      Same here, I used to watch every years and didn’t watch once this year, and
      Satanic are talking over this show anyway, just like Idol and Extra…
      etc… We need to let all these satanic go!

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