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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Shortly after being inaugurated as president of the United States, Donald Trump took to his newly redecorated Oval Office to get his presidency under way by signing a few pertinent executive orders. As with so many other things that have happened since Trump declared his candidacy, liberals found an excuse to lose their minds.

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Trump Replaces Crimson Curtains with Brand New Gold Ones

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  1. Eric Courtois says

    People are looking to whine about almost anything, opposed to helping and
    promoting “their” president.

    1. Paula Little says

      Eric Courtois Chelsea clintons husband kin to George sorts

  2. Lucas Don Velour says

    NOOOOOO not the drapes!!!!!

    1. largol33t1 says

      Damn, that was funny!

    2. Dino Climaco says

      I see BLUE, not GOLD

    3. Vlad The impaler says

      Dino Climaco loool !!

    4. Cyruss says

      Some Stuff lol

  3. R Brill says

    I like the gold curtains better than that darker maroon color. Looks a lot

    1. MurdermiesteR says

      R Brill
      Trump does love gold.

  4. Gustavo Alba says

    Trump can find a way to cure cancer and dumbass liberals will still hate
    him everything he does is not good!

    1. GrandmaAmerica57 says

      Only thing is there are cures out there but they won’t tell us about them.
      Big Pharma doesn’t want you cured. Research CDC/ ANONYMOUS SCIENTISTS
      called THE SPIDER GROUP. Tells about immunizations and how they were told
      to throw away their studies if the studies went against immunizations, etc.

    2. mitzispop1 says

      True!! The discussions above is about the sanity issue of liberals. go up a
      few comments and read all about it..

    3. skankhunt 42 says

      GrandmaAmerica57 Trump is to release top secrets on disease cures

    4. No Name says

      Instead on focusing on the Cure focus on the Cause. ?
      Meateaters depend so much on medicine that they forgot what caused the
      cancer or heart disease in the first place FOOD.
      And If You get cancer it is Your Fault even when It comes in Your genetics
      You have an amazing power over slowly poisoning or curing Your Body.

  5. Conservative Views by Christine says

    No more commie red drapes.

    1. Richard III says

      Sick Pat. He Was Right About There Being Communists Or Communist
      Sympathizers in Hollywood,The Media And Government But Creating Those Witch
      Hunts And Creating An Atmosphere Of Fear And Hysteria Was The Wrong Way To
      Go About Exposing Them.

    2. Sick Pat says

      +Richard III Yes. They should have been dragged into the street and
      summarily executed on the evening news.

    3. Richard III says

      Sick Pat. LOL! That’s Pretty Funny. Seriously Though My Dad Fought In
      VietNam So I Really Don’t Like Communism I’m Just Saying There Are More
      Efficient And Effective Ways To Destroy Them.

    4. Sick Pat says

      +Richard III I totally get that you think that, but I can’t imagine a more
      immediate and effective solution than a bullet through the top of the
      skull! Keep fighting your way, though. Maybe you are right and I’m wrong.
      We’ll see fairly soon though, I think. It’s boiling under the surface, and
      if things don’t change soon the bloodshed is going to be unimaginable.

    5. cubomania3 says

      Michael {Michele} wore red when she left, and during their inaugural ball,
      or first appearance…I forgot which, she wore a dress that looked like it
      had blood spatter on it. There’s something deeply wrong with her/him and

  6. MurdermiesteR says

    Curtains? I thought the change was a President at work.

    1. Gerry Hatcher says

      Good one!

    2. Chester Dirddle says

      MurdermiesteR ,

    3. MetalHeart8787 says

      he has gotten more done in his first 10 days than most other presidents.
      the point was some idiots got irritated about it, and its no big deal.

    4. Mark Anthony says

      All the pissing and moaning was expected.

  7. don Reeves says

    I say the American people are very lucky the Obamas didn’t steal the
    fricking curtains when they left.

    1. BadPeople1100 says

      Bill was probably forced to return these curtains after he robbed the place
      on the way out.

    2. Saint Luger says

      hahaha, I had some ‘visitors’ from a foreign gypsy land that stole the
      whole hotel suite and said they paid for it, so I charged the almost $24k
      on their credit card… : )

    3. William B says

      Saint Luger, you show you have the presence of mind not unlike that of a
      striking Cobra and well done if I may say so.I admire people of your rapid
      response techniques to a situation that was the least expected. Bravo.

    4. Tez Wharton says

      He did and he going to make a dress out of it so can wear it! just like the
      Muslims men do!.

  8. bath salt bandit says

    “Whaaaaaa! Whaaaaaa! Trump wants to make the white house how it originally
    was and is destroying Obamas legacy, WHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” BTW, The golden
    curtains look absolutely amazing. It’s so original and they need to stay

    1. Yvonne Baur says

      bath salt bandit Maybe, on their next visit, he should serve them all, baby

    2. Thomas Vann says

      The curtains were golden before but they’re original? Trump is good btw

    3. Emily Mixay says

      bath salt bandit The gold opens up the room and makes it look lighter. The
      red made the room look depressing. Imho

    4. Floyd Tate Jr says

      Obama made the room depressing also….

  9. aradnurse 53 says

    I’m really starting to think liberalism is a genuine psychological

    1. Blue Brick Wall says

      +FlatBroke612 …and years of pot smoking and dropping LSD tabs.

    2. Blue Brick Wall says

      +Kyle Johnson No, …it started out as a real accusation from Michael
      Michael Savage wrote a book called “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”.
      It sort of morphed into a running joke, ….but the origins of that belief
      was far from a joke.

    3. Sharon Newman says

      They have been so indoctrinated by Hate

  10. boo bye says

    Should’ve really fucked the libtards up and put blinds in

    1. T Truong says

      boo bye Hahahaha

    2. Yvonne Baur says

      boo bye They missed the fact, that he changed his shoelaces. There will be
      a special report tomorrow.

    3. Andres Pina says

      Yvonne Baur

  11. Brigitte Williamson says

    probably because they smelled like smoke

    1. Don Hammer says

      +ColYUSAF06 Lol Yup, that’s one I expected!

    2. Tez Wharton says

      Smoky Bacon 🙂

    3. Peggy Henry says

      Smelled like weed

  12. _00_ says

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! BRILLIANT! Saving a few more bucks, hopefully…..

    1. Yvonne Baur says

      *00* At least, it’s not Hillary. She even recycles her diapers.

    2. _00_ says

      Oh Yvonne…. u r 2 funny! 😉

    3. cbgreenbay says

      I think they used the red ones to make M Obamas dress she wore on 1/20/17.
      It looks like the same cloth .

  13. David Quinones says

    Not only the drapes, but Trump’s office is full of team players,
    dynamically working as oppose to Obama and Clinton’s administration in
    which they were seating doing nothing.

    1. God Loves Women says

      David Quinones That was my observation too. ?

    2. Crls Ldl 72 says

      David Quinones
      That is it, a real Dream Team

  14. micro Jupiter 78 says

    That’s Why They Are Called Libtards Because They Are So Damn Stupid…

    1. ELMOcall911 says

      micro Jupiter 78 certifiebly brain damaged to be more precise

    2. duncan walker says

      micro Jupiter 78 wrong. Its libaturds

    3. micro Jupiter 78 says

      duncan walker Yeah that works also ?

  15. Jermel Daise says

    ??somebody call them liberals a ?waaaaabulance?

    1. Jermel Daise says

      +largol33t1 ??

  16. barb patton says

    Dear God – when will all this INSANE RUBBISH STOP???????

    1. silverbird58 says

      many Good men hated Gen Patton I’m not one of them !

  17. OperationEndGame says

    libtards are also pissed the prayer rug is also gone.

    1. Gonzalez131 says

      and obamas koran

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