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Lionel Messi vs Sampdoria (Gamper Trophy) Full HD 1080p 10/08/2016

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Lionel Messi vs Sampdoria Joan Gamper Trophy Full HD 1080p 10/08/2016


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  1. ciro says

    I wish I could see Turan play more

    1. ciro says

      +LeBron james no are you?

    2. LeBron james says

      +ciro you said you wanted to see him more

    3. The Real Deal says

      +LeBron james he said play more

    4. Burak Korkmaz says

      agree he has great potential too bad he doesn’t get the ball as much but it
      seems to me that he’s getting used to the playstyle of barca a little more
      now that I see him making runs and being a little more unpredictable more

  2. Kirk Scudder says

    The worlds ever greatest King Messi!!!!!

    1. giorgio Rossi says

      thats being a quitter. hes waiting for fanboys like you to forget his
      embarrasing final.

    2. AlexPlaysYT says

      Lol such a hero remeber this score 4-0 lol YWNA

    3. Matdogg2k says

      +Fahad Ali khan He took drugs for the hormone deficiency

    4. Sok Leang says


    5. Simerjit Singh says

      fucking messi

  3. Darren Seow says

    That first goal assist pass is one of the best ever

    1. Amine Kadded says


    2. D3RICK says

      +SportsFreakfrom94598 hahahahahaha lmao

  4. Berkay dalkıran says

    Arda Turan is a good player

    1. SkyFighteer says

      +Ra-V i love racism

    2. Dalbir Rai says

      What has this got to do with Messi?

    3. Mina Bahar says

      I’m a Muslim the name of God is allah

  5. Nasser Abachi says

    This mothefucker is a fucking legend

    1. Pink Guy says

      +Tbob2141 B0sS, i HavE a cANceR

    2. Lionel Messi says

      +Pink Guy What ?

    3. kumar baral says

      oooo wich type of your comment

    4. D10SdelFutbol says

      so is Real Madrid, that’s why Messi is the player who’s scored the most
      goals against them in all of history.,

    5. D10SdelFutbol says

      Barca just beat that team that was really good,… 2-0 .. and in Sevilla.

  6. Edson Tayoro says

    When Ones of my friends say that Messi is a worthless i get Hurt in my

    1. Edson Tayoro says

      +Cazz i say this because Messi is very good player

    2. Cazz says

      I know that bro , the thing is not everyone is going to agree with you just
      live with it and ignore what irritates you .

    3. Ad Hominoid says

      +Cazz You know me so well!

    4. Cesar Jimenez says

      +Ad Hominoid haha true

    5. Hernan Andrade says

      Messi is worthless

  7. SchSansCoke says

    Best player in the world. No contestation

    1. Maurizio Dellepiane says

      by far!

    2. Corey Mezger says


    3. Gladiom says


  8. Onyeka Mikky says

    I’m glad to see Messi play in my generation. I’m blessed!

    1. Tbob2141 says

      “My generation” corrected to #blessed

  9. Oyun Feriştahı says

    Lionel messi is the best player in the world

    1. MMC Gamer says

      +Dean Cassidy shut up

    2. Dean Cassidy says

      +MMC Gamer Connor mc gregor fer life m8

    3. MMC Gamer says

      +Dean Cassidy sick profiler you have m9

    4. Dean Cassidy says

      +MMC Gamer yep ?

    5. i eat ass on tuesday says

      ?mine is ronaldo

  10. Mario Diaz says

    i think its time for messi to shave that beard.

    1. Junaid shahid says

      +Naruto Uzumaki it’s time for you to Kys.

    2. Meng yang Li says

      yeah I’m a messi fan, and I agree.

    3. Dalbir Rai says

      He’ll have it for a bit then shave it of.

    4. Barry O'Donovan says

      Lol I think the beard looks great

  11. Dean Cassidy says

    Is it just me that thinks martial will be the best who ever lived

    1. Dean Cassidy says

      +Mustapha Radi martial or munir will be the best

    2. Mustapha Radi says

      +Dean Cassidy Munir ? I’m moroccon and i munir he is from morocco and I
      tell you frankly MUNIR He is not worth playing in Barcelona because he lost
      a lot of Scoring opportunities..!! I watched some clips Marcial now, HE IS

    3. Dean Cassidy says

      +Mustapha Radi k I thought munir is good

    4. Lamin B Touray says

      +Dean Cassidy just you bro ?

    5. Dean Cassidy says

      +Lamin B Touray well who will be cze sane won’t be good

  12. babar shah says

    If you think Messi isn’t the best in the history of this game than start
    watching golf instead.

    1. ItzAcidicRL says

      +Girts Dzerins Clear homophobe.

    2. Azǝqh_ says

      +Girts Dzerins 2007-2010? when did you stop watching football? he got 3
      ballon d’ors after 2010 and he also scored 91 goals in a year… you must
      be Ronaldo fan.

    3. Lorenshyne says

      1. Cristiano Ronaldo. 2. Maradona 3. Zidane 4. Messi

    4. Azǝqh_ says

      +Lorenshyne bad list

    5. HiddenGodful says

      It is more like 1. Pelé, 2. George Best, 3 Rivelino, 4 Weah. The new
      players are quite good but they didnt create anything.

  13. zlivalavida says

    that hair is a disaster

    1. Jeehad Khan says


    2. SHarpyHaMMeR says

      Gaynaldo fan detected

    3. Trav Oduge says

      I agree

    4. XxSp1d3rKnxX says

      +J10 Hahaha i know haha so shity name haha

    5. D10SdelFutbol says

      just came back to Argentina,.. won La Liga, won Copa del Rey, is about to
      win Super Copa de Espana….. hmmm

  14. kevin gamer 777 says

    ronaldinho y messi los mejores

    1. Lucas C.A.S.M says

      niño rata

    2. kevin gamer 777 says

      +Lucas Bj tu culo

    3. sebastian soto says

      +kevin gamer 777 y tus momos

    4. MrCuervo says

      Puto niño rata de mierda jaja

  15. Jermaine Fosu says

    If Messi doesn’t get atleast 85 long passing on FIFA 17 I’ll be so pissed.
    Look at all these passes he’s spreading lol. 79 ain’t enough

    1. xfxmarc suni says

      +Scheherazade not anymore
      Barca is now the partner of PES :/

    2. Axel Jimenez says

      messi should go back to Argentina

    3. Azǝqh_ says

      +Axel Jimenez hes already out of the retirement

    4. IRON MAN says

      and 2:20
      70 on short pass


    5. Kerry Ulysse says

      He already said he’d join the national team for the World Cup qualifiers

  16. Ven | Minecraft and More! says

    Assist of the fucking century right there

    1. Noel Medina says

      +ByAzeqh Ronaldo still got the assist

    2. Derick says

      +Noel Medina sooo you are saying cr7 assist isn’t an assist? then messi’s
      assist isn’t an assist too.

    3. Ven | Minecraft and More! says

      +Derick Lets say they were both good, mkay?

    4. augusto sebastian Salgueiro says

      grande lio sos un maestro cada dia te quiero mas genio que tu futbol nunca

  17. HARAMBE says

    He’s in his prime every single fucking game. what a talent and inspiration
    messi is.

    1. saggy_black_tits says

      Except against liverpool

    2. Raymond Ge says

      and chile

  18. Sanju Wayne says

    Every team seems to be scoring against Barca these days. What happened to
    their defense?

    1. Raymond Ge says

      exactly, Mascherano isn’t doing very well these days, for club and country

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