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Your president Donald Trump

RSBN LIVE: Pregame Coverage of Donald Trump in Novi, MI 9/30/16

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  1. keith “Barbusie” smith says

    Gee, I wonder where all the PROTESTERS went ?????

    1. Jeff Dean says

      Michigan isn’t like California. They don’t put up with protestor bullshit.

    2. oneleggedspider says

      They retreated to their safe zones.

    3. Peter Spiderman says

      too expensive, to get wet n out in the cold they charged 500 per pax for 3
      hours… overtime charge = 200 per hour……

    4. Connor Bond says

      Well, they put up with me.

  2. mark kehoe says

    but remember trump is down in the polls today friday the 30th!!!msm lies
    the polls r lyyyiinng.politicians lyyying!!trump is our last hope for

    1. Positively Brainwashed says

      Based on crowd turn outs, I don’t see how Trump can be losing in polls. Can
      these polls actually be rigged?

    2. Sub Zero says

      He’s up in all the states he needs except Florida.

    3. Positively Brainwashed says

      +Sub Zero Your source?

    4. Sub Zero says

      +Positively Brainwashed realclearpolitics.com

  3. Eministry Yvette says

    Wow!! lines and long lines… TRUMP!! We stand as I’m a deplorable! But not
    Despicable as Hillary is.

    1. Patty M. says

      That’s what the lines will look like on NOVEMBER 8th! ?

    2. Sarah G says

      Its good to see.

    3. doverh3 says

      You know, I believe what you stated! I’m taking the day off to vote!!!

  4. Sasha L says

    I would so buy a pink Trump hat.

    1. Sarah G says

      He has a Twitter account, if you have one you can let him know about the
      pink hat, if you’re lucky he will see your message, and others who would
      like a pink hat might retweet as well

    2. doverh3 says

      I wanna buy a Trump wig with a tie!!!

    3. James Logan Howlett says

      have you tried amazon?

    4. Sarah G says

      +James Logan Howlett Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos, also owner of The New
      York Times, and Donald Trump’s enemy. Sigh.

  5. wiredsloth says

    trump umbrellas, missed opportunity

    1. Diana L Romero says

      Write it with a Sharpe. Great Ideal! USA4DJT

  6. Reboot says

    Insane! If he came to NY he would have the same lines if not longer. NY
    loves Trump!

    1. California Native says

      Conservative Californians, get out and vote this time!
      Do not sit out as you have in the past several elections!

    2. California Native says

      I cannot imagine not voting.
      I have voted in every election since I was old enough to vote and always
      for Republicans.
      I was not the biggest supporter of McCain or Romney, but, I voted for
      them anyway. I voted for them simply because the alternative, the
      candidate of the Jackass party, (That is their party symbol) was not
      acceptable. I would never stand idly by and let a Communist be elected
      President of this great land

    3. California Native says

      She is even worse than Obama!
      Trump is going to promote AMERICA

    4. California Native says

      TRUMP-PENCE 2016!

  7. CoasterGaming says

    I wouldn’t trust any polls until November

    1. Truth Report says

      im not so sure i can even trust the election results.. because we all know
      that there are 10X the trump supporters just by the events.. when a hillary
      even pretty much only has a few hundred paid people to show up

  8. Mr. G. says

    There’s only one choice Trump. Hillery isn’t anyone to trust with
    protecting this country, Saving the lives of the unborn. Giving minorities
    a chance to live the American dream, she offers the same old same a social
    program. We are better than that. She with her husband passed bills that
    today have imprisoned more Blacks and Hispanics than anyone in America
    history. She’s a snake who’ll say anything do anything to get more power.
    She’s a racist. Trump hasn’t passed any bills that has harmed this country.
    Trump wasn’t in a governments mansion that flew the Confederate flag over
    it and had party’s celebrating the flag like Bill and Hillary. Still
    millions of minorities and others buy the lies and drink the poisen from
    the left. Millions are awake and have left the plantation, wake up see
    you’re better than what they offer. A social program will never lift a
    family. It’s another form of slavery give just enough to eat two weeks of
    a month then nothing, beg the master for more to get denied and told go
    find help.

  9. jjjjbuddy says

    hillary had 85 paid supporters at last rally

  10. Clint Westwood says

    It’s nice to see all these deplorables join the Trump Train! Proud to be
    deplorable too! GO TRUMP!

    1. Lt. Christopher says


  11. Michael Onstad says

    I think they will line up to vote too…..Hillary has no chance!

  12. Irene says

    The more the main stream media bash him the more popular he becomes because
    the truth will prevail and this is a movement!

  13. bluenite5 says

    Now this is a Rally. Liberals? See this and weep.

  14. THE AMERICAN RIFLE / 5.56 says

    This is what the UNEMPLOYMENT lines will be like if Hillary wins.

  15. Ling Lam says

    Crap the line is so freaking long. How long do people have to wait to see
    him? Wow, Trump supporter are tough

    1. Lt. Christopher says

      His rally in Austin took 3 hours and they started a hour early because it
      was full

    2. Carol Secret says

      Trump supporters are true patriots!

  16. Enoch Teacher says

    omgness this people are locked in for DJT waoo God Bless this man to take
    our country back.

  17. Reynaldo S. says

    I would dodge sniper fire to stand in a line to see and vote for the

  18. Lori Delia says

    This is amazing ! Trump will win! Mad respect for the people in

  19. Rene Martínez says

    thank you from a Nicaraguan citizen from Nicaragua , excuse my english

    1. NothingS says

      Rene Martínez

      For the remainder of the world audience, in particular from here in
      Australia (hopefully a safe distance from the gun lobby you would
      think?)… with great respect, you can’t blame one for questioning the
      whole USA thing?
      I really think your political process and for what it’s worth this current
      election campaign, yes alright I will mention him because let’s face it,
      comedians are rubbing their hands together, yes ‘DT or perhaps I will sign
      him off as ☝️️…. you know, when that right arm is poised in the air, and
      that finger raised means “huh?” Yep we know the felling our good friends in
      the US….but here in Australia yeah we’re all aware of the apparent and
      eventual importance it is voting in a new head of state… but heck, you’re
      all enjoying the shock jock ? and his opinion on stuff, for what it’s
      worth your campaign process which takes more time than it would to discover
      the technology then build the rocket, then test it, oh yes then build a
      satellite telescope and launch it by NASA, we love NASA….yep the mission
      will be to search for alien life on Mars… the journey to Mars will take
      about 5 years for the satellite to get there, but nothing’s certain,
      however it will be so educational and make for great TV viewing! Yep, I
      think your campaign process should be extended another year or two on the
      back of its current 5 year process?? That way aliens will be discovered
      before you finish this road show that takes for EVER!!! And costs about as
      much as it would if I were to purchase a small African republics GDP!!
      Really, we’re so enriched…. thank you from the rest of the world…. yes
      but ✌️would agree with my free speech and flexing of my freedoms here in
      Australia – which are still thankfully so much more simple, logical, yeah
      no guns…. we just get the message our political agenda communicates most
      of the time… and thank the Lord our campaign process is only 6 weeks
      long! Or too long…

  20. Peter Spiderman says

    I M touch to see those peoples lining up in the rain.
    I wipe my tears looking at those peoples, they are really, really amazing
    peoples. …
    America still has hope.
    MAGA ! MAGA ! MAGA !

    1. Connor Bond says

      I used to trust you, Spider-Man.

    2. Peter Spiderman says

      +Connor Bond what do you think of those peoples lining in the rain?

    3. Peter Spiderman says

      +Connor Bond
      Nobody complaint bcs they know Trump is fighting for them.

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