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LIVE: The Wayne Dupree Program Thursday, September 29, 2016

Your president Donald Trump

The Wayne Dupree PROGRAM- Thursday, September 29, 2016

Call the show! (202) 470-6738 and tell them you are watching LIVE on RSBN.

For more on Wayne, visit his website at http://waynedupree.com

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  1. The Only says

    The MSM is the globalist propaganda wing and is used to push an agenda 100%
    of the time. In many cases they carry out extrajudicial punishment. Lester
    Holt is just one of the members… 99.9% of us would have fell in
    opposition to these attack dogs. Trump IS a great leader already for
    showing us the way. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

  2. AdamHullWords says

    your intro is tooo long!

  3. Watching TrainsgoBy says

    great idea wayne,, i think everyone wants to get back to the family,,even
    with the modern family dynamics, it’s still better when everyone is

  4. mary bea says

    Thank you caller I found on You Tube the manila folder remover from
    Hillary’s Podium given to Lester Holt clip. Love your show Wayne Dupree

  5. Art Runningbear says

    Hillary has created a fear program for whoever helps Trump. The Eagle
    branch of the IRS will create a false criminal file to attack whoever maybe
    able to help Trump over the lies that are created by the Clintons.

  6. Mr G says

    for the truth, go to info wars. com

  7. Justin Southerland says

    oh wow, I’ve never seen you before, only heard you….your voice dose not
    match your face LOL just kidding (sorta)

  8. We Are Borg says

    Great Show today! Thanks for the truth and love…God bless you beautiful

  9. mr.potato head says

    These people sound like special needs people and old cowboys from the

  10. FishingSoCal Spear says

    TRUMP 2016 ??????

  11. Tony Carr says

    Jesse Jackson Praised Trump in 1999 for LIFETIME of helping African
    American Community

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