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Lionel Messi vs Leicester City HD 720p 03/08/2016

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Lionel Messi vs Leicester City HD 720p 30/07/2016
Lionel Messi vs Leicester City Assist Nutmeg


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  1. Brandon Sanelli says


    1. Nesta says

      k thanks ^^

    2. QWERTZ says

      dummer deutscher – google doch einfach…

    3. MFX10 says

      no doubt

  2. codgamerhd 123 says

    song name

    1. Sadik Denizci says

      Beautiful Life – Mitis & Mahi ✌️

    2. SupermanFx • Furkan E. says

      +Sadik Denizci as bayrakları as as ???

    3. Sadik Denizci says

      Superman FX vay kardesim asalim ayip ediyon heryerdeyiz vallah ??

    4. SupermanFx • Furkan E. says

      +Sadik Denizci ?

    5. Keyboard Warrior says

      darude sandstorm

  3. Eetu Hiiva says

    messi are ugly now

    1. Amos Døssing says

      +High Socceroos what’s a grammar

    2. Mehdi SaiyajiN says

      Nice english. tard

    3. Javier Mar says

      +Mehdi SaiyajiN du nut cum hier end tak erbot u r inglish u gey fak u muder

    4. Mehdi SaiyajiN says

      lol wtf?! o-o

  4. B̶l̶o̶o̶d̶l̶i̶n̶e̶I̶r̶i̶s̶h̶ Sean Yoos says

    I Would much rather have the commentator but this is good enough for me

  5. iturtlez ok says

    I hope they get to quarter final in cl.I’m talking about Leicester

    1. GolazoGamerHD says

      +Mehran Latif calm down spurs fan

    2. TheButtonMashers says

      +Mehran Latif ^^biased spurs fan^^

    3. Circle 25 says

      yeah they were lucky to win it by 10 points. looooooool

  6. Renzo van Laere says

    Am I the only one who thinks his last two games were just painful to watch?
    This is not the messi we know. Most of the passes don’t reach, and he
    wastes the ball very often too.

    1. edi rc says

      i think he s sad rite now, u know, he left argentina team… my advice is:
      wait a few months to see the real messi

    2. Jeff Jones says

      +Sarah Azri he retired from the international Argentina team. but he still
      plays for Barca

    3. GemmaRaifu says

      Lol you know nothing.

    4. Cj Halo14 says

      In copa America he had 5 goals and 4 assists he’s was so great it’s obvious
      he’s not going 100 but more of getting back into the grove of things and I
      think he’s still pre hurt from loosing in copa final

  7. sara donis says

    I think Lionel Messi is having a nervous breakdown after the Copa America

    1. Alexis Medina says

      +i like football noob

    2. Abraham says

      +Alexis Medina ” Messi is good then you” Lmfao

    3. i like Alahuakbqr says

      +Abraham ???

    4. Alexis Medina says

      U suck at soccer I can beat you

    5. Jaime Fernández Estévez says

      It is. I really do not know what he is thinking, imposible to guess
      actually, but his smile I think it should be more usual at preseason. Let’s
      see how he manage the beginning of the season. Best wishes for this
      motherfucker, we all want to see him happy, fit and accurated.

  8. MR. Kingstone says

    He’s too slow for 90 pace in FIFA.Should downgrade his pace and I think
    he’ll play CM or CAM in some matches this season.

    1. MR. Kingstone says

      +Matan Kovach dude read my upper comment.

    2. Rustic Gaming says

      +ALEX GAMEPLAYS yo bro I think I know you you play wiz right??? Haha such a

    3. Cha0s Matrix77514 says

      We the messi he’s playing different he is playing as a classic 10 as
      ronaldinho played that position it does not need to be corrento all the
      time as when he played false 9 or right end only with the goal to feature
      the style of play it changed because the team changed the style messi not
      he slowed clear age this up he’s 29 years old but he is playing with a 10
      the guy who ‘s the last pass is not he who has lost pace

    4. Sexy Beast says

      FIFA’s ratings are idiocy in general, totally misleading and kinda
      offensive as well

    5. ToFiFe says

      Nobody cares about FIFA.

  9. Boris Garcia says

    Argentinos screen que son europeos, los racistas

    1. Martin KJ says

      Nosotros nos cojemos a tu vieja!, como te gusta hablar al pedo eso es
      envidia 😉 Gil..

    2. Sergio Resendiz says

      +Martin KJ
      oye una pregunta que significa Gil?

    3. 9brito9 Sos Un capo says

      jajja seguro vive en la mugre este Gil retovate en otro lado

  10. TakacGamesHD says

    Where are Arda turan , neymar , iniesta

    1. Lee VCH says


    2. reMasko says

      Neymar ?Olympics Rio

    3. Shahab Ali says

      and pique as well

    4. Pudde Putte says

      Break after internationals

    5. Prowsy says

      International break and Neymar at the olympics

  11. TheButtonMashers says

    I feel like Messi has lost it despite him scoring a huge amount of goals
    last season he’s not as consistent as he was when Ronaldinho was at barca.
    This is not me saying he’s bad but he’s not as good as he used to be. I
    mean he got goal of the century or something like that when he was like 19
    or 20 were he took it round like 5 players and the keeper and passed it in
    the net if you look now he struggles to get passed players. Rip Messi

    1. alex kanyima says

      +Gustavo Du Rocher well said, about that

    2. Sexy Beast says


      Your statements are completely off

    3. GemmaRaifu says

      Yes because people ain’t idiots. Can’t fool em forever.

    4. Django Unrivaled says

      I’m pretty sure he can tbh

  12. VA10HD says

    Messi as always is a genius in football

    1. Alexis Medina says

      +c ronaldo Ronaldo suck

    2. NoName says

      +Alexis Medina ur dad swallows

    3. ScarySpiDer3 says

      Messi is good but he is very one footed. Its a shame because he can use his
      right foot well but he never uses it

    4. Luca Tugman says

      +c ronaldo fangirl know messi is he has better stats

    5. Nkeiruka Amuchie says

      +Luca Tugman huiyt

  13. Rekrify says

    You missed out 2 goals wtf. Where’s Barca’s 3rd goal and Leicesters 1st?

    1. Fiffa 77 says

      play on the motorway makes sense clever man…

    2. Elias Saarinen says

      +Fella ty i was actually just guiding you but ok lets say i savaged you?

    3. OMGTheKingHere !! says

      +Fella you are so dumb

    4. Shahab Ali says

      read the title dumbass

  14. PsychoBoyJack says

    wow… really??? a 10 minute video about Messi’s game against Leicester?




    1. Shahab Ali says

      pyscho why did u watch then

    2. ScarySpiDer3 says

      I’m thinking the same bro. And I’ve noticed that he is supposed to be a
      world class player but he is very one footed.

    3. PsychoBoyJack says

      +Shahab Ali can’t handle others opinions? don’t look at the comment section

    4. Emile Heskey says

      You know there are tonnes of videos like this on youtube…

    5. PsychoBoyJack says

      +Emile Heskey yes…by Messi fans or channels that focus on skills of
      particular players. not a channel that shows highlights and compilations

  15. Maisam hassani says

    Messi looks like Obi Wan Kenobi with that hair and beard

  16. c ronaldo says

    Ronaldo is better

    1. Jaime Fernández Estévez says

      Hahaha life is nice sometimes. You can find whatever if you look closely.
      Here we have a common sample of blind person, not talking about eyes, but
      brain blindness, what is quite worse. Peace bro, but you do not know what
      you are saying

    2. balanay, aldrin says

      Messi is too good that is why many people hate him,he is different

    3. Yassin Ali says

      All ronaldo kids stfu! messi is from another planet!

    4. Yassin Ali says

      He’ll never reach his level!

    5. balanay, aldrin says

      +Yassin Ali Correct now here’s a man!

  17. xEzLikeZ says

    What’s next? Ronaldo with red hair? Messi with Yellow hair?

    1. Javier Mar says

      Both with a pink afro

  18. Luca Tugman says

    messi has changed neally his whole face

    1. ScarySpiDer3 says

      Ik he looks gay now.

  19. Violate says

    5:04 best moment.

    1. i like Alahuakbqr says

      haha yeau

    2. ScarySpiDer3 says

      Ref? That is a shocking foul!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. UnorThoDoxLOL Two says

      i know right ,what the hell hahaaa

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