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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, Failed Democrat vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine stated on Sunday that he believed the administration of President Donald Trump was filled with “Holocaust deniers” and compared Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration and refugees to a sort of latter-day Holocaust.

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Tim Kaine Implies Trump Admin Are Holocaust Deniers

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  1. Tree says

    It’s pure ecstasy to see these people self destruct! Hahaha!!! Awesome!

    1. Betz Laplant says

      and that goes for the Senate, Representatives, and the entire justice
      department, Homeland security, and have no mental illness such as the
      senator who years back was cought shoplifting and blamed it on a brain

    2. Tree says

      Joe Roberts, careful now! I’m a lesbian, just ask my wife!???✌?

    3. Mel K says

      Such a pleasure seeing them implode!!!!

    4. HowdyDo CowGirl says

      Hahaha yeah!

    5. Larry Tischler says

      Tree I’m not sure they are destructing. It’s more like they never really
      were anything.He came to Houston and only 42 peoplr showed up during the
      campaign. Mike Pence was getting 4500.
      Anyway Hillary picked one that LIES just like her.

  2. Truth is Forever says

    What do you expect an evil satanic pedophile, who worships Hillary, to say?

    1. Kristoff Bjorgman says

      He’s a Jesuit. Probably even a Templar.

    2. Truth is Forever says

      Jana Paslay What is funny about satanic worship and pedophillia?

    3. Ruben Calixerio says

      Truth is Forever All pedophiles have the same distinguished lips profile.
      Just look at Weiner , Podesta and this guy Kaine.

    4. Kristoff Bjorgman says

      Yeah! Isn’t Kaine a lesbian?

    5. Damien Dimone says

      Joe Roberts You’re right! Trump is crushing their false liberal utopia like
      the blitzkrieg.And they are completely overwhelmed.

  3. J Colt says

    Dems have been told what to say and like good little robots they obey their
    handlers. Kaine has never had an original thought in his life. Propaganda.

    1. Corporate Commander says

      the republicans as well. dont think for 1 second trump is a republican. he
      just used the label.

      i really hope trump keeps all of his promises. especially the one where he
      said he would put hillery in jail.

    2. J Colt says

      +Corporate Commander I know he’s not a Republican. Thank God for that. I
      too hope he continues to keep his word.

  4. The Peaceful Protester says

    LOL, Obama backstabbed Israel and nobody on the left said anything. And now
    they’re slandering Trump. Democrats are the real deplorables.

    1. Eric Tremblay says

      Lol let’s all protest the EO that inconvenienced 109 for the sake of our
      security, BY taking to the streets and blocking/inconveniencing thousands
      who now can’t get where they’re going. Hypocrisy is on full display!

    2. Founding Fathers Legacy says

      The Peaceful Protester dude no. Our government is crawling with covert
      Israelis. We have been infiltrated by them. Israel is the problem. Israel
      is the REAL problem. That is the ONE constant truth in the present moment.
      Israel OWNS the left. Everything you think you know is a lie. Nobody
      “backstabs” Israel. They control the world. I mean, if obama really did
      backstab Israel, we wouldn’t be cleaning out the Middle East of its
      INNOCENT inhabitants, on Israels behalf. Who hates muslims on an ancient
      and biblical scale? Israelis! Why? LAND. Land = power. Land = oil. What the
      Israelis are doing to the Palestinians is EXACTLY what the Nazis did to the
      Jews! I find it to be ironic. Man, I could go on for days ..

    3. R3dfox 9 says

      The Peaceful Protester indeed!

    4. Aldemar Delapuy says

      Founding Fathers Legacy the towel on your head is strangling your brain!

  5. mrsparex says

    kaine is quick to point out he’s not a MAN… he’s a “PERSON”.
    … it’s VERY obvious he’s a “loser” all the way!

    1. Thomina Duncanson says

      Historically, only eunuchs referred to themselves as a person, and did not
      use birth sex to identify themselves. Guess that’s proof enough that La
      Clinton really is a man eater, lol.

  6. Sam McCormack says

    Tim Kaine has ties to muslim brotherhood. He’s evil.

    1. Jon Menard says

      Sam McCormack ummmm… Humma…

  7. Bobby Dazzler says

    last time I saw a head like Tim Cain’s it had a hook in it lol

    1. Jon Menard says

      Bobby Dazzler I have seen better heads on a boil.

    2. ninewolves213 says

      I miss Rodney!

  8. tippy dog says

    lame Tim Kaine is insane in his membrane I love watching the Democrats in

    1. John Draper says

      Excellent rhyme and analysis

    2. Aldemar Delapuy says

      tippy dog thats good!I got one,
      you need to chill daffodil
      dont be an ache snowflake
      so suck it up buttercup
      Trump will kick your rump
      only if you are chump !

    3. Aldemar Delapuy says

      tippy dog I got one for his daddy george soros,
      georgie porgie
      murder and lies
      kissed economies
      and made them cry
      but when Trump
      and putin came out to play
      georgie porgie ran away!

  9. Sandy Horton says

    Sore loser and shitty Catholic, just like our new shitty NWO Pope!

    1. Francis Talbot says

      Sandy Horton: I cannot believe Tim Kaine is even catholic. I want to move
      back to my home state of Virginia but not with Tim Kaine being Senator. The
      state of Virginia needs to vote this scum out of power.

    2. s13 gouf says

      +Francis Talbot you can be catholic without being Christian. You can be
      religious without having faith. The bible tells you of these lukewarm
      people and you don’t want their place in line.

  10. Caffine addict says

    Another idiot who will be competing for a job at Starbucks.

    1. Mary McLean says

      Funny…but so on message!I love your happy place…I bet there are hordes
      of people enjoying such happy places too!

    2. Proton2112 says

      Caffine addict Sorry buddy, but the leftist-Marxist SJW economy, funded by
      the Fed, has trillions yet to burn.

    3. Taryn S says

      Caffine addict Nope, because he’s not an illegal immigrant. He won’t get

    4. Sound of Jesus says

      Caffine addict dont want this NUMNUTS! breathing on my espresso ?

  11. Inkd NXS says

    Isn’t Killary supposed to be in prison by now? We are truly sick of the
    demtards and Soros’s puppets..

    1. AtomicPickle1 says

      Inkd NXS : The Dems keep on jerkin around with Trump’s attorney general
      pick, it’ll happen once Sessions gets in. But the Democrats are being
      baby’s and whiners and the most disgusting sore losers. Democrats have to
      be looked at as the enemy of the state, they are treasonous and should be
      dealt with as such, the Democratic party MUST BE DISSOLVED and all
      Democratic senators must be incarcerated!

    2. Inkd NXS says

      I agree, completely and totally. They’re making a laughing stock out of our
      country, as if they haven’t done enough with their secret agendas and lies.
      I don’t think that they truly understand just how angry people are right
      now that simply want somewhat normal and safe lives for their families and
      friends. No conservative or independent voter that I personally know has
      ever acted like these imbeciles are acting. I guess they didn’t learn the
      word DIGNITY in school…because why ever would traitors like the Bushes,
      Clintons, and Obamas (hell, let’s just go ALL the way back to
      cross-dressing Johnson here, since it’s applicable) want America to
      understand such a word that will never fit into their dynamic or “culture”
      (whatever that means)? Their web of lies and deceit has been laid bare for
      the world to see, thankfully. Every day that these people don’t pay for
      their crimes against humanity and treason is just another day that America
      looks passive and weak. We have been awakened, thanks to technology and
      those that welde it well. A large majority of Americans now understand “the
      agenda”, and we won’t be turning a blind eye anymore. I’ve never been
      happier to turn off the TV, save loads of $$ not going to over-priced
      theatres, passing by Starbucks and Wal Mart, etc, and waiting for the next
      celebtard or demtard to out themselves for being the imbeciles that they’ve
      proven themselves to be. They are an infection to society. Thank you for
      the response. The longer it takes to drain the swamp due to beurocratic BS,
      the more time it gives the criminals to scatter…and to destroy more
      evidence. If it were the average citizen, it would have been handled
      immediately, and with extreme bias.

  12. Kindrov says

    Speaking of holocaust, does everyone know that China has an active

    1. Jonathan Capel says

      Kindrov yes

    2. Don Hammer says

      +Kindrov; And the U.S. doesn’t?!

    3. Kindrov says

      Don Hammer And you think I wasn’t aware. The whole world continued business
      China, despite the active genocide, despite the funding of uranium to N
      Korea by Zhou Yongkang, and the stolen territories in the
      South China Sea. But at least we are closer to expose the US government for
      creating terrorist in the Middle East compare to the Communist Party of
      China who killed of its own people who tried to expose the demonic crimes
      against humanity. My point is; the people of China has little chance to
      fight back their government while the American people can.

    4. Don Hammer says

      +Kindrov And now many more are aware.
      Thank You!

  13. Gail Johnston says

    Kaine looks like he’s possessed by a demon.

    1. Brandon B says

      Gail Johnston ya the Clintons

  14. Kristoff Bjorgman says

    Isn’t Tim Kaine the the guy who’s a lesbian?

    1. virgilio bajo says

      …actually, something like, “her right hand person,” LOL

    2. Kristoff Bjorgman says

      Oh did you see the video I made with Kaine and Ruby the Swearing Parrot?

  15. Joseph Le Bard says

    Not only is he stupid he thinks were dummies

  16. Max Jonhson says

    i think kaine is more stupid that killary. i mean i know hillary is stupid
    because she has an evil mind, but tim kaine, has no mind.

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