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SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/
My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw

Many thanks to these Geezers:
Bateson: https://www.youtube.com/bateson87
Calfrongle: https://www.youtube.com/Calfreezy
CapGunTom: https://www.youtube.com/CapGunTom
KSI: https://www.youtube.com/KSI
Zweback: https://www.youtube.com/ZwebackHD
MattHD: https://www.youtube.com/MattHDGamer
Vikk: https://www.youtube.com/Vikkstar123
JMX: https://www.youtube.com/xJMX25
Fangs: https://www.youtube.com/FaNgI3aNGeR
Simonbog: https://www.youtube.com/miniminter
Neppo: https://www.youtube.com/Nepenthez
Gibbo: https://www.youtube.com/AnEsonGib

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Kyu Lee says

    Hey Harry, I’m just asking you but how do you know what manager to pick for
    a squad? Plz reply soon

    1. Tommie-Leigh Walker-Berridge says

      Kyu Lee

    2. Tommie-Leigh Walker-Berridge says

      Kyu Leep

    3. George P131 says


    4. BRADDERS 200694 says

      George P131 how is this guy racist

    5. eduardo lucero says

      by the manager that gives you chemistry

  2. Joseph Barry says

    Ya know the one with the ginger hair he is so nice compared to the others
    he’s like Flanders with a million homers XD (the Simpsons)

    1. TYT KĘŒGH says

      nikki emery u mean CapGunTom

    2. Thunder GamerZX says

      nikki emery its capgumtom

    3. Jack Smith says

      I love you xx

  3. mazen,s channel says

    you done pretty well don’t woory

    1. Alain Perez says


  4. King- Dopey says

    Pjanic looks like cmp from wwe

    1. Zedan Soogrim says

      King- Dopey li0nelmessi

    2. linda forrest says


  5. H B says

    Your not bad I can’t even get normal Ronaldo

    1. Dominick Lewellyn says

      Harry you’re not bad at soccer I don’t know how I have no idea how you Luv
      that the one that I can do better than you at that Sophia

    2. Olly Young says

      Yeah I can’t get normal ronaldo

    3. Andrew Blatch says

      Olly Young I have 13oo coins

  6. Charlie K says

    When you said I have no chemistry you had 3 players ?

    1. FR3D Footy says

      Sebastian Calabrese your bad at fifa

    2. ciaran Iskylight says

      Sebastian Calabrese fock off, have you faced him then..

    3. ImZesty says

      Charlie K he meant that Di Maria gave no chem cuz he didnt link up to

  7. FR3D Footy says

    Who’s watching in when Fifa 17 is out

    1. Mini 11 says

      FR3D Footy me do you have a problem

    2. Gabi B says

      Kaitlyn999 Naksavath me

    3. Toxic TA says

      FR3D Footy

    4. Toxic TA says

      FR3D Footy

    5. Crystal Flores says

      I don’t know why we are going to do that because they don’t have a problem
      because it is a problem because they don’t want them to do it and we are
      not the one we are we don’t want to do so but they don’t have the problem
      we don’t know we are we always ended our relationship we were going on the
      same problem but we don’t want to do it we will not have a problem because
      our family is a family and family we don’t know we don’t have our problem
      with the people we want our family and family we don’t know we are ready
      for our day because we don’t know we will be our first family we know we
      will have to do so we can have our own room for the day we were we all we
      did was we were our family and our family our day our love is our our day
      our we were our own we each day our own family we all our day and. Babe we
      will always love each other so our family is a family family our family is
      a family we don’t o

  8. Sir ivan the gold ranger says

    JMX was wearing a SDMN t-shirt

    1. GreyGrabs HD says

      Sir ivan the gold ranger WHO cares

    2. Susana Fernandes says

      GreyGrabs HD

    3. Edward Marshall says

      Sir ivan the gold ranger C

    4. Aedan Dunnett says

      Sir ivan the gold ranger is a spastic

  9. Icecream lover56 says

    I thought the only intro was an add

    1. Fungasio1o1 says

      Icecream lover56 same xD

  10. BlackOpsStar6786 vale says

    your good harry you had bad luck

  11. patrick 12 patrick says


  12. Turkiyesini Seven says


  13. dean t says

    For a second you might of sh## your pants and you might of been like

  14. The Incredible Red Hulk HD says

    YES HARRY!!!!!!!!

  15. football 1723 says

    get rect man

  16. Bernnard Sarfo says

    You suck more than a old lady

  17. Keanan Bourke says

    I can’t believe that u got striker ronaldo I never get him ?

  18. Sölvi Sveinbjörnsson says

    What movie was that countdown from?

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