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  1. ali hussein : life is equal happiness plus sadness says


  2. Learn English with Bob the Canadian says

    Tim Schmoyer: He’s like the older brother who knows more than you about Youtube, but explains it in a nice way so that you don’t feel dumb.
    Derral Eves: If Youtube was a car engine, he’s the guy that could feel around under the hood blindfolded and then say, “Yep, they made a change over here and this is how it’s going to affect you.”
    Roberto Blake: He’s like the Youtube spiritual guide, who helps you get in touch with your inner creator and stay motivated to make content.

    Thanks for your work guys. It has helped me a lot. 🙂 You are a perfect example of how Youtube is a space for collaboration and not competition.

    1. Miss Imperial says

      They’re the Holy Trinity of YouTube advice.

    2. Learn English with Bob the Canadian says

      Ha! Nice.

    3. The Universe Guru says

      Nicely put! I completely agree.

  3. Hey look it's ThePianoGirl says

    Derral please go live again tonight I love the conference things

  4. L. L. says

    Tim rules ?

  5. Marcel Richard Junior says

    Looking to reach my 1000 subcrivers… Help the guy fron Quebec — Marcel Richard Junior

  6. Jamie Wagner says

    Lil P TV, that’s pretty cool. lol. I’m checking that channel out. What a bunch of awesome TIPS from everyone!! Thanks Eves!

    1. LiL P TV says

      Awesome! Thats me!!

  7. BrickTsar says

    I thought live was going to be the next big thing but apparently it’s not as good as I thought. Ive managed to cut channel views in half

  8. Film Gob says

    Why is Tom Holland following you everywhere?

  9. Growing Forever says

    Nice job, thank you !!

  10. Zen Dragon says

    Derral, I think this question regarding best practises is on more minds than just mine: So you say it’s a good idea to wait with putting a new upload in a playlist, as it will create a new content ID and signal activity, and doing it at the same time as the upload you won’t be taking advantage of that however. You also suggest to share the playlist link to a video, instead of the regular link, when promoting it to get people continue watching. But we all know it’s essential to promote the content right off the bat when it’s released, as the traffic gained in the first 24 hours matter greatly for the success of the video. So what do you do? Do you promote the video without the playlist link at first, as you haven’t put it in the playlist yet, or what would you prioritise? Maybe this is more suitable for a video response, but I can’t be the only one wondering about this, maybe there isn’t a black and white answer. Thank you for empowering creators Derral, keep up the good work, I’m a fan of it 🙂

  11. Warlordchief says

    Derral eves loves cash ? Start a super chat & pay him & he will give you hes full attention ! Im streaming tonight about how these guy’s don’t care about us small youtuber’s only given attention to big youtubers ? Unfair use to all small youtubers , im posting this msg all over youtube ,

  12. TheBarleyHorrorShow says

    i need more advice 😀

  13. PhotoVideoSamplesEtc says

    #AskDerral Time for you to upload a new video. It’s been 10 years. At least it seams like it. Yeah it can sometimes be hard constantly uploading new content when your busy. At least for some YouTubers, especially Vloggers, things can get easier with live-streaming on your phone. For people who are waiting to be allowed to live stream on your smart phone (Like me for example. Can’t wait until they roll it out to more people so I can try it), their are apps that you can download which allows for HD streaming. The delay might be a little worse though. Now here’s a neat YouTube video idea for someone who has over 10,000 subscribers. Try out the official YouTube live streaming method and compare it to apps that are on iOS and Android phones. Test the audio/visual quality and the delay times. I’m sure the video would be very popular. If it is, you’re welcome.


    Derral! Love your work really , GENIUS! Tell me what you think of inserting into youtube comments the function to edit certain comments like ones with external links. Some comments are really beautiful and I usually remove the ones with external links so to avoid losing people from youtube to an external source algorithm yada yada right? I always do that and it works. It does increase suggested and browsing views. But I just wanted to know what ifff we could edit some of the beautiful comments but just remove the link and then a “admin removed link” would show up next to the comment. Idk you seemed to be the right guy to talk about this.

  15. Christo jyn says

    hey Tim, can you make a video about “how to claim your money from patreon” this will help alot 😀 thnx tim

  16. TheBarleyHorrorShow says

    Man nearly a week with no advice, you’re killing me derral 😀

    1. Dana Garrison says

      Aw, going thru Derral withdrawals! I feel ya!

    2. TheBarleyHorrorShow says

      hehe yeah

  17. The Universe Guru says

    This was so fun to watch!!

  18. LiamXmaiL Revolution -X- says

    click bait

    1. LiamXmaiL Revolution -X- says

      not this vidoe YouTube is click bait

  19. Fantasy Couch says

    Another killer video Derral! Keep up the good work! ????? I have to learn how to broadcast “video podcasts” to Apple, etc. I already have an audio podcast broadcasted through Libsyn and Stitcher, but I don’t know how to do this video podcast thing.

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