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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, It is slowly sinking in around the globe that President Donald Trump wasn’t just speaking rhetorically on the campaign trail, but is actually doing what he promised voters he would do.

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Mexico Cancels Meeting With Trump… Immediately Markets Decimate Their Currency

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  1. Did you think our President Trump was bluffing, Mexico? You’re slowly but
    surely gonna find out what getting TRUMPED means.

    • Deplorable Rob And This is What people are posting on Facebook those days
      are over we just need the wall built Do to Drugs and Not the People ..Weed
      is legal in a Few States Already ..but the wall is to Help Stop heroin and
      Cocain from Coming in to America ..My Niece’s Dad is here Illegally And
      People are being Killed coming in From Mexico to get away from their
      Corrupted Government ..Kids Are Missing and People all the time in Mexico
      ..And Half the Country Is Addicted to heroin ..Even though America is also
      in a Heroin Crisis Now ….And trust me its nothing Nice in Mexico ..And
      there is Different mexicans that speak to different kinds of spanish
      ..people are either coming up missing in Mexico from the Government or when
      they cross the Boarder and those responsible must be found ..and hopefully
      the Corruption is found to be on the Mexican side

    • We have to keep pro border candidates like trump in office.
      Its going to take most of trumps 2 terms to build the wall ….and then
      what ? Thats when we have to make sure we continue to vote for the next
      right person.

    • Deplorable Rob I was behind him from day one friend (I’m an outsider and
      live in New Zealand but even though we are really far away we still aren’t
      safe from the libtard and corrupt media weaselling its way in I only get my
      news from alternative outlets these days) I had seen trumps track record in
      his business career and he is a man who gets things done and that’s why I
      took a liking to the idea of a trump Whitehouse from the get go, they
      didn’t believe it possible and now they just have to deal with it while all
      of us in the deplorable category are laughing our asses off at the
      breakdown of the left and how their arrogance is destroying them

    • Mexico would have been great if their leaders were not IMMENSELY CORRUPT
      and SELFISH and have rather worked for their people like Jesus healed
      peoples’ problems with a SELF-LESS MOTIVE!!!!

      God Bless our Great President Trump and good people of USA 🙂

    • You don’t np nothin, or if you want to get fancy “You don’t no nothing
      either about contruction.” Accept maybe how to spell it but it don’t take
      fsancy swords to build a wall. Just my hard work and $88hr plus benefits is

    • Just cuz youre name is Mavis don’t make you so smart. I bet you didn’t even
      know how Trump made Mexico pay for it. Yea I had to look up a few words to
      figure out what they were definition but I did see. See how smart he is.
      Majorly smarter than you becuze he said Mexico is gonna pay for the wall
      and they are but think there not. See how he did it. I’m gonna be a good
      business man some day like Trump to. He said he’s gonna charge a 20%
      tariff. That means we’re just gonna pay for the tariff becuze consumers pay
      for tariffs. Then he’s gonna take that money right back from Mexico so who
      paid for that wall? Mexico gringo bitches. Yo quiro Taco Bell. You thought
      you were so smart. Try book learning that. Now I’ll tell ya what else.
      Trump is gonna pay us $88 plus all those benfits Because Mexico is paying
      for it so he can. Just like he always does. He’s the best business man in
      the world and just taught you mentall challenged lIbtards how it’ done. But
      your to stupid to see it

    • Now try to think just a little bit harder and you might get the idea of
      what really is going on here you fucking idiot. Think about the tariff.
      Bait and switch….Come on boy…Almost there. Shhh

    • Mr. G Christian The Sad part is our laws haven’t been Enforced for a long
      time ..What Our Mayors and Police Get to Pick and Choose what laws they
      Enforce? Sad its Like a Banana Republic .. Trump just gave more help to Law
      Enforcement to Help uphold the Law and We have Politicians Who are being
      funded From we the People.. Who are Going Against a Presidents Executive
      Order to Follow the laws that Others have already Put In Place ..He is
      Bringing out The Corruption in Our Citys And Politicians As He Goes ..Which
      we all Can See who the Corrupted ones Are ..He is exposing them For a
      Reason And Those Of Us who See it Should be Taking the Positions For Our
      Country’s Sake ..I am Disabled or I would ..I can’t even Walk but Surly If
      i get Stopped By a Cop for Speeding I am Getting a Ticket the Same as
      Everyone Else I Know ..We might not like the law But Never get to pick and
      Choose what laws We get to Follow And Police Officers , Mayor’s ,Police
      Chiefs Get to Choose they Should be wanting to Enforce Every Law And Uphold
      All Laws ..Once they Get to start Pickng and Choosing what laws they want
      to Enforce is Communists…And Clearly If You Are Not Enforcing The Laws
      then You Are Breaking the Laws

    • WhoCanSay4Sure
      you have a very negative mentality. do you know what the US did to mexico.
      started a war for no reason. bullied them, forced them to sign a treaty and
      sell their land. US has done alot worse to mexico.
      you want to treat your neighbors with respect. mexico and canada are
      NEIGHBORS. we should all be helping each other. not name calling and
      celebrate when one does bad.

  2. Trump just needs to do what the constitution allows have the federal
    government protect and defend the border! Look both countries are to blame
    for the crimes. Not just people crossing looking for better lives, but for
    the drugs and human trafficking! Look if our government didn’t allow it or
    overlook it wouldn’t be a problem. Mexico is a avenue and should be dealt
    with but as some of you may know our own people bring drugs and people in
    too! Using our own military! Very scary people at high levels. I am sure
    the wall and Mexico paying for it sounds good, but the truth is we need a
    wall of morality made of virtue and honor not just bricks and mortar. I am
    sure that when GWHBush dies he will wish he had virtue and honor! Its not
    to late for those of us still here! #MAGA

  3. Trump wasn’t playing or lying when he said he would get a deal to build
    that wall w Mexican pres Enrique. But Enrique is scared Mexico is scared.
    They can’t even maintain or control their own government

    • Mexico is scared? Guess what will happen if tarrifs are applied, there
      products cost will go up, US needs mexico more then mexico needs US.
      California, Arizona, Texas all them big states depend on mexico, and we
      already have a wall, and guess what, if theres a demand for drugs here in
      the states, the US gov will allow it in, you need open your eyes and not
      let the evil manipulate you, and you look asian, so guess what trump wants
      you out as well, remember you we are taking jobs, but 20 years ago no one
      complained we were slaving the chinese ppl in slave factories, getting 10
      dollars a month, so just because they got 10 dollars it wasnt classified as
      slavery, now that china has become for themselves and out powered us and
      beat us in every single thing, we turn on them and blame them for our
      mistakes, cant you see what trump is doing, just like hitler when he ran
      for president, he needed a blame to get the ppls vote and he blamed the
      jews for there problems, then they ban jews, does this sound familiar to
      you? Kid u got alot to learn

    • stfu yo… thats what we mexicans get for doing business with corruption
      and drug dealers, and sex trafficking… stop being a cry baby if TRUMP
      send his true CIA to persecute the gangs and drug dealers in mexico…
      thats good business by the way… but when trump purify mexico from
      criminals and rapists and cholos… then me and all the mexicans willing to
      allied with me will make Independence agains USA… AND KICK ALL THE JEWS

  4. look Mexico you thought you where poor before just wait Mexico will get on
    their knees and beg America to save them ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Mexicans need
    to stand up and take their country back from the cartel and quit being
    cowards and running out of their homeland.

    • THEUNDERTAKERZZ wrong China is going to try to start something with America
      well I got news for you trump knows about a new weapon of mass destruction
      we have thats why trump is telling China and north Korea it won’t happen
      because one of these countries is fixing to get a nasty weapon put on them
      china doesn’t want money they want weapons but they are not getting anymore
      weapons. plus trump just told Mexico’s government that they better do
      something with the drug cartel or America will send our soldiers in to take
      the drug cartel down America can’t make its self great again without making
      Mexico great to. Mexico has been pulling in trillions of dollars a year
      from America for the last 30 years and yet they can’t give their people
      filtered drinking water are Mexicans wanting to make Mexico great again or
      just keep running.

  5. When was the last time the US had a president who built anything?…”The
    Don” is taking care of business, did more in a week then Obama did in 8