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Lionel Messi 2016/17 ● Dribbling Skills & Goals ● Full HD 1080p

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Lionel Messi 2016/17 – Dribbling Skills & Goals

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  1. BurstHD says

    sad to see that he’s injured again and will be out for another 3 weeks.
    Football’s almost tasteless without him <3

    1. JLD says

      *barcelona is tastelesss w/o him

    2. BurstHD says

      JLD you could say that too tbh. Yesterday’s match against Borussia
      Monchenglandbach was boring af and even as a Barcelona fan I switched to
      the Bayern and Atletico game cuz it way waaaaay more competitive

  2. ‫יניב חזקיהו‬‎ says

    Whats the name of the song?

    1. Victor K. says

      Feelings-Steam Punks

    2. King Without A Crown says

      +Victor K. Steam PHUNK you mean ;-D

  3. gabriel hernan rivera alvarez says

    regate, velocidad, tiro, pase…
    quien siga pensando que cr7 es mejor, que se ponga a jugar canicas, no sabe
    nada de futbol.

  4. sushrut chinchore says

    east or west, messi is the best

  5. Kaust Shroff says

    Machines break down! Leo Messi is a god!

  6. Obadele Belloroufai says

    It used to be just push Messi and your fine but now that’s becoming a

  7. Replicanoob says

    lol 4:30

  8. Isaac Aguilera says

    Messi is simply the greatest ???

  9. Nicklas Vikström says

    gilla om ni älskar fotboll

  10. Ibrahim Bayramov says


  11. Albaholic Krasniqi says

    I am Ronaldo Fan, but I love both Player when there Karrieres out football
    is boring.

  12. Nιce Knσwιng Yσu says

    what song is this?

    1. Kenta A says

      steam phunks – Feelings

  13. cesare caravaggio says

    his 11 minutes is better than most players season comp. don’t @ me.

  14. Morteza Nishat says

    what is the song

    1. Morteza Nishat says

      1st one

  15. dadada says

    amazing how some people think ronaldo is better.

  16. Rsty1995 says

    Man I wish he wasn’t injured.

  17. Ali Channel says

    bien messsi 2017/2016 goood

  18. ashish chhetri says

    if messi is not playing for barca , messi is not playing against barca at
    the same time..that is why barcelona survive to become the best club in the
    world..thanks to MESSI IO

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