Lindsay Lohan joins UK comedy ‘Sick Note’ for the second season


Lindsay Lohan has a new TV gig in a United Kingdom.

The 30-year-old American singer has assimilated “Sick Note” for a second season. The British comedy stars former “Harry Potter” actor Rupert Grint, as good as Nick Frost and Don Johnson.

The former child star also done a proclamation on Instagram Monday. Lohan will seem as a daughter of Johnson’s character.

😊Back on set of my new TV uncover #SickNote 😜

A post common by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on Jun 12, 2017 during 2:19am PDT


“We are anxious to be creation a second [season] of this nail-biting comedy and really vehement to be welcoming a unusual talents of Lindsay Lohan to a all-star cast,” executive writer Jo Sargent told The Hollywood Reporter.

The initial deteriorate will atmosphere this tumble and a second season, that will underline Lohan, is now sharpened in a UK.

Lohan formerly told Fox News that after a violent past in Hollywood, she’s fervent for a uninformed start and isn’t fearful to lapse to a limelight.

#cannes 😎😍😎 #chakra #blessed #LohanJewelry @ssh_maritime

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“… we am some-more prepared than ever to get behind into cinema and TV,” she explained. “It is a loyal passion of cave and has been given we was a child. It is not about a limelight though, it’s about doing what we love.”


In Mar 2017, Lohan announced on Twitter she is gearing adult to launch her new antic existence TV series, “The Anti-Social Network.”

“After my 30th birthday final year we motionless to make some large changes in my life and removing behind on lane with work was one of them,” she said. “I altered mu opinion on life — a people we was unresolved out with — my government — all total has had such a certain outcome!”

Thank we my dear 🤗😎😇

A post common by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on May 28, 2017 during 6:40am PDT

The uncover is approaching to follow Lohan as she causes mayhem on contestants’ amicable media accounts for 24 hours, all while adventurous to finish annoying hurdles in sequence to win prizes.

“I desired being means to purify my past purify on a internet and pierce on it felt refreshing,” pronounced Lohan. “On a other hand, yes, amicable media can be profitable and unpropitious it’s only how we confirm to use it.”

“The Anti-Social Network” is now being shopped around to several networks.