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  1. Mario Tomic says

    Damn, those AMRAPs look painful lol

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Mario Tomic They are!! haha.

  2. Jay Ross says

    Bro why do you look like you’re trying to fight me at the beginning of the

    1. Malte says

      +Jay Ross LOL

    2. liam speers says

      if you haven’t signed up for my 12 week transformation challenge yet, your
      face is gonna catch these hands real quick

    3. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Jay Ross I just look like that when I am pumped and ready to lift 😉

    4. Franck Castillo Roa says

      lol, come at me brah

  3. Ruben Martinez says

    Let’s do it

    1. Ruben Martinez says

      +ScottHermanFitness yeah mann

  4. Max Labovitch says

    i love you no homo

  5. Ted Bundy says

    The blonde at 3:10 ish was checking out Scott’s squat booty

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Ted Bundy What blonde…Eric? 😉 hahaha.

    2. Ted Bundy says

      +ScottHermanFitness Aha the other blonde.. so modest, Scott 🙂

  6. danbrookin97 says

    Great video Scott, love taking your tips and applying them to my own
    workouts:) P.S. what is the song that starts at 9.00? I really want to
    blast it while working out:P

  7. Matthew Barnard says

    yay for the “download pdf” link!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Matthew Barnard 😀 😀 You’re welcome!!

  8. Josh Morales says

    Hey Scott, have you ever thought adding a mouth guard to your work out
    gear. You do a lot of clenching when lifting heavy and are putting a lot of
    pressure on your teeth…. Just a suggestion. better to wear out a mouth
    guard and not your teeth.

  9. Mark Bowden says

    I see you wearing those wrestling shoes

  10. pikkkel says

    Even though I enjoy most of your routines, I really loved this one in
    particular. A perfect combination of brutal exercises. Thanks for all you
    do Scott!

  11. Jorge Padilla says

    I’m just starting this challenge more for me and not for the prize but is
    there a calendar where I can find what order I do the workouts in ? I’m
    already a platinum member but I just don’t know like orders and stuff

  12. peershaunm says

    work on keeping your upper back tight coming out of the hole/ strengthening
    lats, traps and rear delts. itll help you throw up more weight and will
    keep you safer when you’re squatting. work on your hip abductors and build
    up their strength and endurance. that should help you keep the hip
    externally rotated and stable when you squat. lastly hold the bar with a
    death grip. itll give you more control over the bar and set your upper

  13. incomebyinternet says

    i was doing these exercises long time ago regretfully young age 16 years
    old not old age are these exercises effects on bones shape ???? let me now

    1. David Ev. says

      I started doling These exercises when I was sixteen. Now I’m 17. I don’t
      regret I did these exercises. Why do you? As long as you stopped growing in
      length (approximately when you are 15) the bone structure doesn’t get

    2. incomebyinternet says

      maybe true because i hear diferent opinions hhhhhhhhh

  14. thanos bolatoglou says

    whats the difference between legs A and legs B…Also can you make a
    programme for explosiveness for athletes?

  15. ASavageMuffin says

    I like to do my barbell calf raises in the smith machine with my toes on
    the edge of a box. I like that it really isolates my calves since I don’t
    have to worry about balancing myself on my tippy toes with a heavy barbell

  16. Anthony Moreno says

    Just got finished and I feel like I’m going to puke hahahah good workout

  17. Marlon D'hoore says

    i always have pain in my knees when i train quads because i broke both
    knees few times so i’ve been skipping leg day since day one just running
    and stairs even biking hurts

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